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ThorsHammers what score?

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damn, sounds like i should of gone to michigan show hahaha.


Two 12 inch DC XL's

Carbon Fiber Cap

Stetsom 7k

Shell of box / baffle built by me

Port / sealing the box by John Hone

Fuck midrange



price has no influence on how something sounds

I told him to move the fucking port.

they see me hoppin they stoppin they can't believe im so white and dirty

It looks like you got so drunk, that someone came up and stole your leg.

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How am I missing the point? My first reply was that Thor isn't a numbers guy and then tried to put someone else's lofty SPL claims in perspective.

You can't compare a numbers build to an SPL build. Then a few people called BS on my claims. It did get derailed a bit. I apologize.

But having been a part of the loudest trunk on the planet for the last 3-4 years... I thought I was entitled to an opinion.

There is a difference in a trunk playing 55hz to reach numbers vs a trunk that is build to demo and smash the fuck out of people. Playing some 50+hz song on the meter doesn't mean shit. I can assure you that that 60 or what ever number he is putting up with those 10's will sound totally different vs a musical install that will put up 153's at 32,34-36 and even 40. How do you classify your loudest trunk on the planet? Something that will punish the meter or something that will demo 30+ minutes and still put up over a 50. Something that can only play 55 or 56hz or something that will murder 26-40hz all day long?

Just curious.. I honestly dont give a shit about numbers.. I could care less. Most of the time when im at a show im hammered off vodka anyway. The last show i did i purposely parked my car on the side of the lanes and ran my subs full clip full tilt for 25+ minutes until they died said fuck it went to hooters and hit on some bitches..

I dont even know why I got started.. sigh.. gotta love the audio world.. feels good to have an empty car and trunk


"How many bras are you wearing" - ninja

"Just one....." - waitress


Thats how 90% of dinners go after shows too..


:rofl: we have such good times.. I should have tried to hit that ;)


LMFAO haha that's epic !!!

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