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  1. Keep this conversation between the analytics of balanced bass music vs bass boost amplification on amps... To divulge a bit, I spend the majority of my time cleaning up songs, not boosting, not slowing... simply balancing levels so our gains can be set with knowledge and data instead of guessing. Personally, I see very little purpose playing rap music with a gain lap larger than -5dB, there are simply too many songs near 0dB or repeated peaks near 0dB to be using a tone that is quieter than the music you will play most of the time. You do not need Bass Boost at all with bass heavy music, I cannot understand why manufacturers keep including it aside from using proven cards/designs and increasing sales from blown amps. Something people graze over is the fact that when you use Bass Boost, you are separating the strengths of the original signal and not evenly amplifying them all afterwards, so you are literally changing the way the song was suppose to sound, ideally all notes in "equivalent" loudness. Using more gain and less Bass Boost means all notes are being amplified evenly... this is synonymous with any kind of boost on a headunit including an EQ. You should always LOWER what is already too loud rather than raise what isn't loud enough. Yes it will get louder, but you are forgetting there is a finite limit to the amount of boost each individual song can take, so the more you boost, the more you run the chance of pushing into clipping.
  2. The majority are not found on any CDs It is a misconception that I Bass Boost... that is not what is going on at all. I am finding loud songs and balancing them moreso than anything. Each song has different frequencies, which I can alter individually per song, the Bass Boost on the amp is not the same thing at all. Using Bass Boost on an amp or headunit assumes that every song you are playing is the same loudness, which is not true at all... some songs will benefit from the boost and some will be distorted from the boost. This is why you never use Bass Boost on an amp, it is not needed at all unless you intend on changing the bassboost each time you play a song so its set correctly and not making the amp clip
  3. 50s daily on 3.5k amp @1ohm on 2 zv315s 153.2 loudest so far messing around outlaw/152 headrest
  4. still here, lots of bites but no one is pulling the trigger
  5. 700shipped, needs a new home, make it happy
  6. cheaper, needs new home... be its foster parent
  7. 1. Product: Sundown Audio 3500Dv2 2. Specs: ----RMS power, 1 ohm mono 3500W x 1CH ----RMS power, 2 ohm mono 2000W x 1CH ----RMS power, 4 ohm mono 100W x 1CH Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB Low pass frequency crossover 35Hz~300Hz Subsonic filter 10Hz~60Hz Bass boost @ 45Hz 0~9dB Phase shift control 0~180 degree Frequency response 15Hz~270Hz (+/- 1dB) T.H.D @ 4 ohm <0.1% Efficiency @ 4 ohm 86% Fuse rating 350A Input Sensitivity 6V to 0.2V (+/- 5%) Dimensions 8.25" x 2.32" x 24.40" SAZ-3500D V.2 3. Description/Condition: Used but taken care of. Custom painted aluminum insert professional painted (primed, based, based with effect, black with effect, clear with effect) with matching matte black screws 9/10 Cosmetically (mounting feet normal wear) 9/10 Mechanically (because its used, simply upgrading power and can't fit 2) 4. Price: : $675 Shipped FedEx/UPS No Trades Paypal/MO 5. Pictures:
  8. I make it possible, I'm not turning the volume knobs My car hates me too, its held together with sound deadner, great stuff, and gorilla tape
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