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Found 19 results

  1. PICTURES TO COME ONCE PHOTOBUCKET DECIDES TO WORK PROPERLY So i've had a couple builds on here, time for another lol Some lead-in explanation is needed as always. Started out with a dollar and a dream, bought an 08 Tahoe, pretty well loaded with hopes of a 4-18s c-pillar on 20k with 4 alternators. Leather, heated buckets front and rear, third row (obviously to be removed), the perfect canvas to create a beast system.
  2. So I've had two Memphis 15's that I picked up about two years ago. They've fared well with my little AudioPipe APSM-1300. But alas, it's time to move on to bigger and better things. For about a year now I've been toying with the idea of using a pair of 18's as daily drivers. I've also wanted an excuse to try out Ampere Audio for just as long. Well, I've decided to take the plunge and do it. Before I move further ahead, I would like to request a review of my enclosure, as well as the driver and amplifier combination. Any feedback, criticism, well wishes, or physics/electronics lessons are greatly appreciated. Is this the beginnings of a poor design, or am I headed down the right path? Before you go any further, please make sure to read this, right here---> The enclosure design is not finished. I have not yet added the port or any gussets. The general specs: 2x PSI Audio Platform 1 18s with the "high performance" option Ampere Audio AA-1200.1 The enclosure (unfinished design): Designed to maximize volume usage in my 2005 Dodge Ram crew cab, while allowing me to still use the rear window for window purposes. ~30 cubic feet volume accounting for driver displacement, but not port and gusset displacement. I expect that the port and gusset displacement will put the enclosure volume right around 20 cubic feet which is where I really want to be.
  3. Hello everyone I'm stuck on wat to run between three 18zv3's or four 15 zv3's. Both setups will have the same size enclousure which will be about 12 cubes after woofer and port displacements. Roughly about 190 to 200 square inches of port . Amplifiers are two crescendo bc3500s strapped @1 ohm. I want interchangeable ports, one for 38 hz and one for 32hz. Also stuck on wether to run aero ports or slot ports . I read that aero ports can get you louder but are expensive. I was told I would need either four 8 inch or seven 6 inch aero ports. I mean is it really worth the extra money or will slot ports work just as well. And this will be going in a jeep Cherokee. My available space is 43 w. 22h. 34L. Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. First time actually posting a build log but this year, I guess I will. I have done This will be the 3rd build in this Tahoe and I'm designing a C pillar wall with my wife (who actually has a ton of creative input.) I wish I could post some pictures!! First I am going to log a tear down of my initial build. This weekend I will start the tear down .
  5. Im walling the Challenger!!! my maximum dimensions are 22"deep x 35"h x 50"w wanting to [email protected] of course super low 31-33 center port any ideas on sizes cut sheet any input will be appreciated!! thx in advance.
  6. Product I'm looking for: 2x MATCHING 18" Fi Q. Upgraded cooling is a plus, but I will be happy as long as they do NOT have the high Q option. (If you are unsure which options your subs have, please peek through the cooling holes on the motor and read what is written on the coil inside.) Budget: $300-$400 for the pair depending on condition and options? (I always have tons of extra audio equipment so please ask and I will gladly send you a current list of what I have for trade. I will be more generous with trades than paying cash.) Condition: Used, 10/10 mechanical. Time Frame (if applicable): Up to you. I will wait. Of all the 18" subs I have had, I cannot forget my love for the Q. I know in my heart that I will be unsatisfied if I do not use them. Please do help me find a matching pair so my build can be complete! Willing to drive to meet anywhere within a few hours of Tampa FL, or pay for shipping to 33558. Please do not be shy, let me know your price. In all sincerity, Evan 813-480-1321
  7. Hey, quick question . I've got 2 arc audio ks 2500.1s should I just strap them @ 2 ohms or should I just run them master and slave independently to each 18 @ 1ohm per amp per sub. Running 2 18 inch sundown x's dual 2's.
  8. I don't know a lot about building boxes or walling subs off or anything like that, so I came on here to ask for what I would need if I wanted to do this. And how much would it cost me?
  9. I have a 02 ford ranger. I have 10 grand to spend on the audio alone. I have designed and built many 150-154 decibel systems (all of them hit over 150 between 27-33hz) but never anything near 160 on music. Weeks of searching on the magical google as left me clueless on how to get my truck to a 160 without throwing 12 18s into a sealed wall. I am not sure if it would be possible to hit 160 decibels around 30-40hz on my price range being I love decaf and chopped and screwed music but I am willing to do anything to get as close as possible. My max dimensions is 70x40x35. All extra oddly shaped room around it I was planning to fill with 2x4s, plywood, and sand. This is leaving 15 inches in the very back for amps and batteries. This truck is getting an 8 inch lift and will have room under the truck worst case scenario for more batteries although i would really like to avoid that. I have a few ideas but am open to anything. I really like the psi platform subs for their customizibility when ordered and extremely high xmax. The smaller subs all have a 54mm xmax. The 18s with an extended voice coil as well as bigger spiders have a 76mm xmax. I was thinking wall it by the front seats. Put 2 platform 3 18s in there. Give the subs maybe 10 cubes each and have the rest be the biggest port possible. Front baffle being 6 layers thick as well as the back and have the entire inside of the box rounded out towards the port. Another idea was to put 2 platform 3 18s in either a 4th or a 6th order tuned between 25-40hz. Giving it maybe 15-20 cubes each. Remember I will be adding wood till it hits the edges of the vehicle and then filling any small gaps to the brim with sand mixed with resin to keep the box as strong as possible as well as forcing the sound to only be able to travel to the cab instead of out the roof or floor. Anything for extra dbs. We could also do a horn system if anyone knows how to tune that. Have a wall or something in the back and just a massive horn leading to the front. Never done any horn systems before so no clue what works and what doesnt but I have seen a couple full car horn systems that sounded really good on music and was over 150 decibels. What do you guys think? I currently have a 240amp mechman laying around. Thinking maybe use that for mids/highs and to replace the stock charging system and find a way to squeeze 2 340 amp alts in with it for the big subs. Everything needs to be completely redone. Main thing is I cant think of any ways to get too power crazy here being we only got 10 grand to spend so Im looking for extreme enclosure efficiency and any possible way to gain some extra dbs. I would like the mids and highs to keep up with the bass as well. Im looking for a 40.60 to a 50.50 ratio of mids/highs to bass.
  10. Updated as of September 2018!!! Go to last page(s) for most recent updates! This was my long time daily driver and first car. Currently am running 6 12's in a series 6th order wall. I regularly take it to events across the western U.S. It has seen 7 builds as far as I can remember. The better known was the previous 2 18's in a flat wall boasting my best scores to date of 162.2db Db Drag style 164.2 USACI. Today it is on half that power but maintains mid 156's drag style at 26hz and 161s at 35hz USACI style. Defiantly a demo friendly build. The Car: (1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0L) (6) JVF Customz 3.3 12s (4 Pairs) Audio Dynamics 3000 Series Components (3) DC Audio 3.5k's (2) DC Audio 90.4's (6) Full Throttle Group 31 Batteries (2) JS Alternators The Wall Build : Started in November 2015 Last pics of the car before stripping it out (In near stock forum just after finals 2015). After the car was stripped out. Removing things that were in the way such as old seat belt parts and rear seat brackets. Plastidiped the windows, looks great from the outside. Spray foam to create a seal on the sides of the car. Also added some 2" PVC pipe to run wires on each side of the car. First parts of the frame to go in, main beams that will create the plane the baffle attaches to. From here the rest of the frame will extend off to the rear.
  11. i have a 04 lincoln navigator i plan on putting 2 DC Audio level 4s in it. the recommended box sixe for one is 4 cubic feet sealed and 5.5 ported. the displacement of the sub is .26 cubic feet. the room i have is 52 inches wide by 49 inches long by 32 inches tall for the box subs 2 amps that are Heatsink Length inch/mm 16.5" Heatsink Width inch/mm 9.38" Heatsink Height inch/mm 2.35" another battery and a Rockford Fosgate punch 400.4 and a jbl 300.1 sub specs 18" Mounting Depth 9.5" Mounting Hole Diameter 16.75" Outside Driver Diameter 18.5" Motor Width 7.75" Weight 36lbs VC Diameter 3" Displacement .26³ ft Magnet Weight 29lbs Power Handling RMS/Peak 1400/2800 Impedance (Ohm) D1 or D2 Sd 1217cm² Vas 175.29 liters Cms .085 mm/N Mms 427.53 g Fs 26.4 Hz BL 19.18 NA Re 3.82 Ohm Le 3.78 mH Qms .746 Qts .701 Xmax 223.5 mm Ref SPL @ 1 watt 88.2 dB Suggested Sealed 4³ ft Suggested Ported 5.5³ ft
  12. What's up guys? I'm starting my new build in my blazer and I need a few pointers on building the wall inside the blazer. I have 3 AQ HDC3 18's. I have built boxes but never a wall made inside the vehicle. The box will be taller and wider at the b-pillar than in the back because I have to squeeze in enough room for 3 18's. Where the back seat goes, it stair-steps up so I will have make the bottom of the box to fit that. Do you guys have any tips on how to ensure the box is strong enough on the edges where I can't screw it together? I want this box to be bullet proof. I am doing 2 layers of mdf all the way around with the front baffle and the back of the box 3 layers thick. I am also using square tubing for bracing. I am also trying to do a slot port on the driver's side. Thanks for the help!
  13. Hi, First let me introduce myself. Im 26 years old, live in the Netherlands and have been fascinated by car audio since my first audio system. English isnt my native language so i hope u guys dont mind typo's or some weird grammer Back when i was 18 it started with a simple €200 subwoofer set and thats when the addiction started. Since then ive had multiple system, Re xxx v3, 2 Kicker l7 15's, kicker solo x 18, Digital designs 3510, Ascendant audio chaos 15 and a Ascendant audio mayhem 18. Reading this is probably but forgot a few but you'll get the point. A few weeks ago i started building on a new project. 2 Fi audio team 18's Digital Designs M4a 11 Wing ESL 60-12X Sound Magus 160.4 4 Sp audio 6MM mids 2 SP tw 15 tweets 3/0 from the alt to batteries in the back 1/0 for the rest of the install As is said i already started building so i'll also post some pics what ive done so far. I posted my build log on a dutch ford focus forum but i thought it'll also be nice to post it out here. Maybe get some feedback and show off a build from the Netherlands. Tweeters Door pods
  14. My first wall in the Jeep broke some stuff and water leaked in and got the wall all nasty and moldy so it had to be destroyed. It consisted of ten entry level Audio Technix Tropo 10s on a Crescendo bc5500 and barely did 150db at 29hz. This rebuild will be less subs and slightly more power but should be a lot louder. This will take a while, because it is being squeezed in between my customer's builds, so be patient.
  15. hey guys im new to the forum. I need help designing a box for hdc3 18s. I want to build a box with a removable port for music and spl if that's possible. im running a RF 2500bdcp dc power 270 alt and big 3 with 2kinetic battery's my max demotions are H= 21"(wanted to keep below window line) W= 45.5",D=37" in a 2006 explorer Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Hey everyone, I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada. I was wondering if it could be possible to fit 2 obsidian 18's in there without putting my seats down. I've been told that 2 18's can fit, but the box won't be very good for the subs. I just need to know if I can do this build or not, thanks.
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