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  1. Digikey is fine if they actually have what you need, luckily caps aren't an excruciatingly rare package-size preamp IC. As for solder I like Kester 44 in a fine gauge for electronics work. I also use and like Cardas quad eutectic but only for terminating cables and larger jobs.
  2. Wish I could block people on the forum. Can I? Sick of some certain assholes around here

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HatersGonnaHate


      Go to your profile and edit your ignore users preferences. Really not that tough to figure out.

    3. HatersGonnaHate


      Not effective for status updates though.

    4. Kyblack76


      yeah.. i have about 3 dozen now blocked...

  3. I am so over the "consumerization" of every product I know and love

  4. It's a real shame to watch Thinkpads become the sticker-laden trash that every other me-too manufacturer sells. I really don't know what I'm going to replace mine with, and it needs a replacement right now...

    1. purplesyrup


      Dude where have you been? Lol long time no see

    2. 8ight
  5. Forget how loud, I'll tell you right now it sounds beautiful
  6. I'd really like to, now how to do that in a regular cab...
  7. Just repaired the RCAs in this. I hate floating grounds. Don't mount your amp to the box, I can tell that killed these jacks in a previous install.
  8. Oh lord. Has this been worked on before?
  9. Working on Rockford amps is... fun... to say the least. They seem to follow that "buy a new one already" philosophy that oh-so-many companies do today. As wicks mentioned, don't just replace parts, they will probably just blow again as soon as the amp sees power.
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