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damn nice dustcap, loving the blue CF

My build

98 s10 2.2

3 american bass HD 15s with psi soft parts. (on there way here)

atomic at-3000.1 (soon) 146.2 outlaw @39hz., bad alt an bad batt when termed (old 2 12" build)

alpine 6.5s in doors

infinty 4x6s in dash.

clarion cz201 HU.

mechman 240a H/O alt

stuff i still need.

SHCA 2/0 wire

SHCA 1/0 to 2/0 adapters

Atomic AT-3000.1

Lots of sound deadner

new mids an highs, still debating on what to do.

A few Deka g31 batts.

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The benefit of taking 2 ohms is that you're able to add another one in the future and work standardly on every final 1 ohm amp.

Yeah that's what I was going for, but I have to find room in my truck. Its an 03 f250 CC so its hard to find room and still be able to seat people.


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