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  1. true facts you can buy a rap cd with bass louder than -10db (0 being loudest) and you could download a horrible copy of a song from youtube converters and end up with -25dB bass... so your gain setting is dependent on how loud the bass is in the majority of the music you play, using either bass knob, sub level, or volume to custom tailor each song because its a car audio system is not a ron popiel rotisserie kitchen where you set it and forget it -5dB if you listen to bass cds(bass mechanik, dj billy) -10db if you do not listen to loud rap/bass music -15db wouldn't even use if you listen to rap/rock/dub/similar
  2. I Iz proud, people are finally learning... way to go guys!
  3. my "I Cook" is 26hz google is a wonderful drug
  4. it can take 2 sub level clicks down from full tilt without smelling at all... dustcap obviously gets warm but it handles it like a friggin champ about 144/45 at the headrest in my car peaking around 30hz biggest thing is don't clip it and it can take it, its a pretty standard 8layer 3" coil but motor/basket have great cooling which is why they are so darn beast
  5. please explain how having a trunk dictates more of a neccessity for port on one side??? center port works in any vehicle, because each sub sees the exact same pressure and volume for the rear wave, that is not true for side slot port
  6. I think the box is too small, 50sqin is fine, but 2.5cuft is too small volume dictates response, and since this sounds like daily being tuned to 34hz I would increase volume to increase efficiency and keep the box from being as peaky if you didnt pay attention, I have 3500w amp powering mine, in 1cuft bigger box, LOL
  7. think about it, if the port length wasnt as long both subs would still be in the same common chamber... box 1 offers even compression for each sub box 2 might be louder on a meter when u want to get all the pressure on one tiny corner of the car, but that doesnt mean it will sound as good to the listener nor be as reliable
  8. funny that people are more concerned with top to bottom brace but neglect to brace the 32" wide back panel that is very prone to flexing i would add a dowel the width of the port centered to back panel centered to height to keep that panel stiff, and it will stiffen that long port wall better as well my ZV3 is in [email protected] with 50sqin and its pretty ridiculous for a single 15" on a [email protected] If I were to rebuild my box I would go down to 3.25cuft, raise tuning to 33/34 and leave port area the same
  9. that is MEGA clipping, and its audible so you should know better
  10. that feature of red lines indicates the data reaching or exceeding 0dB, it does not define how far past 0dB. that is how you determine severity of clipping. compression of an audio file can result in that feature turning an entire song red, or it could really be horrendous boosting by a uneducated producer causing the red. either way, looking at the waveform by zooming in 10-14X will help shed light on if the music will be detrimental once amplified
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