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  1. and also back off of your bassknob abit. it addds distortion that can clip a sub
  2. with music like that i dont care if you have 10000watt subs they will get hot. just because your truck could probably hit 130mph are you going to be able to drive it at that high rpm for long or are you going to need it to cool down. ive tested the xl and put close to 9k on a burp. iv ran my 15's with about 1500-2000 and hardly got them warm but it is all how you play them. run hard then let cool. power is only as good as the ability to get rid of the heat. long bass tones especially below your tuning are going to heat the shit out of the subs. play shorter basslines and you will see an ability to run longer before that smell of death
  3. jack

    my tint

    in my oppinion going that dark is just unsafe and asking for trouble from both the legal aspects and thoe who just might be wondering what you are hiding
  4. if you are not trying to compete than dont worry about #s. just worry about what sounds good.
  5. asking that question on here is only going to get a dozen different answers. you have to be more specific with your budget, vehical, musical preferenses how long your commute is, do you plan on competing, and oh yea your budget
  6. a box for 2 "monster 15s" about 4.5 cubes. a box for 4 12's about the same. id say go for the cone area
  7. if you truly have anything over about 400hp you should be able to lay tracks till the tread burns off without a break stand. i had an old K5 once with about 400-450 and with the posi and 35" tires i could do a rolling start and at about 3k the back would break loose. if i happened to be in a turn it was all bad. So if you want to back up your claim vids of performace are a must. and a naturally aspirated all engine 600hp BBC. you would have to have really high compression and about 106-114 octane to run right. also the stock diameter exhaust and iron manifolds not worthy of breathing needs.
  8. dont know how many he replaed but remember that on those engines the injector rail is inside of the intake manifold so ther is a lot o R&R. prob about 3-4hrs at 80-90- per hour soooo
  9. the way i look at it is it is something that you use anyways and it cant allow you to get things you dont need. i use one of my cards just for gas so that there is always positive credit happening. when you get the bill dont fall into (the minimun payment) scam. just pay it off.
  10. get a gas card. evrey time you get gas put that amount of money in an envelope so when the bill comes you have the money to pay it off each month.
  11. sounds like there is a miss and id bet you have about 300 at the flywheel.
  12. what he means is do not make your corners "a corner" use a 3 in hole saw at all 4 corners of your cut-out. otherwise the boot will not mount right. it is impregnated with steel so it needs round corners. make sure the boot is accordian style not a compression style
  13. had about 800 in my geo metro 3 cyl. 50 hp stock. felt like a lawn mower engine. took abit of effort to climb those pesky overpasses. if you balance the weight good it will just feel "softer than empty" but if your weight is all behind the rear axle you will be real light in the stearing which is not good.
  14. be patient. the time will come. these still are in test phase if I recall
  15. after watching that video, i feel i can take on the world!!!!!!
  16. never overfuse your wire capability he better run atleast /00 for that much wattage
  17. with todays high power systems an iso can actually harm you. it would be continually swithching back and forth and also cause extra wear on the alt. where you might use one.....lets pretend you dont have any amps just a deck and spks. wire in the isolator for main battery and auxilary batery. you go camping shut off the vehical and fall asleep drunk while fishing with the radio on(first youve made sure to be in acc not ignition position on the key) now you wake up and are able to start the truck because your starting battery was not drained. do this too many times and alternator dies because as soon as it starts it switches back to aux and spikes because it has to try to charge a dead battery. not good
  18. anyone have a tunnel ram, oval port. dual quad
  19. hell probably bring a little bassracer
  20. gatta pick up the wife at the airport tomarrow night but if the show lets out early enough??? but we still drinkin tonight come up bring a sleeping bag
  21. time to start drinking whos with me
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