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  1. Just so people know, it's not always the well sites you need to worry about. It's the refineries. A well is a well, but where do you think they actually use all the chemicals?
  2. What annoys me is that people who always say avoid rage drive like cum farts. Yeah maybe sometimes people overreact but why are we ignoring they're normally upset at a very legitimate driving error? Driving slow AF in the passing lane, cutting you off at the last second and then driving 10mph, lane splitting, list goes on, lol
  3. LOL. I see your guys side, but some dude and his 375 to the wheels WRX really wanted to challenge before the snow swt. Yes, I know I'm faster and told him do. Then of course he thinks I'm a pussy because I didn't care to run him. Why, because some dude and his shitty tuned subbie thought my C7 was all show no go? I didn't care enough to back it up, he was slow. Of course he thinks he's the fastest thing around, because he races other cars sub 300. And this isn't me thinking I'm fast by any means, because I know I'm not. But I know what I'm faster than, lol. And maybe it should be said I haven't even watched the video. I will later but now food coma
  4. Sorry, but this is stupid. Every retard and their cousin try to run at every single light. My brother will run anyone and everyone but that's not my style. Most of these cars are all sub 300HP cars. Why, that's stupid as fuck. Not to mention, if you catch me on the stock rims then they're also bald stock tires and I have 0 traction and get sideways almost immediately. Not everyone who doesn't race when called out is a bitch, I just don't care lol
  5. True, but I hate forgiattos. Was thinking of getting their wide body kit but hate their rims. Just. Hate. Them.
  6. Winter's been here but it's officially time to put some of the toys away. I don't think I can wait until summer...
  7. He got hurt. Did U hear the sounds that came out his mouth when he landed on his tail bone. He'll never forget the feeling of that pain shooting up his spine. Disagree. You might have experience putting pressure on your tail bone, but that kid wasn't hurt. He was scared. And his fear froze him. To me, it looks like the dad got fed up and did the drastic thing to show him it doesn't hurt that much. I probably wouldn't have kicked my kid down, but I sure as shit would have pushed him.
  8. Mostly random because first time (I had help) actually editing photos. Still very new
  9. Yes. Doctor said way too much dense muscle tissue to even make removal a possibility. She was pretty surprised it's only been 3 weeks since surgery but still don't have the rotator cuff attached to the bones yet, just held in with pins and sutures. But I've been having serious swelling in the bicep and found out I have an open vein that's been pumping nonstop. Now surgery with an IR to coil it off. Weird how science has improved. A small catheter placed supra pubically and they find the vein, and basically use the catheter to tie off the vein.
  10. A bunch of insecure fags who immediately used the make of car to rationalize their bitch behavior. Can't talk all tough driving a fucking Toyota, what kind of pussies were these? Oh no, that guy has a better car than me. I better continue to harass him and mock the female passenger. Fucking fags
  11. I like it all honestly but think Sith that amount of body work why not mold the headlights into the bumper to give it that look of precision and kept 3D. And with all that work, the sunroof actually takes way from it all.
  12. Actually, it's the stupidest thing, lol. Three reasons, which on their own wouldn't really amount to much. Low tire pressure, deep rut in the road, and an idiot driver. I was riding with three buddies when some guy in a dodge ram came on the side and it looked like he tried speeding off and his rear rolled left into our lane. My brother skidded and lost control but didn't crash. I on the other hand swerved out of the way but the tire slipped into thev rut and literally threw the bike. I thought I had it and next thing I know I'm rolling on the ground.
  13. No worries, I never wear a helmet. And gear would only has made sure I didn't get these 2nd degree burn abrasions, lol. I'm not saying anyone should ride without but this my first accident in 13 years of riding. Stupid? Yeah, I won't argue with any of you. And believe it or not, bike is still in great condition. Only real damage was completely scratched on driver's side and the clutch lever ripped off. My brother took it home in 1st gear and I went to the ER.
  14. Break in 3 spots but also a dislocated R knee cap and fractured R ankle. Surgery is scheduled for Monday due to multiple disciplines being coordinated. Apparently the nerve ending is against one of the jagged edges so only thing I can move right now are my fingers. It's surreal because my mind is sending the signal but no movement. Crashed at 48 miles an hour no gear or helmet
  15. ok so mister I just go on my own conclusions. First of I only asked "did you just make fun of the guy killing himself" please tell me if you see anything other then your own interpertation in there.Second, I had no clue what you where talking about with the weight losing pic shit I had to actually ask someone if he knew what you meant, still waiting on a awnser on that one tho. I never said anything about his weight btw that was just your first thought apparantly? But I'm really glad that you are being honest about your own thoughts. If running 10 yards and then goes into trouble breathing mode isn't a jab at someone's physical condition then I must be completely retarded. And of course that is my assumption, you have two posts back to back...one replying to his comment on the guy who might have committed suicide and then a comment about how he can't more than 10 yards.
  16. That's pretty fucked up since you're just butt hurt about his comment to the guy who committed suicide. There is a general rule of thumb that ANYONE who posted their pictures or information on losing weight would be free from ridicule. And to be honest, going after someone's weight just because the taste of salty penis is in your mouth is very pathetic.
  17. Not to sound like a broken record, so last pic of the Optima which I have named Prime as in Optima Prime
  18. Just thought I'd share the end result of the dip. Pretty stoked to lower the Optima and then tuck some 20s
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