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  1. I see 52 people have viewed this..... No opinions... Oh let me guess....speechless!!!
  2. http://youtu.be/LgINN67wNHs?list=UUCyrPB8lLWhPP-oWTfTP7hQ
  3. Damnit man I havent seen you round in a minute! How is life treating ya?
  4. My man Ninja is the coolest mofo Ive had the pleasure to meet! Truly genuine in all that he does and by the Gods dont try and out drink him.... You just dont live that life! Love ya Brotha!!!! Heres our run together 'Merica!!!
  5. Me too! These will be my substage for the rex. Soon Gents!!
  6. Woot Woot Its been a long time coming but i can finally say i got some big boy DC Amps coming for the GP! The Hammers coming out swinging
  7. For sure!!! I love demos!!!! lmao 5 days away!!!!! Get working Gents!!
  8. Ray to the best of my knowledge Nicks running the lvl 6's I built him last yr for my St Judes event.
  9. I'm trying brotha! No more burping for me! lmao
  10. 7 days away and I'm still gaining. Started the morning with a 152.0 music peak and endied with a 152.6. Still more work to be done. Would love to see 153+ peak on music lol
  11. You need to bring this up to my St Judes show in NY. Would love a demo!!!!
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