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  1. Here's tonight's winner lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2ExgEpNlEw I swear, I'm like a magnet for crazy shit on the road
  2. BlueSkySea Mini0906 Dual Cam for front/rear views BlueSkySea B1W for the interior shot Same setup I have in all my vehicles including my old beater that was totalled a few months back
  3. Local news story on them http://longisland.news12.com/story/41065184/police-reckless-dirt-bike-atv-riders-traveled-from-brentwood-to-nassau
  4. It's 2 or 4 https://www.jbl.com/car-subwoofers/Stadium+1224.html?dwvar_Stadium 1224_color=Black-GLOBAL- Makes me think it's a 4ohm dvc wired in parallel at 2 ohm with a switch that just bypasses the second coil when you wanna run 4ohm, but that's just weird
  5. Looking at a JBL Stadium sub that has a switchable impedance from 2 to 4ohm's How exactly do they do this? Are they adding another vc or just using a switch to bypass one of two vc's?
  6. Go with a Mini 0906 from BlueSeaSky (also sold under many other brands, but they're basically all the same) It's a dual camera setup with the main camera/DVR and screen up front and a remote mounted satellite cam that mounts in the rear It has all the typical dash cam features (1080p front/rear @ 30fps or 60fps if you use only the front camera, MicroSD up to 128GB, GPS, Timestamp, etc., etc.) It also features a Parking Mode, so when the ignition is turned off, you can set it to either record when there's motion in front of the cameras or record in 2fps and it will automatically speed up the footage (Benny Hill Mode) The motion setting works fine for my house in Florida where there's very little movement, however, here in NY, there's always sumthin moving, so it'll constantly record in that setting. While I'm up here, Benny Hill mode is much more useful (and way easier to review) The hardwire parking kit comes with an adjustable LVC, so you can set the voltage to where you want the system to shut down so that it doesn't kill the battery. That being said, these cameras draw very little juice and I've gone weeks without the LVC kicking in. I have dash cams in all of my vehicles as I simply won't drive without them and have a YouTube channel dedicated to all the random craziness I see on the road on a daily basis (scroll down to "My Dash Cam Videos") https://www.youtube.com/user/98snakeeater Here's a video of my getting rear ended a few months ago in my beater And here's a video parked in front of my shop showing what Benny Hill mode looks like
  7. It's not mine, just random photos of another build to show the space I have to work with. I'm still debating which way to go
  8. Looking to add a basic sub amp to my existing factory system (10 Speaker JBL/Entune in my Toyota Van) Since I'll be adding an NVX mini amp, I felt it was just fitting to use an NVX line converter, so I looked up the XPLOC2 which seems to fit my needs and budget https://www.nvx.com/xploc2-300-watt-2-channel-line-output-converter/ Things is, I've had several people tell me that I should splurge on the LOC and go with an LC2i from AudioControl due to the AccuBass feature. https://www.audiocontrol.com/car-audio/factory-system-upgrade/lc2i/ Is this really worth the added price over the NVX unit?
  9. Once I know for sure it's actually possible, I'll do whatever it takes to get it done On our older 2014 Sienna, all we had to do was set the parking brake to get it to play on the head unit (like this) And of course there was an easy bypass for the brake if you wanted video in motion. On my 2016, it has an Entune head unit and the controls for the BluRay player show up on the screen, but no video There are video adapters that let you connect external video sources to the head unit like this Just looking for a way to get that source from the BluRay player
  10. I love these little amps Tiny, super efficient, powerful and dirt cheap Installed plenty on bikes, but have an MVPA1 pushing a pair of 8's in my beater and it sounds amazing Best of all, I can play it all day long at full tilt and not worry about my battery going dead
  11. I grabbed those pix from Ebay and have yet to pull it myself. So far, I've had 3 rinky dink shops tell me it's just not possible, but I'm not giving up
  12. I want to add another monitor to the BluRay RES in my 2016 Toyota Sienna It has a factory DVD/BluRay player that's separate from the head unit and RES drop down screen I'd like to find the composite video wires so I can add another screen and connect it to the head unit (which also has the ability to play video, but is currently locked out.....thanks Toyota)
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