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  1. Ok, so 5 hours of labor later, put factory alternator back in. Problem solved!!!!! Charging good 4 now and no noise!!!
  2. I'll try that as well . I tried with ignition on engine off and no noise whatsoever. Definitely one good thing about having 6 batteries is you can drive on a bad alternator down to 10 volts lol.
  3. Ok, sorry for the vague topic. Ok so recently rewired rebuilt etc. About a month ago was cruising full tilt no problems pure bliss. Then out of nowhere i started hearing these louds pops screaches etc. From all speakers including subs. So i immediately shut it down. Went to work. Went home parked car. Let sit for the last 6 weeks. I get into it today system still powered down noticed voltage falling. I go through all wires connections etc to insure all good. So firstly alternator is fried for sure. My question is this. Will a bad ho alternator cause a loud screech through the speakers? I powered up and it was screeching crazy. When car is off theres no noise buzzing of any kind. Im replacing alternator tomorrow. Im asking just in case. Thanks all
  4. Hey, quick question . I've got 2 arc audio ks 2500.1s should I just strap them @ 2 ohms or should I just run them master and slave independently to each 18 @ 1ohm per amp per sub. Running 2 18 inch sundown x's dual 2's.
  5. Ok, so I came up with this/ 13.64 net after all displacements 4- 8 inch ports totaling 200.96 sq inches port area, tuning will fall at 34ish
  6. yeah as I was calculating as I am reading, 220 sq inches looks better 14.09 cubes overall.
  7. Not a cut sheet per say. I suck at typing. Basically just looking for opinions. See I'm thinking of 14 cubes net tuning @ 32hz using 182 sq inches of port area .
  8. Im walling the Challenger!!! my maximum dimensions are 22"deep x 35"h x 50"w wanting to [email protected] of course super low 31-33 center port any ideas on sizes cut sheet any input will be appreciated!! thx in advance.
  9. I actually put a tape down and calculated 11.43 cubic ft gross.
  10. it's been a while, So I'm moving in a different direction. So doing a forward facing enclosure what do you guys think I should do? I have the ability to get 8.5 cubes out of the trunk area. I know its a popular sub and I know the typical rules. I was just wondering what your guys thoughts were meaning cubic ft tuning port area etc. thank you in advance
  11. I am a finance manager at a Cadillac dealership in Detroit, pm me your phone number and I can book out the truck and make sure you're getting a fair deal. And answer all your tax questions.
  12. Pretty self explanatory, I'm building this enclosure for my son. I spoke to Brian @ sundown he recommended 8 cubes net tuned @ 32hz I'll be using 3 8"pvc ports driver side. Subs up.unless anyone else has any suggestions uh mm joe x? Thanks to all.
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