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  1. People who argue a that a known fact is wrong for half an hour, then realize that you were right, then say: "thats what ive been saying this whole time!". No, dont even try!
  2. How much are the 12" and 15" XL series subs and the 3.5K amps? I live out in colorado, zip code 80516. thanks.
  3. so are you just running your power cables under the car or through the frame? Can't wait to see some more video's and the pics of the finished product!
  4. Ok so I found this motion sensing/ scanning device from Leap Motion on youtube and I think it needs to be in a car, most likely won't work with bigger installs but it could be cool if your using a computer in your car like Steve Meade does... https://live.leapmotion.com/ Idea's?
  5. If you do get high speed footage, I hope they get some of everything like the steering wheel and window-roof line ect. Hope they air the segment!
  6. so glad you didn't let those wires just hang, such clean work man. And what printer/ plotter do you use?
  7. I feel inspired seeing that brace/ port idea, and that is some serious plexi glass. Can you round the edge of plexi glass or whats the plan for that?
  8. So my Explorer has been one problem after the other and has nearly 189,000 miles so I've been looking around for a new car. Anyway, I came across this 2004 Volvo S60 sedan on craigslist and thought i'd run it past you guys to see what your opinion was on Volvo's and specifically the S60. It's got a black leather interior and the exterior is black. Comes with these custom painted rims that look a little beat-up but I would probably just sell them and get new ones or repaint them. Has a Kicker amp mounted in the trunk but would sell that and the wiring as well haha. I know there not the fastest but that's not really my concern. Link: http://www.thesharpestrides.com/vehicle.cfm?vehicleID=220332927 But anyway let me know what you think, I scheduled a test drive on Tuesday to see how it sounds, if it rattles, if it has knocking sounds, how the transmission feels ect. Thanks!
  9. Yep, just PM me what all you wanton it and any fonts or designs. Also what you want, like a t-shirt, hoodie, hat ect, as well as size. thanks.
  10. Sorry, I don't have a picture on hand but I can do just about any design, its basically a custom shirt.
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