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Walled Chevy 1500 + Walled Envoy!

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Was there, Daryl took 2nd in my class and I took third, for being team asshole you guys are some really nice people lol


Google Nexus 7 16gb

Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.3


DC Power 320a HP

2 - Juicebox Bananas g31

Stinger SPP2250 rear

Kinetik HC1800 side of wall

Optima Red Top front

Monster Cable 1/0, 2 runs to rear

Monster Cable 1/0 Big 3

2-Rockford Fosgate T1652S's

Rockford Fosgate T400-4

Rockford Fosgate T40001bd (4693rms @1ohm)

4-Sundown SA-15 D2's wired @ 1ohm/These are on the way out for 4 one off Eminent Audio 15's

15.2 cubes net tuned @34hz! Walled off

DBdrag official 151.6db @46hz

GXP Build log!:GP GXP Walled

Quality is the sign of a true enthusiast!

Refs: Link to leave more: http://www.stevemead...91#entry1603091

Bought from: Trippi (RF T2500bd, T1000-4),bre2ts (25ft Knu 1/0)

Sold to: shmew22 (T1500bdCP), Rev. Wrath (RF 3SIXTY.1), trjohnst (Knu 1/0, 3 fuse holders), Enemyofsilence (Audio Technix, RF T400-4).

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Heard some hella nasty belt slip goin on near the end... but nice vid mang.

1999 Lincoln Town Car-(build underway)

- (2) SA15s, 4th order, DAT 2500.1, O2 mids n highs, 250a alt, HC 2400, Big 3....

1994 Pontiac T/A for speeding tickets.-

- Currently on jack stands, wanting to be a real race car

"Your local forecast, all the ladies in the metro area should expect to see 8 inches tonight" - The Todd

Decaf, on 01 November 2011 - 02:38 PM, said:

i provide the ammo for destruction, the trigger finger is connected to the volume knob tho

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Heard some hella nasty belt slip goin on near the end... but nice vid mang.

haha yep.. i need a shorter belt but cant find one.. it only slips when i load the alts down tho

1998 gmc extd cab

12 crossfire C710s

4 SAZ-4500s

3 Singer 400A alts
buncha mids/highs

Team Asshole

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