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  1. You guys are talking about the itch, Ive had the itch since 1989 which lasted for 7 years back then and I thought I had it completely out of my system, so I thought hehe. That same itch came back with a vengeance about 6 years ago, so several thousands of dollars later and 41 years old im hooked and there is no rehab facilities for us!!! Anyways I came across this posting and had to put my 2 cents in. Thanks for having me guys
  2. Sorry, I'm running 2 level 4's.in a blow through in a honda ridgeline. FYI 2 is definitely better than 1.lol they do sound good and have a pretty wide pass band.
  3. Actually, the modified enclosure was just a little test to see how they would react to a fourth. Plus work has been slammed so I had little to no time available to do a complete box rebuild. Now that they are broken in they split the mdf.so I think I'm going to build a standard vented enclosure and remove my rear seat bottom and upholster the top so I don't lose my seating.
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m4ahgrbz59h7tet/20140204_141305.jpg check Em out! I modified my original box for the time being and it sounds amazing. I know they still have to be broken in but I'm very pleased with them.
  5. Finally I got rid of my atomic 18, And joined the real world with real quality. I am a train wreck when it comes to enclosures. What I am working with is the shell of my 4th order from my 18. 3cubes sealed 6 ported. 88 sq inches of port (internal) If this wasn't a truck blow through I would scrap the old and build new. My max dimensions are 21" tall 23.25" deep and 48" wide. assuming .75" material its doubled up but I gave these measurments for ease of torres. I will be putting 5-6k between the two twelves. I will be using as daily and spl. I still like music-he-he. ive heard that these do well in a 6th order as well as a 4th order. I really need your guys input and I know I came to the right area. thank you in advance for the calculations guys.
  6. with dual 4ohms...and 2 woofers...all positive and all negative connected....will equal 1 ohm load....
  7. thanks alot guys i located a local basshead with a term lab i can spend some time building...thks again..
  8. How did you find it? term lab...
  9. my cabin peak frequency is 42hz....
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