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Found 14 results

  1. I'll let the video do all the talk. Edit: Btw threw in a couple of wood screws already as its a temporary fix till my new box comes in next week.
  2. Hello fellow bassheads! This is the build log for my car, the Kickin' Cruiser. The builds in this car started in 2010, and have changed several times since then. But in Dec. 2011 I decided to go big or go home, so I started planning this build for the final install. Actually got started about a month later, and have jumped around, way out of order. And I had to put it on hold for over 6 months for the birth of my newest son, T.J. (Trent Jr.) But I just keep pushing forward, with my goal of having a ground pounder PT still very much alive! So anyway, here we go. Much of this will be a repost, since I had a build log before, it just got messed up by facebook. I will attempt to keep it all in the correct order. The car is a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser that I bought a few years ago, and fell in love with ever since. Best car I have ever owned! And a while back, I decided to split the build into stages, so that it wouldn't seem so over-whelming, and so it would be easier to navigate through. So here is the plan for the different stages: Stage 1 - Initial instal Stage 2 - Fiberglass and accessories (Learning Stage) V.2 Stage 3 - Dash, doors, and a 4th order wall. (Time to get serious stage!) Stage 4 - Rims. body, and paint Stage 5 - Engine/ drive-train (performance mods) For this stage, we will be focusing on the interior of the car. We will build new custom door panels, dash panel, change all of the interior color from light brown/ dark brown to grey/ black. I'll also be Installing new carpet front to back, as well as building a new headliner. We will finish it off with new seats. Basically the whole inside of the car is getting a make-over!!! Oh and how could I forget? I'll be building a 4th order wall for 4 custom Solo X 15's (which I will build myself), to run off 2 DC5.0K's. Goals are mid 50's on music, and nasty hair tricks on demand. So here we go!!!!
  3. This is my first ever custom designed and cut box. it's nothing spectacular, but I definitely think it's a good start and I am sure there's PLENTY of room for improvement. The box is holding a single Crossfire XS 12" driver. The box is going to be carpeted and put in. A YouTube video will soon follow. Volume: 2.57 Cubic Feet Tuning Freq: Approx. 30Hz (after displacement) Dimensions: 26"W x 14"H x 16"D Port: 12.5"H x 2"W x 33"L
  4. Showing my build of my 06 Mustang GT. Build includes performance, Suspension and Sound System. I lowered the car and installed the turbo a while ago and had to slow down unfortunately and I hadture as often as I can. Just wanting to get the original post started tonight. My photos just stored on my camera which was stolen from me so I lost them. I will continue to look for them hidden somewhere. I will upload the pic The Build includes: Turbo -76mm Turbonetics Turbo Kit at 10PSI -gt500 fuel pump -HKS blow off valve -44mm Tial Wastegate Suspension -Eibach 2" lowered Springs -Chrome Struct tower Brace -Camber adjustments -20" Chrome Aluminum Rims with 275/35 all around -Rear Lower control bars -Real shock tower bracket Sound System -2 Hifonics Brutus 2200W Amps -2 Hifonics Olympus 2412 -1 MB Quart 4125 1000W Multichannel -2 6x9 Hifonics Zues -2 6x8 Hifonics Zues -6 MB Quart PTK-40 tweeters -Stock Shaker 1000 8" Mid for now -Kicker 0 AWG Wire -kicker X RCAs (3m and 4 channel) -2 Rockford Fosgate RCAs -2 Optima Red top Batteries 50AH each -Kicker 12Gauge Speaker Wire -Mechman 270 Amp Mustang Alternator I will be editing this as often as I can get give quick links to my build and to be a quick update. As pages go on I will link them for quicker access. I don't mind people skipping around. Table of Contents: Page 1 -Gear -Pictures of my Mustang (Body, Engine and the Old system(very Old) -The beginning work to my fiberglass amp rack -Installation of Dampening Material -Installation of EQ (not finalized) Page 2 -Starting the fiberglass Box (just the first few cuts (bottom)) (Just wood for now) -Videos (BOV video with me cruising) & (Donut video before the turbo) -Replaced vacuum lines to BOV and Boost Gauge. Page 3 -Continuing on cutting of the box (sanding when needed) -Fiberglassed the pieces together to create 1 single piece -ProE (CAD) model of the box and WinISD Pro snapshot -Measured and prepped the plexiglass for cutting Page 4 -Machined the Monster Energy plexiglass -Continued to cut box (Sides and center) -Graduated and posted pictures of my engineering design project getting worked on I'll try to get one without the sun blinding
  5. I need some help designing a box for 2 12" Alpine Type R's. I would like a ported box tuned at around 30hz. These are the max dimensions for the box. Width - 38 Depth - 20 Hight - 17
  6. I am going to build another box for my truck, currently my box is 3.62cubes @33.8hz. I'm pushing my dual sundown SA-12's D4's on a hifonics BRZ1700.1. I hit a 141db at around 37hz. This doesn't sound correct to me though. Because my box is ported to 33.8 hz it should be the loudest towards 34 hz or so, right? I don't really understand this, could somebody please help me? Do I need to build a new box? Do I need a different amp that pushes out cleaner sound on the lows or something? It sounds pretty good, but doesn't sound NEARLY as well on the lows as another box I have for my Fi BL 12"... But I didn't build the Fi box. Everytime I play a bass drop and I'm demo-ing my system, the lows don't kick in as hard as they should at all, and it bugs me... Box: 3.58 end volume 30.5x15x23 4.25x13.5 port 24.5 inches long Gross volume: 4.87 cu ft Port displacement: 0.92 cu ft Sub Displacement: 0.28 cu ft End Volume: 3.67 cu ft The Box was altered after this picture to make the port shorter. Here it is ported to 26hz, then i made it 33.8.
  7. Well I broke down and went and bought a fully loaded custom rebuilt 12" Fi BL sub from a guy off caraudioclassifieds.org. I have decided that I want to start entering into some comp's as soon as there is one near me. I have always wanted to compete but have never owned a sub/amp setup like this until now. Just looking for all the advice/help that I can get right now to design/build a box for both competitions and daily. Vehicle: 2000 Ford Taurus Max Height: 14in Max Width: 34in Max Depth: 36in Comp Box Specs 2.5cuft tuned @45hz Double Baffled/Flush Mount Sub Daily Box Specs 3cuft tuned @30hz Double Baffled/Flush Mount Sub Powered by Hifonics BRZ1200.1D Any and all help with this build will be greatly appreciated. I did look into having woofer warehouse or RamDesigns to do a custom design for me. I would design it myself but I have no way to design it myself right now. I want to do a kerf port on my daily box for looks if thats not too much to ask for. Building the box is the best part and I want to make sure that it is done right and match the sub as best possible. Below are some pics and specs of the custom Fi Bl 12 Custom rebuilt FI BL 12 with a TI basket 2. Specs: Dual 1.5 ohm 1500 rms *FI BL motor *TI Basket *Sundown Zv2 cone *2 stiff linear 10" spiders *D1.5 ohm flat wound 8 layer coil *Genesis Carbon Fiber Dust Cap
  8. Build info and plans 2003 Cadillac CTS Sport Luxury 3.2 V6 Bose from the factory. Mods LED Fogs LED strip under front grill Poly transmission mount Painted and customized grill Plastidip'd 17in stock wheels Interior lights replaced with blue LEDs Audio setup JVC KW-V20BT 2 SKAR IVXv2 12 Custom box 32hz 4.12cubic feet Audiobahn a8000t Mono block amp SHCA RCAs and wire Bose system for mids and highs Mods to come! CAI Higher performance brakes and rotors Eibach sway bar KONIG Illusion 17in wheels Poly bushings all around Nebula Blue paint job Audio to come! Sky High Audio Cable 0/2ga, 12ga, and RCAs Singer 320amp alt 2 XS Power D3400 2 DC Lvl4 12's custom from SHCA 4 Crescendo Mezzo 6.5 front and rear 1 Crescendo Audio BC3500D (bass) 1 Crescendo Audio S800/4 (front/rear) First off, I want to say Hi to everyone as this is my first post!. Been following SMD on youtube for sometime and finally decided to join the forums. Car audio (hell all audio) is a bit of an addiction and hobby of mine. This CTS is my first car and is my baby. It has the BOSE system from the factory (not amazing but not horrible either) and I decided to add some bass to it after being in a friends truck of mine, 98 Sierra with 4 15's 6 10's and 4 super tweets, and the stock BOSE was just not enough anymore. I don't have a whole lot of pictures of it yet but will be posting some more once I get it cleaned (snow here the last couple months has made keeping a black car clean a nightmare) I have a short video from when I had a crappy box which I have since upgraded. I have 2 friends that are wanting to upgrade their systems and I have offered to do the install and the shopping around for them so joining here will help me there and I just want to learn as much as I can about audio systems. Any way here are some pics of the CTS which has been dubbed The MonsterCadillac (I love the record label Monstercat and am a big fan of EDM) Upgraded box I am not yet fully finished and plan on cleaning all those wires up
  9. This is my first true build by myself. I'm expecting some props and hate from this type of community and I'll take everything with a grain of salt. No butt-hurt here. For this build I didn't have all the proper tools or even the knowledge to know what the hell I was doing. So after countless YouTube videos and questions I've asked on Facebook these are the results that are presented. (FYI - My 2-chan amp blew the 1st channel and so my subs are actually just for show and aren't hooked up.) 2011 Kia Forte Koup SX Pioneer AVH-3500BHS head unit T600-2 amp 2x Punch P3D410 subs T400-4 amp 4x Punch P1562S component speakers NVX sound deadener in the trunk Custom false floor Of course this could have been done better, but I've had a lot of praise from car enthusiasts at the last two events I've been to. So for a first time this is pretty good I'd say.
  10. Hello, I’m attempting to build my third budget subwoofer box. History My first subwoofer 'front firing dual speaker' and second subwoofer 'dual down firing speaker' box I designed myself not using a box calculator were built using speakers I got for free. Not an expensive build. This time it will be, for me. Student. I’ll be using: ~2 Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6-1/2"- Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXcV-E3M2NU Link to the Subwoofer: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=264-919 Notice the big excursion. He mentioned that, “it almost displaces air like an 8” subwoofer.” And I’m using two of it. They sell the same sized speaker with two types of magnets, neodymium or ferrite. I’ll be buying the ferrite magnet. The reason is the price $$$ The Ferrite each cost $48.32 and the Neodymium each cost $91.89. Same watts. But the Ferrite has Resonant Frequency of 35Hz while the Neodymium is 38Hz. ~Amplifier is Dayton Audio SA100 100W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier for $77.00 Link to the Amplifier: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-802 I’ll be using a half inch plywood. This is expensive for me. I need a box that gets the most out of these speakers. The box sets that. I don’t know how to correctly design a box. This is why I need your help. The set up is a dual down firing rear side vent-port. Tuned at between 30Hz to 34Hz. I’m looking for the loud deep thunderous bass like at the movie theater. You guys can make my dollar go further with the right design for this tune. I’m building this to send over seas to my relatives. Keep in mind that is in a shippable size. If it you think it can’t be, tell me. note it can be shipped disassembled to fit in a 3ft x 3ft x 3ft box or bigger. They are not exposed to sound quality over there. They have not experience the things I’m experiencing I’m America. I want to share it with this. Going back to History I told you that I have made a Down Firing Dual Subwoofer. It sucked, it can’t play the low frequencies. Though it plays the high bass loudly. Not enough excursion. Thank you for taking the time to reading this, looking forward for your help.
  11. A friends dad wants me to do a system upgrade done on his 1998 Jeep Cherokee, he wants new speakers, new HU, and possibly a sub, I know how to do the HU, the sub, and the new front speakers, but there are no speakers in the rear doors and he wants them added. How would i go about adding the speakers to the rear doors, or is there a better location for them to be located for the rear stage? Nothing special i would like to avoid as much fiberglass and custom work as possible to get this build done quickly. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!! PS: This is my first post on SMD so i hope its in the right place haha!
  12. So i made my mind and going to find someone to build me the best box for my 2 12 P3s 2009 version. Plz need help dont know if it matters but putting in a 2006 grand prix but need pics or measurements whatever i was going to buy a probox but i hear do custom so i will do that
  13. One is Sold, only one left!!! 1. Product: Custom "RE" 12's 2. Specs: These were 15" RE SRX motors, old ones, with the stamped steel frames. They were drilled and tapped to take a standard 6 bolt pattern, then paired with 12" 12 spoke frames w custom paint. They have 2.5" coils, and were built with SA12 soft parts. Black paper dust caps. Dual 2 ohm coils, stitched leads, 10g terminals. 600w RMS 3. Description/Condition: New builds, unused, never seen power. 4. Price: $230 shipped for the pair, (cont.US only) or 130 each shipped. (Only one left) 5. Pictures: Not really looking for trades, but it never hurts to ask. These are cool subs and will make someone very happy. If someone wants custom high quality subs, without spending a lot of money, then here is the perfect chance! EDIT: Only one is left, better grab it before someone else does!
  14. This will be a slow build to start. But once all the products are in the build show go pretty smoothly.
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