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  1. Had my wallet stolen yesterday. Contained two forms of Id because I had an interview earlier that week. And about 180 in cash. Lucky they didn't get to touch my account. Still sucks dick
  2. Fasted I have gone is about 160ish on my cbr. sounded like a tornado
  3. Traded my 5500 for this beautiful DD Z1a today. pics comming soon, Deffinatly a beast. tested out with 0 issues!

  4. possible trading my crescendo 5500 for a DD Z1a in mint conditon. i know the differences in power arent that much. any thoughts?

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    2. standardcabspl


      im sure its between07/08 guy said it doesn't have any wear ,in great condition. he said he wants to get it to have a full matching amp setup. so I assume he has crescendo 1100.4 or something

    3. standardcabspl


      just called to the guy, he said he bought it brand new about 5 years ago so and 2008 model.

  5. Just placed my order in for a ohio generator alt for my truck. things comming to gether nicely!!!

  6. i just put my new 80prs in, and i am very impressed with this unit. even with stock speakers for the moment, the time alignment along with a little ea tweeking really woke up this old truck

  7. sold the old cadillac for a 2000 f150 ex cab. now time to lose the back seat

    1. boom50cal


      I'm doing the same in an 04 soon, once the heads come off and the valve gets fixed, and a polish job.

    2. standardcabspl


      awesome, im debating on the set up I have a nendo 5500 worth of power to work with. got a hell of a deal on the truck!

  8. just got my galaxy s4. its awesome so far

  9. about to be off to my new job in about and hour.!!

  10. Finally!! finished my OSHA 10 hour coarse, now im certified to work on certain government jobs!

    1. standardcabspl
    2. Hotdog


      Sounds like it would be as fun as getting beat with a rubber hose full of sand. Congratulations

    3. standardcabspl


      between school and working full time, it was similar to that haha

      thanks man its appreciated

  11. I just dont understand the way of thinking some peple have...

  12. cant wait till september, its gonna be a while but im buying a newer car so no more cadillac and time for a new car and new build in the near future:)

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    2. standardcabspl


      will definatly do that. i already have a crescendo 5500 so i think an alt is a must with a few batts:P

    3. New2Dis


      thats where i fd up also, eh get sumthing else lol

    4. standardcabspl


      fd up on the amp? or buying a old cadillac? lol

  13. I bought his sundown sax 50.4 and some rainbow Sac 165.2 components with an extra woofer. was very fast in the response and after payment everything was shipped the next day. upon recieving the stuff everything was in the conditon as said everything was their inlcuding original mounting equipment i would highly recommend TheSundownFire for any purchases and i will buy from him in the future if he has anything i need.
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