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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just joined the forum. I kept reading and trying to educate myself last two weeks but there is nothing similar to my case. I recently bought a Corvette C6 Convertible and I want to install my single RockFord P3D4-12 (already have it) and I want to built a custom ported enclosure. This is where it gets tricky. The requirement for ported enclosure for my sub is 1.8 cu. ft. which is basically taking almost all the space in the trunk (not a problem for me). My question is what kind of design should I choose for maximum (being tuned to 32hz) output? I have three options in my mind, First; Sub up, port back. In this case, I can full fill 1.8 cu. ft. easily but the problem is sub facing up, there is almost no air room between sub and the trunk. Plus it can rattle a lot (this can be fixed maybe) Second; Sub and port facing back with an angle or it wont fit (height is 12.5"). Plus side is, I can use the back wall but the distance will be short. Negative side is it will be hard to reach 1.8 cu. ft. Third and last; Port and Sub facing to the driver with an angle (it has to be with angle or wont fit). This is my least favorite but then again it is a 2 seater car. I think I might be the only one with this case. Help is much appreciated, Please help, I am going crazy. Thank you guys.
  2. Aye guys so I just replaced my wall in my tahoe that had 6 Kicker Cvrs 12s to 6 Funky Pup 12s. I'm hoping to hit a 160 on music. But what kind of wire should I run to the subs? I have it all hooked up to 3 DC 5ks with 1/0 gauge wire. I'm thinking ill run 2 gauge wire to the Funky Pups or do you think I need bigger wire for them or not? Thanks for the help!
  3. Need to remove about 3 layers that have been in my truck for about a year and a half. Any tricks to speed up the process? I already searched the forum for 15 minutes or so with no real luck.
  4. Hey everyone. I am getting ready to change up my system. Currently have one SA-12 D4 Rev.3 sub, pushing about 1000 watts to it on an oldschool Kole Audio amp. Looking at either buying a 2nd SA-12 or going with one X-12 V2 D4. My goal is for LOW bass and to move lots of air. I mainly listen to hip-hop. Should I go with two SA-12's or one X-12? These will be installed in a sedan with plenty of trunk room. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!
  5. Hey guys recently I made a video of my top 20 favorite bass songs. Its just a basic video that shows some of the different songs that hit the hardest and sound the best on my system!! Check it out and let me know what some of your favorite bass songs are in the comments! Here's the link:
  6. hey guys, so i've been thinking that im going to be keeping my Camry for a long time! at least through my last year of high school and all through college. so i've been looking for a headunit with a built in GPS in case of traveling to go along with all my tunes. i looked at all the major brands(IMO): Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine. and I remember hearing of another reliable brand, Jensen. i looked at it(Jensen VM9424) and it was by far the most economical headunit with a GPS. priced at a mid-ranged price of ~$400($299 on ebay without bluetooth), it blew all the other brands away. any of the brands mentioned above were around $600 before they even started mentioning GPS. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_37871_Jensen-VM9424BT.html what do you guys think? watched videos of it and is by far one of the most responsive as well with almost 0 lag. the menu's and interface are very mapped out and uncrowded like the others. looks like a bargain to me!
  7. I have heard that a round perfect circle speaker will sound better compared to an oval or a square sized speaker because it can produce sound waves more accurately. I was also told that a 6.5 inch is the perfect mid range speaker, because it is round, isn't too large, but isn't too small. Does the shape of the speaker really matter when it comes to the sound of the speaker? Would a 5 inch speaker sound better compared to a 6.5 or would a 4x10 blow them all out of the water. What do you think when it comes to speaker size and shape? What's your "perfect speaker"?
  8. Ok so i need advice from the pro's for my build! I currently have 2 12's in a 6 Cube ported box, now in order to make more room for my aux batteries and 4 channel amp i will be adding i was wondering if this would be the one exception to front firing a subwoofer box. I was going to build a platform to set the box on which would leave no gap between the roof and the box, I was also going to seal the 2 inchs on each side off as well. So in this repect i could put my batteries and four channel underneath the sub box by letting the platfoor have a higher back the subs would be above the rear seats pointing forward would this result in a good positioning of the subs i currently have the subs facing up[ and ports up i would of liked to have subs up ports back but i would of been choking them off if i would of done so. Its ok if its a fucked idea i can handle it.
  9. I am in the process of putting together my new system, I order a white status design from PWK 4 week ago with no design yet. Who else can I look on for a box design for my 97 Toyota Starlet, dimensions: 22D 20H 33W. Subwoofers are 2 AB 12 inch VFL Comp. Am planing on using a 750.1. Looking for a SPL/SQ design. Again who would be a good person to contact?
  10. Considering upgrading my entry-level pioneer DEH-14UB Head Unit IF it will make a notable difference in output or sound mainly in my sub-stage going with a upper-class pioneer, kenwood or alpine deck with 4-6v pre-outs. Tell me what do you guys think? I already have the entry-level pioneer wired up to a clarion MCD-360 crossover with 5v max output voltage so am I really going to notice a big difference in the bass production from the subs or no?? Any and all input is appreciated thanks:)
  11. I've been looking around for some decent budget batteries and found this: http://www.amazon.com/PowerStar--12V-80AH-UB12750I4ALT1-UB12750-Group/dp/B00EPO53P4/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1396320441&sr=8-9&keywords=80ah+agm+battery Is this one alright? Any suggestions would be appreciated. It will be my second battery for the trunk and will help power a 2500 RMS amp on a stock alternator. Also, I will be running ALOT of 0 gauge through out, about 40 feet.
  12. Looking for an amp to power two, Powerbass 3XL 15's, 2ohm DVC. Class limits me to 2.5k rated, need power @.5ohm or 2ohm, suggestions? Would like to stay under $400 if possible...
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