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  1. HTC One M8 but yeah, its been doing this for awhile. Just haven't been able to read interesting things anymore
  2. You're not buying a car battery. Any time someone spends that much on batteries, they are generally aimed for greater purposes. In this case a battery designed for audio use. If you need just a car battery then get something designed for that purpose. Can't complain about the cost of a luxury car when all you needed was a beater
  3. Damn, could get away with a 30 but snub not just get the 60...recovery mode is whatv I'm interested in, lol. And I found a typo in the manual
  4. Nice. Andy is a good dude so it's cool you got a steal of a deal on it
  5. Which email did you use? Let me see which one I used when the shop was thinking of going towards sundown
  6. Yeah, I had one in the bed of my truck all winter and open to the elements. It was a trooper for sure
  7. My D3100s are workhorses who do.well in the winter. Anchorage here, but they still never fail. Also, I'd call Mechman and order over the phone and ship it to Fife. Then just freight it from Fife to Fairbanks. I've shipped almost 11 D3100s, 6 XP2500s, 2 XP3000s, and four JB black cherries here. Best freaking way to ship heavy batteries
  8. How is the voltage drop the batteries fault? As soon as you exceed alt power you drop to battery voltage. The fact you're in the 13s and sometimes 11s is because of that big battery. If you do not want to drop voltage you need to up your alternator, simply put. Adding better batteries can help but as soon as you exceed alternator output you're going to drop to 13v again. And that will last as long as the batteries can hold that
  9. I think the 270 and four D3100s would really be manageable, but like Chevy said more alternator would be nice. What's your budget, that's the best way to find a suitable option. Maybe dual 270s and two D3100s
  10. If your budget allows four D3100s. If it doesn't, then two and monitor your voltage
  11. 28 days straight no days off but I still find a way to punch my liver, lol
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