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Traded to Kenrock! Thx!

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For sale or trade. 18" dual 2 Fi BTL Fully loaded with box for $500. Looking for local sale in the DC Baltimore area, but will drive to meet as long as it isn't too far (like Hawaii or Europe). :)

Has maybe 4 hours of play time and not hard play time..waited for ever for my alt, so I took it easy. Just bought 4 15" Skars, so time to wall.

Looking for XS Power D3400s, 5x100 bolt rims (black after market of course) in 17s or 18s...

Local only so I can let the box go too. I'll get better pics up later and with the volt meter, if I can find mine!




Box is 39x20x19 and is tuned around 32hz. Inside is all resin while the corners are fiber glassed...well, here is my build log.


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