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98 expedition on the meter... ohhhh the feelssssss

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here is part of my new buid


right now i have running (2) 15L7 on a hifonics bzr2400 some 6x5 pioneers on my doors on a mtx amp,
upgrading to (2) FI BTL N218 that i am waiting on that will be run by my RE amps, i know they are cheap but will later upgrade to fosgate 2500. im still waiting to buy another battery to make it 3 HC 2400, the HC 2000 on the pictures here i bought for my brothers install. i will be upgrading my Alt with one from mechman but still dont know what i need to power the amps. I will try and keep you guys updated once i get the BTL and take pictures of them and the box i will be building for them :)

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my head unit is a kenwood excelon 9960, will take pics later on. i do need help on picking the right alt for my set up, what do you guys think i should get? and do you guys think i have enough dynamat for a 98 expedition?

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just did my dynamat on my SUV and it works wonders :) phone wasn't working and couldn't take pics, one problem i hade was the ceiling was falling apart like one inch apart from cross members it really sucked, so i got that foam thing that expands and helped even more, now i have no rattle with my 15, cant wait for my 18's to see if dynamat will be enough

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just got my 2 18's AA mayhems today too bad it didnt come with decals, damn exited to get my box build this weekend and have my shit done for Christmas




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You have any experience with those amps? I was looking at them and wondered if they were any good.

Looks sick so far!

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:popcorn: tuned in if you do this right ull be 150s and maybe louder than me im intrested to see how the RE amps do and sound ii had a set of RE se 12"s and they sounded just as good as my sundowns did

1995 Honda passport 3.2 4x4 Frankenstein on a budget

ballistics sound deader (roof only so far)

kenwood mp3 usb

audio control 3 (upgrading)

hifonics mx-3

3 sets of massive px5 5.25s

3 sets of massive tweets

phonix gold 5.25 componets

x2 massive nx4 nano 200x4 mids

sony xplod 600x4 watt high's

2 Fi bl fully loaded box walled @31ish hz

13.2 cube box/wall

massive DB8000

Excessive amaperge 250 amp alt wir extrnl regulator

daul runs of xs power xpflex 0 gauge

big 3

raptor 0 gauge power/ground wire full run

suriken 45 amp hour x3 shriken bt-120 batts,interstate 1100CA semi batt

scytek galaxy 2way alarm

still upgradeing!

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my brother owns two of them and runs them at 1700 rms (2ohm load) and they hit hard with a 15 re xxx, im sure it will be enough if i run mine at 1 ohm. and still looking to upgrade later to 2 RF t2500 or 2 creseando amps, but still will test this amps to see what they can really do and post here since many on here dont like them at all

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