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  1. Its a 28 ah, 17.5 ah @ 1/2 hour.. Is that a ripoff? It is returnable if thats the case...
  2. Thanks guys. i checked this post the day after i made it and had no replys so, i called sonic and talked to a rep. He pointed me towards the stinger spp925 and gave me a price of $150 shipped so i bought that..any comments or thoughts about that battery?
  3. Thanks in advance to those who help. I have a 2012 honda accord, stock alternator and 2.4L engine. Big 3 done with 1/0 OFC. Going to run a wolfram c2400.1 at 2ohms. I have a $200 budget if anyone knows of a good value AGM battery that will fit my vehicle. Forgot to mention this is for the main battery under the hood, not a secondary. TY
  4. Kool I gotcha Joe, i have plenty of other setups but I enjoy building and hearing different setups. So I came up with this , 17" highX 24"wideX 14" deep..port 15.5"h X 3.25" w X 28" long . enclosure comes out to 3.51 cu. Ft. 33.01 hz 14.35 cu.in. per cu. Ft.
  5. Vehicle is 2006 explorer with second row seating, same vehicle as always.. And amp is dual xpe1700..goals-everyday listening, music- everything except for gospel and country and they are selling them for 68$ at sundown..they are In the yard sale, they had 15 dual 2 ohm e15's left when I ordered. You gotta call em
  6. well, the box specs they have on their site now is for the v2's not the v1's...i have an e15 i bought from them a long time ago and i remember the recommended box specs for the v1 was 4 cu.ft. @35 hz
  7. wuzzuuup, so sundown is selling e15 v1d2's for 68$ each so i picked up a couple...i wanna build a box for just one and i have the schematics for a c215" threatcon2 subwoofer enclosure....the specs for the box i wanna build is 3.8 cu.ft @ 34.5hz with 16.2 square inches of port area per foot.... will this box be cool for the sundown e15v1? any suggestions on what i should change? thanks...
  8. Ty good sir...the port length says 12 3/8 inches..now is that the length I cut the pipe or is that overall including flares?
  9. sure Joe if you dont mind hookin me up with a sub/port on same plane design that would be best for me...gonna cut wood tomorrow or friday, thanks man
  10. one more thing...does the placement of the port on the side matter? where would you recommend placing it?
  11. AWESOME!! thanks so much for continuing to hook me up..
  12. I need help designing an enclosure for a 12" infinity reference 1262w sub requires 2 cubic feet of air for vented box ..i have a 4" flared precision port kit part# 268-352. im wanting a 33hz tune..i also have a full sheet of mdf to work with....the box is going in a 2006 ford explorer so the shape can vary as long as it looks good..thanks! randy
  13. i went ahead and built another enclosure that is 1.05 cubic feet after displacement so its .20 cu ft smaller than recommended..i picked up a 16 ounce bag of poly fil from walmart for damn 3.45$...do i just put it all in the box and call it a day?
  14. setting up a 12" infinity 1262w , already have a 1.5 cu. ft. sealed box after displacement for it..recommended size is 1.25 cu. ft. ...i also have enough wood to build a 1.05 cu. ft. box after displacement...what would you do? its gonna be running off a 300 rms amp, infinity 1300a to be exact
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