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  1. any input on web hosting? blue host? go daddy? whats your guys thoughts?

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    2. IBleedMusick


      I use bluehost. solid performers never had any issues its a reseller host so I use it for my web design business and unlimited everything. Very affordable and really really good cs. I have been with them for about 3-4 years.

    3. Bigsix


      sup guys.... ya its been close to 6 months since i was on here a lot. got hooked up with a job i hated after a cpl months... so i quit.

  2. Man.... This being retired from a real job stuff is great... shoulda got on this a long time ago. Don't know how I had time to work a 9 to 5 in the past.

    1. thefourth
    2. Bigsix


      no way. Ive only officially been "retired" for like 3 days. not really retired either- just no more 9 to 5 working for the man....

    3. LT.Smoke
  3. homemade apple pie. Woot. although I might be going blind.
  4. I have a kidney for sale. Possibly my liver, although that has seen some abuse. Any takers?

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    2. thefourth


      I'm interested in your soul... How much?

    3. Bigsix


      soul was already sold. if it weren't, you wouldn't want it and couldn't afford it.

  5. Ouch... gunshows around here 6 bucks.... no parking fee, and a dealer hada negligent discharge last year and shot himself in the leg... a la tex grubner style
  6. what up yall? long time no sausage fest...

    1. HatersGonnaHate
    2. LT.Smoke


      HOLY shit son... WHere the fuck you been man

    3. mikelbolton



      Uhhhh, I mean hey...

  7. So yeah.... My garage just caught on fire.

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    2. bass4thetruck


      why did you let ghost do you electrical?

    3. Bigsix
    4. Bigsix


      for the most part Ill have everything normal by tomorrow. some new conduit, some romex, new outlets and a mess to clean up.. not as bad as it looked

  8. Windows 8, i dont know if i like you yet. We need to spend more time together so I can get to know you. BUt I almost scared to make that commitment because I think i already know how this is going to play out.

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    2. n1ghtsn1p3r


      I hated the Start screen at first, mainly during the Developer Preview stage. It got a bit better on the Consumer Preview, and I've had no issues with the final release. Took me a little while to figure out that you have to use the Search charm in order to find stuff on Netflix (I was just finding stuff through the web browser and adding it to my Instant queue, until I found teh search thing).

  9. Yup. Im back. Like your girls "cold sore"

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    2. Bigsix


      sup fellas. Been a crazy few weeks.. bye by old job, a week of ridin the bike, and started the new gig 2 weeks ago...I hate change.

    3. SnowDrifter
    4. bass_stalker
  10. I need me one of those spiffy sig banners...

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    2. Kyblack76
    3. IBleedMusick


      Hit up Tlej he did mine and I like the simplicity of his.

    4. Chris Hammer

      Chris Hammer

      ^^ LOLz at hatersgonnahate

  11. Well, done deal. I finish out next week, 9 days off stright, then I start the new job. Big time upgrade. better bene's, more paid time off, less hours, easier work, and most importantly, quite a bit more cash flow. Woot.

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    2. n8ball2013


      let me know if you need help with plans. Im pretty good at it.

    3. 8ight


      I really like the looks of those new AT amps, wouldn't mind having one myself.

    4. Bigsix


      Awesome, I def will N8. Never laid out a wall before.

  12. spring cleaning today. took almost everything out of the garage and condensing, tossing and re-organizing all my shit. fun fun.

    1. HatersGonnaHate


      You can reorganize some of the cool stuff to my house. You've got my name, you can find the address.

  13. If you aint got no ass, bitch wear a poncho.

  14. Flashlight, sure. give me a day or two and I'll reveal most of my secrets. your mileage may vary with the results, and some peeps just can't spray for shit. So i make no guarantees. Hell, Ill see what I have laying around and maybe Ill just do the whole process and take some pics. N8.... you callin me a hack? lol my main area of concern for my build is directing all the gases away from me while running the gun. I know my ultra short will run just fine, even with no brake on it. these kinds of brakes, IMO, do wonders for lower the sound level for the shooter as well... along with allowing my to keep my eyebrows.lol. These brakes arent a fix for a shitty built rifle, I am more under the impression they make a functioning sbr run a lil smoother from the shooters POV, Anything that can help simulate a longer gas system is going to inherently feel a little softer shooting IMO. I know I can feel a difference in the recoil pulse of a cpl rifle we have at the shop, built 100% identical with one difference, one is a carbine, the other is a middy. The middy feels smoother and even softer recoiling than the carbine length system. To me anyway. A 7.5" pistol has much more "violent" recoil, than even a carbine, things like the dwell time are different in a super short, And in theory, some pieces my also see higher wear.... And they get dirty quicker. ( not like that has anything at all to do with this conversation, but I thought Id throw it in there.)
  15. these style brakes push everything forward away from the shooter, they are really intended for short barrel use, some say they can help simulate another inch or two of barrel length in terms of the gases are concerned when cycling the bolt. Which if true is very beneficial when going as short as i am. Also pushing all that concussion out front str8 away from you really helps to. A 7.5 inch AR with a birdcage= you can feel the boom in your chest when you shoot it. Also others at the range will appreciate your linear comp/ brake when you arent blasting unburnt powder and ludicrous noise out the sides at them. Same as if you were to have to shoot from inside a vehicle.
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