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  1. For those of you I have not yet informed, I have officially accepted a position with Delta Air Lines, I will be relocating to Atlanta, GA and starting my new position on January 12th. This is a very exciting opportunity for me and I look forward to it very much.

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    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      @B_A_A LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    3. n8ball2013


      I'll applaudthisguy. He did everything righttoland a job including changing his Facebook picture

    4. jdshott
  2. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

  3. An elephant never forgets...to kill! - The Zookeeper

  4. RANT for the day, your SOCIAL SECURITY CARD was never intended to be a form of identification! I have every single form of legitimate i.d. needed to leave/enter this country, establish identity in a foreign land, etc....still can't get my IL Drivers License without my social security card, they use the number to confirm your identity, not sure why I can't tell them the number I have had memorized for like the last 10 years, nope they need the cruddy original shoddy paper that a counterfeiter...

    1. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Actually the drivers license thing is so they can track you down for child support reasons.

  5. Do any of my friends read Barron's or WSJ? Recommended alternatives? I constantly read Bloomberg news on my phone but it doesn't seem to cover full topics well enough.

  6. Been working on my resume, cover letter, and a list of networking contacts in my free time. Perhaps I owe myself a short break, relax, go to work tomorrow and hit it again.

  7. Happy Easter!

    1. Kyblack76
    2. OrionStang


      Just another Sunday. Except no NASCAR!!!! Fuck you Easter Bunny.

  8. I like it in the butt...yumm

    1. SnowDrifter


      Suppose you went camping and you woke up with Vaseline all over your butt... Would you tell anyone? No? Ok lets go camping pack your bags

    2. Jbarrera93
    3. Miguels


      did Adam get a name change?

  9. Do you even game bro?Dana D'Alessandro

  10. Look out we got a badass over here #letskillcarl

    1. ThatGuyWithAJetta


      yeah carl is turning into a little a-hole

  11. New toy next to Dana's outlaw.

  12. Being dumped does not feel better from 7,000 miles away. A broken heart is still just that, BROKEN.

    1. Tribe Called Bass

      Tribe Called Bass

      well she ain't shit if shes doing it over the phone/interwebz. screw em homie.

    2. WastedTalent
    3. TylerParrish


      didn't you say the same exact thing yesterday?

  13. Penny and I made it back to Houghton safely, how did all of you fare? Tyler Crawley, Mark Savageau?

  14. Headed back to Houghton with my lovely girlfriend Penny Peng. It was nice to go home for a week. Thanks again, Dana D'Alessandro

    1. KillaCam


      I don't care if a bitch was a straight bangin' 10, if she has a name like that she can gtfo.

    2. OrionStang


      IDK, Killa, sounds like porn star name. She probably a freak.

  15. Whatever happened to great Disney movies like Mulan? Watching a huge collection of Disney movies.

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    2. 89capricebass


      Hell yea I have all the seasons sitting on my hard drive. They just don't make cartoons like they used to. Well except adventure time

    3. Neckbeard


      Dexters laboratory will ALWAYS have a spot in my heart

    4. Leo1103


      lol all of old school cartoon network is on netflix

  16. Final Semester at Michigan Tech, 18 credits, many trips... Highest GPA, 3.58, Dean's list for graduation! 14063 BUS 3900 01 Business Internship Main Campus A 14048 FIN 4300 R01 Personal Financial Planning Main Campus A 14500 FIN 4400 R01 Security Analysis Main Campus AB 14045 FIN 4500 R01 Financial Risk Management Main Campus B 14146 FIN 4803 01 Applied Portfolio Mgmt' III Main Campus A 14321 FIN 4990 0B Bank Management II Main Campus A 14151 HU 2281 R02 Lev I-A German Lang and Cult Ma...

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    2. Lbox88


      Having a 3.82 GPA in professional dick sucking and cum guzzling isn't something most would be proud of.

    3. HatersGonnaHate


      Carry the fuck on sir!!

    4. Kyblack76


      Learn to write a post, and not a paragraph.. shit. You school going fucks, need to go back to school..

  17. I love how many people I am currently in commencement with are on Facebook. :-P

  18. That game was horse shit.

  19. Goodnight world, tons to do this week before I go to the RISE forum...

  20. And Mr. MTU is Francis Bremmer!

  21. Happy Birthday Christopher Wallace and Richard Wallace, been a while but I hope to see you both soon enough...almost done with school!

  22. I couldn't imagine 4 - 4k's I remember you putting them in a while back. I run 2 currently for sentimental reasons. Good luck on completing this project is great to see it getting love again.
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