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Found 3 results

  1. First let me start by saying that I do not sell these amps, and I am not in any way paid to do this. This is just my personal opinion on the amp. Here is a couple pics of the amp So here we go. I will talk about my experiences with them first and then go through pros, and cons. I have had lots of experience with these amps. my buddy ran one in his car for a year and I am currently running 2. My buddy ran his at .5 with 2 35ah batts, a d3400 under the hood, and stock alt. He could play it 24/7 with no problems. never dropped below 12.8, and the amp never had problems. however it did get pretty warm with no fans or anything on it but it never got hot. At one point in time, a fuse blew in his main run and he didn't find out right way and accidentally played it with no power coming from up front. amp still played fine (voltage dropping very low). he ended up selling it (to me) and getting a bigger soundstream amp. I still have the amp and its going strong. In my car, I have two of them. one new one, and my buddies old one. I currently have them running strapped at .5, that's .25 ohm a piece....daily. As far as electrical, I have a stock alt, big 3, stock batt under the hood, a group 31 In back, and a small 35ah batt in the rear as well. so I guess you could say I have insufficient electrical. The lowest I have ever dropped to is 11.6V, ya ya, I know. but this is partially on purpose. I want to see how much I can put these amps through. so you might ask, how does .25 daily treat me. well, I have no problems with it while driving. if I am sitting demoing for a long period of time, they will get hot and protect. but some fans will help with that along with better electrical. I have been running them at .25 for about a month and they are going strong. now one thing to note, I do get some slight feedback playing through the subs because I have them mounted to the back of my seats. for some reason, the cases don't like to be grounded out. they will still play fine, but there is some feedback. besides that, I have no problems. Now lets talk price. Brand new, you can get them for as low as $300, new. They retail for a lot more. some places have overstock and are trying to get rid of them. but from Soundstream, they are a bit over $400. What about power? Do they do rated? well, I cant say yes or no for sure. I don't have an amp dyno or anything like that, but I will share my experience. So in my opinion, they do rated. keep in mind they are rated at 3K at .5, not 1. They make their power when wired low. The internals are similar to lots of other amps that are rated in that general area of power. when it comes to parts, I am honestly not positive on whether they are quality or not. but I can say I have put them through hell, ran them at low voltage, wired them low, and never had a problem (with the exception of the thermal protection circuit doing its job). I can also say that I swapped my xxx which will do 3k at 1 (I had it at .5) with a tarantula 3K and there was no noticeable difference in sound. so I cannot say for sure, but I believe with good electrical, they will do rated. So when it comes down to it, here is a list of pros, and cons Pros Cons Affordable Get hot when ran below .5 (with bad electrical) can be wired low and ran low cases don't like to be grounded (could be an rca issue I have) put out power fairly efficient built strong strapable reliable I will update this if anything changes but when it comes down to it, I love these amps. feel free to ask questions about anything you want here. like I said this is just for fun. Not trying to start anything. anyways, thanks for looking.
  2. I just found a deal on an audiopipe 3k for 200 bucks, i have the nightshade v1 with psi recone fully loaded has 8 layer spider pack, doubled fatty leads, and flat wound coill but its a dual 2 ohm. the amp wil only be temporary until i get a clean amp. should i buy it and use it on the sub?
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