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96 impala ss temp sound system

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no i was not going to go across the solid yellow line to oncoming traffic. it just looks that way because the street is like a Y where one goes right and the other goes straight. sort of like an off ramp




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got the signal cables and should receive the sundown 125.2 next week.

didnt feel like setting a budget for a fosgate build so i will be using my sundown gear. saz 4500d sax200.4 and sax 125.2. mids will be crescendo pwx. still looking for tweets. subs will be 2 15's FI SP4




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im a slow builder and change my mind often lol.. hopefully i finish this one.. i have all the gear so i should have no problem.. all i need is some tweeters and a 3 sixty.3

plus sheets and sheets of wood

how does a 4th order through the deck sound?

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i would never wall this car lol

i am walling my expo with 4 18's powered by my dc 9k though lol maybe by fall or winter when i get good prices lol

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