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  1. OK, so according to this video, the SSI subs from Infinity (apparently the same design) uses 3 voice coils
  2. Yes, I know this.... The question still remains as to how this is accomplished? Other subs that have switchable impedance are typically DVC subs with a single switch that toggles between series and parallel wiring, so if it was a 4ohm sub, you'd have the option of 2ohm or 8ohm Or if it was a 2ohm DVC, you'd have the option of 1 ohm or 4ohm Still at a loss as to how my JBL can go from 2 to 4ohms
  3. Lol What I mean is how does the switch actually work to change the impedance? Is it simply a resistor or is it an added VC like the Kappa SSI in the video? There's a pair of leads to the left and right of the main switch, so I'm thinking it may very well be a tripple VC as the video suggests
  4. So how exactly does this switch work? (and don't say side to side lol)
  5. Still a work in progress..... Gotta figure out volume, somehow make the wiring stealth (harder than you think when everything fits flush lol), add some texture, then color match in 2-Tone
  6. Found this old video on the Infinity Kappa SSI subs that I believe use the same switching setup. They claim to have a tripple voice coil If this is the case with my sub, how exactly would that work?
  7. OK, so I decided to go with a 12 (JBL Stadium 1224) Went with JBL mainly cause all of the factory speakers are JBL as well and Sonic gave me a good deal on it. Pulled the panel last night and about to drop if off at a shop to have it glassed
  8. Hmm, not sure why the pix aren't showing up for me, but here's a link to the album: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2xng4m1yc/
  9. No, it doesn't really matter as the sub will get the job done for me regardless, but I'm just curious as to how it works That being said, I finally got my hands on one today (thanks to Sonic for hooking me up with a deal) I plan on glassing a stealthbox in the 8th seat storage area of my daily beater (2016 Toyota Sienna) I'm still a bit stumped as to how they accomplish a 2 and 4 ohm switch I had a few weird ideas rolling around in my head: 1) "The two 4 ohm coils are wired in parallel for a 2ohm load and the switch simply cuts one of the coils for a 4ohm load" Using one of two coils isn't unheard of, but as others have mentioned already, the power rating will change if done this way... 2) "It uses a 2ohm coil and a 4 ohm coil and the switch just allows you to switch between them independently" I've never seen a DVC sub with coils that didn't match, but I figure if they did it this way, the power rating would be the same in either position 3) "It uses a simple resistor or inductor to change impedance" I figure sumthin like this might work, but also suck up more power while creating heat when switched Anyhoo, as you can see in the pix, the sub has two pairs of leads just like a traditional DVC sub, but they're both connected to the switch/terminal that has some kinda circuit board behind it with some flimsy lookin wire When switched to the 2ohm mode, I get 2ohms at both pairs of leads as well as the switch/terminal When switched to the 4ohm mode, I get 3.6-3.7ohms at leads and 4ohms at the switch/terminal So the idea of the switch actually cutting one of the coils pretty much gets thrown out the window cause they all basically read the same impedance all around. Apart from the tiny wire and somewhat exposed circuit board on the switch, it appears to be a solid sub
  10. 40 Watt Sparkomatic Booster pushing a pair of RF Series-1 10's in a plywood box that was nailed together without glue lol I was 12 at the time and put it in my Grandfather''s Toyota Corona (which he later gave to me) I soon graduated to the best Flea Market garbage audio I could afford while working at my mom's ice cream store
  11. So has anyone figured this out? I'm actually about to place an order for a Stadium 1224 Plan on running it at 2ohms, but still curious as to how they make switching from 2 to 4 possible
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