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Found 17 results

  1. Looking for more output at idle from ANY alternator on your 1999-2012 GM truck or SUV ??? Look no further !!! We will soon be stocking OVERDRIVE harmonic ballancers for LS series GM trucks and SUV's with 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L engines, 1999 through 2012. This replacement ballancer has a larger diameter 8 rib crankshaft pulley on it. This means that your alternator or alternators will be spinning 10% faster at idle, which can mean a 50 to 100 amp increase at idle, depending on which high output alternator(s) you have. If you are running multiple high output units and have a problem with belt slip, we also offer an 8 rib conversion that comes with everything you need to swap to an 8 rib belt, increasing belt traction and idle speed at the same time !! (alternator pulleys sold separately) On top of that, we will also be stocking SCT and Diablosport handheld tuners. These devices upload a high performance tune to your vehicle's engine computer that increases HP, and ALSO allows you to increase your engine idle speed to up to 1,000 rpm. The combination of a tuner, crank pulley, and our 370 amp Elite series unit would result in over 300 amps at idle !!! Watch for demo videos soon!!
  2. So- We have had quite a few requests from SPL competitors all over the world looking for a low cost, universal 16 volt alternator that they can mount as a second alternator to keep their 16 volt battery bank charged. Most of our overseas customers make their own alternator brackets anyway, so we thought we would go ahead and mass produce them. We offer two sizes, both of them small case. They are all "one wire" hookup, so you don't have to bother with wiring up a plug or anything like that. Simply hook up the positive and negative battery cables from the alternator to the 16 volt battery bank and the alternator does the rest- totally simple. automatic and self regulating. We even include V belt and 6 rib pulleys so that it will work on virtually any setup. Please don't ask if we have any brackets to fit these alternators to any particular vehicle, because we don't! These units are for the DIY competitor on a budget who is capable of making their own brackets. In most cases, these alternators are less expensive than a 16 volt battery charger!! We don't offer international shipping through our store, but you are more than welcome to send us and e-mail to place your order and set up international shipping. Just send and e-mail to: [email protected] Check 'em out: http://store.mechmanhighoutputalternators.com/16-volt-105-amp-one-wire-cs130-racing-alternator/
  3. Hey guys check out my latest setup in System of the Month and vote =] Please and Thank you! All im missing at the moment is an alternator, so this prize would be perfect! ALSO, tell me what you think! Audio & Video: 4 skar ma d2 8" woofers - thanks Ryan Hilldale and Kevin from Skar audio. If you need or want any skar audio products email Ryan at [email protected] and he'll take great care of you. Tell him josh sent you. 2500 re xtx amp 800 xtx re amp tsunami 0/1 d3400 xs power battery samsung galaxy tablet 7.0 + 19" led lcd COBY TV clarion eq Selenium mids and highs Thanks to sponsors : Skar audio Xs Power HiMarc Automotive and Kustoms A&G Graphics [/imghttp://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/braves14yrsnarow/baa5972e-c838-4d84-8504-1e52ee7d3495_zps7d3558ed.jpg'>http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/braves14yrsnarow/baa5972e-c838-4d84-8504-1e52ee7d3495_zps7d3558ed.jpg [/imghttp://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m170/braves14yrsnarow/5dab67b8-e55e-4c13-b417-96a2745ae54d_zpsda10982f.jpg
  4. Hey Car Audio Fans, the deals are being pumped out right now at Mechman Headquarters. For a limited time, due to overstock, we are offering several models at a steal of a discount. Check out this link which will bring you to our Ebay store where we have almost 100 listings of alternators for different applications. If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]. There are limited quantities for each application, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this sale while supplies last! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320956437925&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
  5. Check out the latest project from the Minds at Mechman. Thanks for stopping by. http://youtu.be/y448_4A830I
  6. Hey I'm looking to put 2 of my 4 kicker cvx 12s in for now until I can afford to buy a alternator for all 4, I will be powering them with 1 of my 2 kicker zx1500.1's. I was just wondering if anyone had some 3-4+ cu box designs, can't be to tall cause its going in the trunk of my 98 Pontiac grandprix gtp. Ported box is a must.
  7. hi everyone. I recently installed some new subs and amp. 2-15" RE Audio XXX and a MA Audio HK-4000D. Heres the problem.Amp is going into protection mode when i open it up all the way due to (as far as I can tell) voltage dropping.It holds 13.3v most of the time but certain tones drop it below 12v shutting it down. Ive done the Big 3. Got 3 Kinetik batteries .2 HC800's under the hood and a HC3800 in the trunk. currently running stock alternator 120 amp. there is no available H.O. alternator made for my car(2002 hyundia XG350L) looking into having my stock alt beefed up. there is 1\0 gauge rockford fosgate power cable throughout. Also something weird,when the trunk is open it will shut down at half volume.trunk closed almost never shuts down... Any Ideas?? Thanks
  8. So here's the deal- You have a big system. You need batteries for your amplifiers to perform. You need a high output alternator to keep the batteries charged. We're here to help. For the remainder of the month of May 2012, we are not only offering 10% off any MechMan alternator , but ALSO will apply a 10% off discount AND free shipping on any XS power battery that you purchase ON THE SAME ORDER as the MechMan alternator. Forum discount combo code XSCOMBO must be mentioned at the time of ordering, all standard MechMan discount rules apply. (see previous thread) Discount valid for phone orders ONLY. This means that you can complete your entire charging system upgrade with HUGE savings, all with one phone call!! Don't forget- There is only 15 DAYS left until June 1st, so save now while you can!!!
  9. I am swapping my alt out for a mechman with a 1.75 inch pulley. I measured my stock pulley to be 2.5 inches. The belt for my car is approx. 84.5 inches. What size belt would i need. In order to swap my alternator out i need to remove the front passenger tire so using the "try multiple belt sizes until it fits" isn't the best approach for me Any help would be appreciated.
  10. im new to this forum and im looking for some help for my install has anyone ever installed a mechman alt on a 2015 or newer yukon denali? i put 1 in already and it went bad(loud humming noise) in about a week. so i sent it out and mechman fixed it but the rep said i had it grounded wrong? he said you ground the newer style trucks different??? right now i have 1 yellow top optima battery up front luckily there was a empty spot for it and i still have the factory battery i ran 0 gauge from the positive on the factory battery to the yellow top then i grounded the optima battery to the frame then i ran 0 gauge from the alt positive to factory battery and grounded the alt to the factory battery with 0 gauge also what am i doing wrong ??? i couldnt understand what the rep was saying about the grounding issue! sorry if so confusing i tryd to explain it the best i can.... also would like to know how many batterys would someone run for my system? looking to use xs batterys in the back .should i take out the factory batterys and yellow top optima? if you think i should add somthing or somthing is wrong with my set up im all ears!! pics coming soon! i have..... 4 1000/1 slash v2 jl audio amps 2 600/6 jl audio amps 4 13.5 w7 jl audios 6 6*9 jl audios 4 6.5 jl audios 1 audio control LCQ-1 sound processor factory head unit
  11. So I recently bought a 240 amp alternator from Mechman Alternators for my 1998 GS300, now I have one problem. Every time my rpm's goes past 5k and I let off the gas my battery light comes on, I did not have this issue with my stock alternator. I have upgrade to 1/0 gauge KnuKonceptz Wire for my the Big 3 Three, although for my power run I have a 4 gauge run (I have no amplifiers yet, so I believe it won't draw the full the 240 amps but will pull stock load for now which is somewhere around 100 amps). I have copper lugs, an XS Power D3400, a new Goodyear Gatorback Belt, and also added an inline fuse. I have done everything that was asked and I still have a problem. Does anyone have any insight? I am wondering if it may have to do with the stock power wire being still connected and the fuse box being overloaded with power? I don't think that is the case, though not 100% sure, any information will help. I am also linking a video of the battery light coming on past 5k rpms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI-QM5azcTA
  12. Hello everybody, I'm new to posting , but lurked around for quite sometime This fits my VW mk4 jetta will have pictures after install This thing is so beautiful with permission from Matthew at mechman i wanted to share Also Upgraded that 2g that came from mechman to 2/0 ring terminals:
  13. I'm in the process of hooking up 4, possibly 5 alternators in my truck. I am going to be using AD244 case style alternators. what kind of harness is needed to make all these work? they are going to be on the passenger side of the truck. (if that matters) plus the one in the stock location which is on the drivers side.
  14. Here's the deal guys- We are SUPER busy in the shop building and shipping units so that we can provide our customers with the fastest ship times possible. If you have technical questions, or are looking for a price quote, DO NOT post a thread or send a PM, as it will more than likely will not get responded to in a timely fashion. EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT: Tony@Mechman and you will get a response as quickly as possible. We can also be reached by phone at: 865-522-6166 And, as always, our store is open 24-7 at: www.mechman.com regards, Tony [email protected] 865-522-6166
  15. I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but Autozone will print you off a free ALLDATA repair guide if you ask them for it. The reason i know this is becaus i just recently got a job there and they told me that we have the capibilty to do so but only if the customer asks for it. So dont be shy to ask them for one. Just thought i'd let everyone know lol.
  16. I have a dual audio deck that i guess rms at 18watts. is there any other way than using a DD1 to find the clipping volume. I know how to use a DVM to find the rms on my sub amp abut i wanna get the best volume from the deck first. Secondly. Everything in my jeep is stock except for the deck, mono amp, and subs. .... alt, battery, everything else is stock. im only running 250rms and my lights dimm a little on heavy bass (yes i know its only 250 but it slams for just that) i want to upgrade. 12's down to 10's for more punch but go from 250rms to maybe 500ish to 1000rms (for now). and get a 4 channel for my speakers and get some decent compenents. What are the best things to upgrade on a budget that are necessary for running a god amount of power. Thanks
  17. I'm adding another amp to my car, i have a zx1000.1 mono for the subs already and im adding the dx400.4 for the speakers. Should i expect a voltage drop, and if so how sufficient will it be? Right now with only the mono i have about 14.4-.7 volts on average when everything is running and turned up. I have an 01 cadillac deville which already has some stock beefy wiring to it. Stock electrical wiring, but I will add another battery as my next upgrade. What can I expect voltage wise when i add the second amp? Thanks
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