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    Guns, Money, Subs, and pounding out Fatman489's sister (even though she's a fatty).

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  1. any input on web hosting? blue host? go daddy? whats your guys thoughts?

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    2. IBleedMusick


      I use bluehost. solid performers never had any issues its a reseller host so I use it for my web design business and unlimited everything. Very affordable and really really good cs. I have been with them for about 3-4 years.

    3. Bigsix


      sup guys.... ya its been close to 6 months since i was on here a lot. got hooked up with a job i hated after a cpl months... so i quit.

  2. Man.... This being retired from a real job stuff is great... shoulda got on this a long time ago. Don't know how I had time to work a 9 to 5 in the past.

    1. thefourth
    2. Bigsix


      no way. Ive only officially been "retired" for like 3 days. not really retired either- just no more 9 to 5 working for the man....

    3. LT.Smoke
  3. homemade apple pie. Woot. although I might be going blind.
  4. I have a kidney for sale. Possibly my liver, although that has seen some abuse. Any takers?

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    2. thefourth


      I'm interested in your soul... How much?

    3. Bigsix


      soul was already sold. if it weren't, you wouldn't want it and couldn't afford it.

  5. what up yall? long time no sausage fest...

    1. HatersGonnaHate
    2. LT.Smoke


      HOLY shit son... WHere the fuck you been man

    3. mikelbolton



      Uhhhh, I mean hey...

  6. So yeah.... My garage just caught on fire.

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    2. bass4thetruck


      why did you let ghost do you electrical?

    3. Bigsix
    4. Bigsix


      for the most part Ill have everything normal by tomorrow. some new conduit, some romex, new outlets and a mess to clean up.. not as bad as it looked

  7. Windows 8, i dont know if i like you yet. We need to spend more time together so I can get to know you. BUt I almost scared to make that commitment because I think i already know how this is going to play out.

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    2. n1ghtsn1p3r


      I hated the Start screen at first, mainly during the Developer Preview stage. It got a bit better on the Consumer Preview, and I've had no issues with the final release. Took me a little while to figure out that you have to use the Search charm in order to find stuff on Netflix (I was just finding stuff through the web browser and adding it to my Instant queue, until I found teh search thing).

  8. Yup. Im back. Like your girls "cold sore"

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    2. Bigsix


      sup fellas. Been a crazy few weeks.. bye by old job, a week of ridin the bike, and started the new gig 2 weeks ago...I hate change.

    3. SnowDrifter
    4. bass_stalker
  9. I need me one of those spiffy sig banners...

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    2. Kyblack76
    3. IBleedMusick


      Hit up Tlej he did mine and I like the simplicity of his.

    4. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      ^^ LOLz at hatersgonnahate

  10. Well, done deal. I finish out next week, 9 days off stright, then I start the new job. Big time upgrade. better bene's, more paid time off, less hours, easier work, and most importantly, quite a bit more cash flow. Woot.

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    2. n8ball2013


      let me know if you need help with plans. Im pretty good at it.

    3. 8ight


      I really like the looks of those new AT amps, wouldn't mind having one myself.

    4. Bigsix


      Awesome, I def will N8. Never laid out a wall before.

  11. spring cleaning today. took almost everything out of the garage and condensing, tossing and re-organizing all my shit. fun fun.

    1. HatersGonnaHate


      You can reorganize some of the cool stuff to my house. You've got my name, you can find the address.

  12. If you aint got no ass, bitch wear a poncho.

  13. Come at me bro!......... ewwwwwww I said "at" me.

  14. Nicest day of the year thus far, and instead of working on the Lincoln or riding the beast, Im taking the kiddos to see their great grandma. FML.

  15. 8 years ago today. Still miss you more than you could imagine. todays for you.

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