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  1. i see the 18″ Platform 2 Subwoofer for $310 looks like the best deal ive seen
  2. i dont see 18'' Platform 1 Subwoofer on there site
  3. whats the best budget 18s im planing on running 4 Im selling my fi 18's on here i seen the Obsidian 18'' they look nice but 110 days is to far away and the 2.5'' coil seem to small
  4. Please read the rules. you need 150posts to sell!
  5. i hate the bl. i ran 2 of the 15's in my car on about 1krms each and was only getting 151's on dash with termlab, quite a let down vs my single smd. what # are you geting out of the smd?
  6. it semes like im stuck at 153.1 just wondering what people are hitting and figured this was the best place to ask
  7. who the loudest on the dash with 2 18'' fi bl dose anyone know thanks andrew
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDs6zrkaPtQ&feature=youtube_gdata time for recones should I get fi or psi
  9. Hey everyone I'm on the top 16 for the $7500 dream system giveaway. Do a shout out for me on incriminator audio facebook page I'm 419gcs Andrew Ferrell thanks
  10. 4 n4 strapped @ .5 with maxxlink clamp right under 8k
  11. i got 2 18'' fi bl d2 with Flatwind coil no cooling Hyper Pole and had 8k daily so why put btl parts, also seen on youtube jbl crown 6000 on 2 but he played 20hz to max them out
  12. anyone in the NW Ohio SE michigan area with audio 4 sale
  13. help buying laptop i got $600 to spend what do you sugest. i was looking at HP & DELL
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