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  1. Nic watts is throwing a 5k to each of his an his zv4s are nasty!! My brother also had a single zv4 15" and he put 2 IA20.1 @.25 each daily an it LOVED it!!
  2. This issue has been resolved, sundown did an awesome job taking care of the customers I have seen this happen to.
  3. what about 99s10walled. i have seen his shit an always liked it, especially after getting an s10.
  4. 30hz. Local guy had 2 tuned to 30hz. An sounded awesome!! Very musical sub!
  5. have you used them? No, just saying I like them. Almost bought one when I had a connection with skar.
  6. Wondering if my account got hacked, or what happened, because my account picture was not an rx-7

    1. WastedTalent


      Don't do drugs mkay?

    2. Amart88


      Drugs are Baad mkay...

  7. What about an X-10? A buddy of Mine an forum member on here 96burban just got an x10 an it is such a beefy sub! I would go with that over 2 SA8s. But that's just me.
  8. I just wanted to make this thread to thank mechman, an josh @ mechman, josh answered all of my questions I had about my truck with the 2.2 4cyl an the 240a g series alt. come to find out he had a Sonoma with the same engine, so he was extremely helpful! I called back a few times an we ended up playing phone tag for 2 days, but I only wanted to order from him since he had the same engine so I had no problem with it! I ordered the alt on the 3rd an seen the alt on my porch that weekend! I was surprised at how fast I got it! The quality was amazing right down to the packaging! Customer service was INSANE! Can't wait to get a new battery an install the alt, an have it put a smile on my face. Thanks so much mechman! (sorry guys if it was long).
  9. So it has been decided, my 98 s10 will be getting a 3" drop in the front, 4" in the rear. An as soon as I need new tires, I will be picking up 4 17" soft 8 wheels. Excited for it to happen.

    1. boom50cal


      Sweet. 17's and 18's look SWEET on S-10's, anything much bigger looks gaudy. What size sidewall are you going with, a 55 series or so?

    2. zydrix


      Yeah they do. I love the lowered look an those soft 8s just

      Look killer on s10s. Not to sure honestly.

  10. my mechman alt will be ordered 2morrow. was suppose to be today, but because of time wasnt able to. really excited to get a good alt

  11. We make a conversion for the 2.2 Is there anyway I could get a price quote?
  12. How did they do on the low end in an enclosure that size?
  13. what is everyone's thoughts on zv3 18s. thinking about doing a wall of 2 of them in my truck. i seen that sundown specs say 4^3 for the 18. i just dont see how a 18" woofer can perform well in that small of an enclosure. can i get all of your thoughts an experiences with those woofers if u have any, thanks guys
  14. Don't know if this is the place to ask, but this would happen to fit a 2.2 4cyl on a 98 s10 would it? Or just the engines listed?
  15. Damn!! I am a huge soundquebed fan. But I think there just might be some x15s or x18s going in the truck now. Look really solid!
  16. My first amp was a Rockford fosgate punch 400.1. Paired to a DD 1515
  17. I would wire to 1ohm, I don't think skar warranties there Amps @ 0.5ohms so why risk it. 1 zvx on each 2500 @ 1ohm would b plenty for that sub. Just make sure u have a clean signal an all.
  18. Agreed, plus if they did, imagine the influence on younger kids playing a first person shooter that realistic...Especially those close up cinematic scenes where you get tackled and have to smash X as fast as you can to shove a knife in your attacker. Agreed, if they can make the outside look that real, imagine what they can make the insides look like when do a number on them.
  19. They think video games make people violent now, it seems like it would actually be a bad thing for games to look that real. Would make it easier for anybody to pull that trigger IRL
  20. That's going to be either really good or really creepy if battlefield or COD ever do a game looking like that.
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