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Up for sale are 2 brand new 12" Funky Pup subwoofers. Yes you read that right, the bass shattering, ear bleeding, heart attack giving, Funky Pup Subwoofers. Reason Im selling these are because im too scared to install them into my car in fear that my ear drums will explode and my girlfriend will have a miscarriage from all the bass...

No really, I bought these about 2 years ago brand new when they randomly popped up on ebay as dead stock and the seller had no idea what they had on their hand. I wanted to make a funky pup install as a joke and see what they could do but never got around to it so theyve just been sitting in my closet taking up room. Id rather have someone else appreciate them after the 2 years of awesomeness ive had from them.

Im asking $90 shipped for these as you cannot find them anywhere. They are an audio collectors item and I dont really want to budge much on price.

If you have any questions please send me an email at [email protected] or text/call me at 443-340-2179 as Im very busy with my new job and wont have much time to check back here.




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I can do 35.00 plus ship

No thanks, Paid more for them 2 years ago.


You can haz them too, if you buy them!

Lowering price to $100 shipped!!!

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