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Found 21 results

  1. Will 3 D3400's and a 320 amp Mechman S series Alternator be enough to run my system with a BC3500? it won't see much comp time but it will be daily.
  2. Looking for more output at idle from ANY alternator on your 1999-2012 GM truck or SUV ??? Look no further !!! We will soon be stocking OVERDRIVE harmonic ballancers for LS series GM trucks and SUV's with 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L engines, 1999 through 2012. This replacement ballancer has a larger diameter 8 rib crankshaft pulley on it. This means that your alternator or alternators will be spinning 10% faster at idle, which can mean a 50 to 100 amp increase at idle, depending on which high output alternator(s) you have. If you are running multiple high output units and have a problem with belt slip, we also offer an 8 rib conversion that comes with everything you need to swap to an 8 rib belt, increasing belt traction and idle speed at the same time !! (alternator pulleys sold separately) On top of that, we will also be stocking SCT and Diablosport handheld tuners. These devices upload a high performance tune to your vehicle's engine computer that increases HP, and ALSO allows you to increase your engine idle speed to up to 1,000 rpm. The combination of a tuner, crank pulley, and our 370 amp Elite series unit would result in over 300 amps at idle !!! Watch for demo videos soon!!
  3. Hey guys check out my latest setup in System of the Month and vote =] Please and Thank you! All im missing at the moment is an alternator, so this prize would be perfect! ALSO, tell me what you think! Audio & Video: 4 skar ma d2 8" woofers - thanks Ryan Hilldale and Kevin from Skar audio. If you need or want any skar audio products email Ryan at [email protected] and he'll take great care of you. Tell him josh sent you. 2500 re xtx amp 800 xtx re amp tsunami 0/1 d3400 xs power battery samsung galaxy tablet 7.0 + 19" led lcd COBY TV clarion eq Selenium mids and highs Thanks to sponsors : Skar audio Xs Power HiMarc Automotive and Kustoms A&G Graphics [/imghttp://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/braves14yrsnarow/baa5972e-c838-4d84-8504-1e52ee7d3495_zps7d3558ed.jpg'>http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/braves14yrsnarow/baa5972e-c838-4d84-8504-1e52ee7d3495_zps7d3558ed.jpg [/imghttp://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/braves14yrsnarow/5dab67b8-e55e-4c13-b417-96a2745ae54d_zpsda10982f.jpg
  4. Here we have a competitors alternator that came to us not in working order. Have a look at what was found
  5. looking for a alternator for my tbss v8 ls2 6.0L looking for a nice 200+ amp alternator the stock its 4 pin
  6. Check out the latest project from the Minds at Mechman. Thanks for stopping by. http://youtu.be/y448_4A830I
  7. Does aluminum bus bars give you a better connection than just using power wire to connect batteries... if so wat the best size to use like 1" thick 2" thick etc.
  8. Ive seen guys on here talking bout 0 guage welding cable is cheaper than 0 guage power wire, is this true and were to buy. its seems like you can get cheaper 50 ft of 0 guage power wire then welding cable online.
  9. wats up guys , im wondering wats the pros and cons of running tool maker dual inputs to a crescendo bc3500 or sundown 3500? like will i see a power increase or is even worth it to buy them.
  10. hey wats up fellow bass heads, im noticing a a drop in my voltage and i was wondering would it make any diffrence if i disconnected the extra runs of 0 guage coming from the back to alt to the front battery then alternator. like basically my extra runs of 0 are connected to my alternator meaning power wire. but i was thinking bout taking them off and connecting them to the front battery then to the alternator., would ait make a diffrence
  11. I'm selling a Mechman CS144 HO Alt. Its a 250a w/ built in adjustable voltage regulater (currently set at 15.2v). It seen about 2 mos of usage before I sold the car & I have no use for it now b/c I have a totally diff car. It comes w/ the V Belt pulley but is easily changable. This alt is used on a varity of GM vehicles. You should know what would fit your application. Or, you can easily check w/ one of the alt manufaturer's websites for fitment. I paid $450 shipped a little over a year ago. Its a little dirty from being handled w/ dirty hands but thats all. If anyone needs me to take closer pics or something, I'll be happy to. Just kinda hard w/ trying to get the sign in the pic too lol. Cosmetically: 9/10 (dirty) Mechanically: 10/10 Price: SOLD $200.00 shipped USPS Priority (3 day) These are a pair of Power Acoustik 4x6 2ways. They've never been used, installed or seen power. I bout them to upgrade some factory speakers in my wife's car & then we ended up trading the car in. Selling b/c I have no use for them. I dont remember what I paid for them at my local shop. Cosmetically: 10/10 Mechanically: 10/10 Price: $15.00 shipped USPS These are pairs of H1 & H3 SMD LED Headlight Bulbs. They use 1/5 the power as standard bulbs. The color for these are Bright White. They didnt fit my aftermarket headlights & I didnt feel like shipping them back. Cosmetically: 10/10 Mechanically: 10/10 Price: All 4 H1's= $10.00 shipped, All 4 H3's= $10.00 shipped (USPS) ALL SOLD H1 H3 *** I accept PayPal, Check, Money Orders, Cash & Girlfriends (if their HOT).
  12. We just got done with the long and arduous process of completely re-vamping the website with our new line of alternators for 2013 !! - NEW AMPERAGE LEVELS AVAILABLE - LOWER COST UNITS AVAILABLE -NEW 370 amp ELITE SERIES -MECHMAN T-SHIRTS -FREE SHIPPING ON ALL BATTERIES AND ALTERNATORS IN THE 48 STATES !!! The alternator fitment guide and online store is still being finished, so just fill out the detailed quote form with all of your vehicle info and we will get you a quote on a custom built unit, optimized for exactly how you use your system!! Don't forget to check out the videos too !!! WWW.MECHMAN.COM
  13. I'm sure you guys will like our giveaway for July! We partnered with Mechman and we are giving away an alternator of YOUR choice! Runner up gets a 0 gauge big 3 kit and 3rd gets a free Mechman shirt! Click the banner below to enter!
  14. We're excited to announce that we now carry yet another SMD partners products! This is the first time we have ever carried alternators! Mechman rocks and were glad to have them aboard! http://bit.ly/1p2TDKC
  15. I am swapping my alt out for a mechman with a 1.75 inch pulley. I measured my stock pulley to be 2.5 inches. The belt for my car is approx. 84.5 inches. What size belt would i need. In order to swap my alternator out i need to remove the front passenger tire so using the "try multiple belt sizes until it fits" isn't the best approach for me Any help would be appreciated.
  16. im new to this forum and im looking for some help for my install has anyone ever installed a mechman alt on a 2015 or newer yukon denali? i put 1 in already and it went bad(loud humming noise) in about a week. so i sent it out and mechman fixed it but the rep said i had it grounded wrong? he said you ground the newer style trucks different??? right now i have 1 yellow top optima battery up front luckily there was a empty spot for it and i still have the factory battery i ran 0 gauge from the positive on the factory battery to the yellow top then i grounded the optima battery to the frame then i ran 0 gauge from the alt positive to factory battery and grounded the alt to the factory battery with 0 gauge also what am i doing wrong ??? i couldnt understand what the rep was saying about the grounding issue! sorry if so confusing i tryd to explain it the best i can.... also would like to know how many batterys would someone run for my system? looking to use xs batterys in the back .should i take out the factory batterys and yellow top optima? if you think i should add somthing or somthing is wrong with my set up im all ears!! pics coming soon! i have..... 4 1000/1 slash v2 jl audio amps 2 600/6 jl audio amps 4 13.5 w7 jl audios 6 6*9 jl audios 4 6.5 jl audios 1 audio control LCQ-1 sound processor factory head unit
  17. It is coming up on 3 years since I have had my 220A Alt installed on my 2005 xB and I just wanted to say a few things that I have encountered and experienced in this time. First off if you have a gen 1 xB and are going to install a large case conversion alt you will have to get a longer belt. What I have discovered is that by using the stock upper bracket that the belt over time stretches and eventually can not get enough tension on the belt as you max out the adjustability that the bracket will allow. All the rest of the hardware you will need comes with the alt so there are no worries there. The AVBM is awesome and it is a must to fine tune in your voltage output. I have had to slightly tweak the output for the different seasons because in the colder months the resistance was too low at startup and I was regularly charging at 15.1 or sometimes as much as 15.3V. My MS-8 processor does not like 15V+ and would make a crazy bad hissing sound at those levels. So the adjustability is awesome to have so that can be turned down a tad when needed. My output is always strong as long as I keep the engine RPM's up a little after it is fully hot in the hot summer heat of the south where I have lived since I have had this alt. I do notice that sometimes when slowing down and downshifting the RPM's will drop down 1.5-1.8V momentarily but it goes back to 14.4-14.6 where it usually is set at once I stop and maybe give the throttle a rev or two. All in all this alt is awesome and has met all of my expectations. I am working on getting a new upper bracket made so I can get a but more tension as to eliminate the cold start engine belt squeal. I hate hearing that in the early morning hours when I have to leave for work. Here is a comparison pic to the stock alt for reference:
  18. Ordered last Friday and got it on Friday. Fast shipping looks like the one that is in Jeep already but it has a 160 amp big case already. Ready to install when it warms up! Beautiful work Mechman!!!!! Commander going to like this extra Juice! [sharedmedia=garage:vehicles:2438]
  19. I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. I have come across an alt for a 99-03 Pontiac Grand Prix. I see on your web site you have alts for 99-03, 05-08, and then the '04 is separate. Why is this? I know mine using a 4 pin and has the same mounting as both models.
  20. Here's the deal guys- We are SUPER busy in the shop building and shipping units so that we can provide our customers with the fastest ship times possible. If you have technical questions, or are looking for a price quote, DO NOT post a thread or send a PM, as it will more than likely will not get responded to in a timely fashion. EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT: Tony@Mechman and you will get a response as quickly as possible. We can also be reached by phone at: 865-522-6166 And, as always, our store is open 24-7 at: www.mechman.com regards, Tony [email protected] 865-522-6166
  21. ok so i have been wanting to get a 170 amp high output alt from mechman for almost a year. then i finally get the money and order it for my 2001 oldsmobile alero 2.4L. i wait a week and then i get a email that says the tracking code and everything. about a week later i receive my alternator. everything looks great and im super excited to put it in my car. go to my dads shop to put it in. we start taking out the old one and my dad is telling me that shit aint gonna fit. i just keep telling him dad its made just for my car and engine. so we try to put it in and the post and plug are on top of the alterntor instead of on the front. so the post is poking the intake and there is definitely no way this would work. so i take it out put my stock one back in mad as hell that i spent this money and it doesn't fit. so i call mechman and they tell me to send them pictures of the stock and the mechman alt. so i do and they tell me i can send it back so they can move the post and plug to the front were it was suppose to be the first time. i ask the guy brian i was talking to if i could get a shipping receipt so i wouldn't have to pay for shipping since i shouldn't have too. and he tells me we can send it back for free but you have to send it to us and pay for the shipping. so i get real pissed and he just says thats all we can do for you. so i said whatever and called them again and talked to someone else and i talk to josh and he is real cool trying to help me out. he tells me if i return it with my money and then email him a picture of the receipt they would reimburse me. so im like hell ya i guess things are starting to workout after im about to kill myself cause all the bullshit. so i send it off in about a hour and email him the receipt and tracking number and all he says is wow!! is shouldn't of been that much. it should of been no more then 20 bucks he said. and asked if i had special insurance or anything. i emailed him back saying my mom brought it for me and that was the cheapest they could do. which was 39 bucks. so its today and he still hasnt emailed me back from yesterday. so i email him again. call and couldnt get a hold of him. so now im just sitting here pissed cause i had to pay 40 bucks to ship something back that should of fit in the first place and they wont even give me my money back after they promised to reimburse me since its to expensive to give out shipping labels for free. so im just stuck now waiting to get a email.
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