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What is different between decaf and audacity or just using bass boost on your amp

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I'm just curious about this since it seems like the songs that are ran through the program or the ones that are decaf'd are just bass boosted songs on a cd. Why are people doing this and saying bass boost is bad? I don't use the bass boost and I just played a decaf cd my boy had and it seems like it hits harder than any bass boost an amp has.

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If they do it like most bass boosted videos on youtube, yes. There probably clipping the hell out of the song.

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The majority are not found on any CDs

It is a misconception that I Bass Boost... that is not what is going on at all. I am finding loud songs and balancing them moreso than anything.

Each song has different frequencies, which I can alter individually per song, the Bass Boost on the amp is not the same thing at all. Using Bass Boost on an amp or headunit assumes that every song you are playing is the same loudness, which is not true at all... some songs will benefit from the boost and some will be distorted from the boost. This is why you never use Bass Boost on an amp, it is not needed at all unless you intend on changing the bassboost each time you play a song so its set correctly and not making the amp clip


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Audactiy is not the best editing program FYI...

I found that the biggest problem with most "boosted" songs is that some body just spiked the low end EQ without running it through a soft clipper or compressing it.

The songs that aren't clipped still have too much bass, or its over compressd so that when the bass is playing anything above the bass frequencies are hardly audible.


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Bass boost on amps and decks are ususally centered to 40-45hz. Most song boosters are boosting the low lows (28-33hz) in the song that the bass boost on the amp is only serving to drown out even worse by boosting around 40-45hz.

Also "boosters" (the good ones at least) aren't really boosting as much as they're cutting. Just balancing out the range of frequincies in the song so that they can be played the way we want to hear them. That 32hz note doest sound that impressive if it's next to a 45hz note that's already taxing your system. So by dropping 45hz down now you can hear that low play a lot stronger.

I like to use Bass Mekanik as an example. Using a good set of headphones listen to a Bass Mekanik song that plays a 30hz note up next to a 40hz note and you'll notice they play nice and flat together. These same notes next to each other in *some* rap songs play very unbalanced. The low note is almost hidden in the song because the sound engineer eq'd the recording without our system is mind but rather Joe Shmoe in his car that would probably blow up his stock stereo if he tried to turn the bass up.

Edit: also anyone clipping in Audacitiy is just plain doing it wrong. It's stupidly simple to fix a clipping edit in Audacity before saving it

Basshead not audiophile

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