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  1. It truly is. 5th I've been to Vegas but first time actually renting and having an exotics tier car. I always go to exotics racing so putting time down at the track is insane (56 seconds is my best time so far) but to actually have this is a treat. I went to almost every dope casino just so I could valet it, lol. Trade off is you have to be a bit more sober since you actually have to drive.
  2. There's a couple places in Vegas to rent exotics and luxury cars, but these guys seemed really down to earth. We almost went with another company and the day before heading down these guys had a promotion for their 24 hour rentals. The Ferrari was $899, the hurracan and the 650s were $999 per day plus tax. It's almost like half off the 24 hour rate and the only real way to enjoy these cars. Bitches galore drop panties, flash, and want to get in. It was very fun
  3. Looking for both pairs of the pro audio 6.5s shipped to 99507. If you ship through USPS flat rate works
  4. Just got home from spending 4 days in Vegas. We rented the maclaren 650S, Ferrari 458, and Lamborghini hurracan while down there. My brother has better shots on his go pro and camera, just sharing some of the pics from our phones
  5. Just so people know, it's not always the well sites you need to worry about. It's the refineries. A well is a well, but where do you think they actually use all the chemicals?
  6. I don't even see how I was a dick. Because I called something stupid stupid? Come on now, and I'm just getting back into this. LMFFAO @ frozen eskimo
  7. Because that's the dumbest fucking thing I've read in awhile, lol. This is not a charity event towards cheap knockoffs, and your logic isn't sound. If, for instance, everyone came out and said that's garbage get mechman (or whatever boner brand it is at the moment) your statement would hold weight. As it sits now, a cheap piece of crap is a cheap piece of crap. Alternators are one of the items where money is exactly what you want to go off of. No company period using proper parts, wound properly, with the proper research can not be sold for that cheap. Just can't. This really isn't an example of people jumping down a newbs throat because he went against the grain and people bashed something with no technical knowledge, this is an example of a product not being worth it.
  8. What annoys me is that people who always say avoid rage drive like cum farts. Yeah maybe sometimes people overreact but why are we ignoring they're normally upset at a very legitimate driving error? Driving slow AF in the passing lane, cutting you off at the last second and then driving 10mph, lane splitting, list goes on, lol
  9. LOL. I see your guys side, but some dude and his 375 to the wheels WRX really wanted to challenge before the snow swt. Yes, I know I'm faster and told him do. Then of course he thinks I'm a pussy because I didn't care to run him. Why, because some dude and his shitty tuned subbie thought my C7 was all show no go? I didn't care enough to back it up, he was slow. Of course he thinks he's the fastest thing around, because he races other cars sub 300. And this isn't me thinking I'm fast by any means, because I know I'm not. But I know what I'm faster than, lol. And maybe it should be said I haven't even watched the video. I will later but now food coma
  10. Sorry, but this is stupid. Every retard and their cousin try to run at every single light. My brother will run anyone and everyone but that's not my style. Most of these cars are all sub 300HP cars. Why, that's stupid as fuck. Not to mention, if you catch me on the stock rims then they're also bald stock tires and I have 0 traction and get sideways almost immediately. Not everyone who doesn't race when called out is a bitch, I just don't care lol
  11. True, but I hate forgiattos. Was thinking of getting their wide body kit but hate their rims. Just. Hate. Them.
  12. Winter's been here but it's officially time to put some of the toys away. I don't think I can wait until summer...
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