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Jon Webb

SMD Combo review

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So awhile back I purchased the SMD Combo (CC-1 & DD-1) & wrote a review for them on this forum. I figured I'd copy & post it here since it maybe easier to find.

I also have the SMD IM-SG1 ordered & will write a review on that when it arrives.

SMD Combo (DD-1 & CC-1)

Today I recieved the DD-1 & CC-1 which was perfect time to finish up a basic install (Deck, 4 channel running Front Stage + Sub) So I couldn't wait to tear into the packaging & try these things out. I always use the Oscilloscope & RTA for a quick basic tune, so they stay ready to go all the time. On this vehicle I had just scoped the amps & set crossover points by ear. I quickly scanned over the instruction manual to refresh what I had already read online when I downloaded the manuals a few days ago before ordering both pieces. The big plus with these tools is both of these are about as idiot proof as they can get! That makes them very user friendly & super fast! We double checked the input signal from the source & moved onto the input sensitivity of the amifier & the DD-1 confirmed what I saw on my oscilloscope & what I heard with my ears. Onto the crossovers. Changed discs & just unplugged The harness from the DD-1 & plugged it into the CC-1, starting with the sub stage I played track 15, Pressed the read button & set the crossover pot in no time flat. For the Front stage we changed track to 16 pressed the Read button & again the crossover was set in a flash. Setting these by ear definitely takes more time & usually involves me changing discs & playing multiple tracks.

I do want to add that it is very important that you turn the dials as far as you can before reading the track (goal is full range). If you do not do this the CC-1 maybe reading an attenuated signal set by an existing crossover point. The CC-1 needs to read a reference of a given frequency and will assist you in accurately setting the crossovers by giving you a visual of -3db of the frequency when compared to that reference. If that makes any sense. :)

Overall impression....

Both units are very simple to use & make tuning fast & easy. This is a product that I would highly recommend as a MUST HAVE for anyone working as a Professional Mobile Electronics Technician or DIY'er that wants to properly set gains & crossover points. My only complaint is that I did not buy these sooner!

Thank you to Ray West from Audio Innovations of Fresno. Ray is a highly respected Mobile Electronics Installer (and close friend) that was named ME-Mag 2011-2012 Top 100 Installers.

Jon Webb

Performance Audio Las Vegas

7035 W. Sahara Ave STE 200


Mobile Electronics Mag 2010-2011

Installer of the Year

Mobile Electronics Mag 2011-2012

Top 100 Installers

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Read it then, read it now, and will continue reading from you ;)

Interested in more white ups

Tell me...does this smell like chloroform to you?

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