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  1. Its a 28 ah, 17.5 ah @ 1/2 hour.. Is that a ripoff? It is returnable if thats the case...
  2. Thanks guys. i checked this post the day after i made it and had no replys so, i called sonic and talked to a rep. He pointed me towards the stinger spp925 and gave me a price of $150 shipped so i bought that..any comments or thoughts about that battery?
  3. Thanks in advance to those who help. I have a 2012 honda accord, stock alternator and 2.4L engine. Big 3 done with 1/0 OFC. Going to run a wolfram c2400.1 at 2ohms. I have a $200 budget if anyone knows of a good value AGM battery that will fit my vehicle. Forgot to mention this is for the main battery under the hood, not a secondary. TY
  4. http://imgur.com/i8GbaMD do these specs look right??
  5. ok kool, i have a couple questions for you then 1. would you go with the calculations for the threatcon2 15" that i came up with using 2011 v 1.1 ? 2. would you be able to come up with accurate box specs for the sub?, i'd like to keep around 3.75 cu ft net, 33-35 hz tuning and 16-18 sq in port area per foot. im gonna go 3 common slot port
  6. i have come upon a problem and im wondering if the coding for torres box calculator has been updated or something, there is differences between box specs..im using torres 2010 and 2011 v 1.1 , which version is correct?? here is some screenshots of the differences http://imgur.com/1NMLBjI there is version 2010 http://imgur.com/D1O3Sse and there is version 2011 v 1.1
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