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  1. Wish I could block people on the forum. Can I? Sick of some certain assholes around here

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HatersGonnaHate


      Go to your profile and edit your ignore users preferences. Really not that tough to figure out.

    3. HatersGonnaHate


      Not effective for status updates though.

    4. Kyblack76


      yeah.. i have about 3 dozen now blocked...

  2. I am so over the "consumerization" of every product I know and love

  3. It's a real shame to watch Thinkpads become the sticker-laden trash that every other me-too manufacturer sells. I really don't know what I'm going to replace mine with, and it needs a replacement right now...

    1. purplesyrup


      Dude where have you been? Lol long time no see

    2. 8ight
  4. I'd really like to, now how to do that in a regular cab...
  5. Just repaired the RCAs in this. I hate floating grounds. Don't mount your amp to the box, I can tell that killed these jacks in a previous install.
  6. That sounds like a great idea. All of the LP amps I have seen look slick, even in purple. Hell, especially in purple.
  7. Order something, need it soon, pay to overnight it, the company sending it decides to hold the order on Thursday. Tells me today.

  8. I really like the chrome bit down the side. Funny enough that I hate pinstripes...
  9. Need an hour to pass...

  10. Just changed 28 outlets and 8 light switches in my parent's new place. Phew.

  11. How I see cell carriers: AT&T is the shit, too expensive. Verizon is the shit, really slow data, too expensive. T-Mobile is OK, too expensive. Metro is OK. All of the other Wal-Mart carriers wanna be Metro. Sprint is shit.

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    2. IBleedMusick


      If you think Sprint is good wait til you get with AT&T or Verizon. Then you shall see the light Bobby lol.

    3. WastedTalent


      Depends on where you are bleedmusick. I've never been out west (cali) but people there say Sprint is HORRIBLE. Out east (Philly), Sprint is literally THE BEST. Verizon is alright and AT&T is eh at best, Sprint is top dog out there. Depends where you are.

    4. Herokight


      Out here in GA Sprint is the best for the price. There's a few places with bad signal, but that's to be expected with anyone.

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