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  1. 6 Level 1 12s with b2 zero.1 152.2 dB's =] video-1509531009.mp4
  2. Some non broke in t/s pulled with a SMD IM-SG Thiele / Small Parameters Fs 40.0 Hz Qts 0.56 Vas 1.26 (ft^3) Sens 87.7 dB Sd 78.5 in^2 Mms 162.2 g Qms 2.27 Qes 0.75 Re 8.20 Ohms EPB 54
  3. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for
  4. May 19th marked the day , Cant believe how fast its gone by. Its been a amazing journey and cant wait to see where it continues to evolve to. Thank you to everyone that made it possible!! We even released a limited number of 10 Year anniversary dustcaps!!
  5. ya anything with a color will be special order, price all depends on what it is what would a red one cost? just like in the picture $255.00
  6. ya anything with a color will be special order, price all depends on what it is
  7. Custom DC Audio. M3 8 inch subwoofer Check out Everything DC has to offer at WWW.DCSOUNDLAB.COM or give us a call 1(855)SPL-DBZZ
  8. Thats nothing we ever built, Not a prototype, not a DC product
  9. Get More Information on the little Beasts here http://www.dcsoundlab.com/m3-8
  10. Thats pretty much it to, Neos come down some though soooo hmmmmmm That DC Neo was such a beast I think If we bring it back it will come back in its original design, that sub to this day is still winning championships
  11. no worries man , Im not upset my name was mentioned, i knew it was a matter of time before someone said DC and Robs name together. I just wasted to make sure it was cleared up so eveyone knew he has nothing to do with Me or DC ,
  12. Just to make sure Me and my company stay out of this, He does not work here and has not for a bit. Hes not even welcome in the building as far as that goes for what he pulled over on me here. Im not going to get into why. I just dont want DC's name being brought up with this guys name. Him and his issues are his own.
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