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Lotus Elise with an Ipad Mini Slider Install

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So we now offer custom iPad Mini Slider Kits for a lot of cars, we make these kits custom in store and are the perfect way to put the iPad in dash. The iPad must have the cellular built in to make sure it works while your driving around or you will need to tether it to a hot spot. The point of doing the iPad in dash is to have app mode. Real app mode. nothing better than a 7.9 inch retina display. Plus the A7 chip works better for using like Waze navigation than most Navigation units.

Also with the ipad mini you can send text and answer email while driving down the road and if you use a BT head seat you can control Siri Via Voice Command.

Dash Command is also a feature with a BT OBDII port dongle you can have real time driving and racing dynamics all in one clever unit.

Best part of this kit is when you arrive where your going the ipad pops out and goes with you. it is the perfect solution for the person that is always on the go.

Here is a few photos and video of the installation and fabrication process done fully in house at Al & Ed's Autosound Marina Del Rey.

Video of the Day One of the 3 day build process

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Here some Fabrication Photos of the iPad Mini Slider Kit From Del Rey Customs and a nice build log we got going here.















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Here is a Day 2 Progress video and some more photos.

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Share this video on face book lets blow this up!

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Damn beautiful car. Turned out good

On 3/28/2014 at 4:22 PM, KyLar96 said:

Its all about the music anyway..... Do a proper install, something your happy with, Fuck everyone else...... improve in time, where you can..... its not rocket science...

Tiburon build //www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/174059-97-hyundai-tiburon-build-from-ramming-to-slamming-slow-5k-build/

2000 Mountaineer build http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/186736-2000-mountaineer-build-from-ramming-to-slamming-part-iislow-5k-builddc-audio-americanbassxspowersingerarcaudiostingershcavideo-on-pg7/

2000 Mercury Mountaineer: Electrical:Singer 360 hairpin powdercoated white alt, Big 4 double run 1/0 SHCA OFC, 4 runs 1/0 OFC SHCA, limitless 70ah, HU: Pioneer deh80prs interiors: Skar sk85.4 on sb acoustics neo dome tweeters 2 Mmats sq4100s on 4 silver flute 8s(4ohm) SUB Stage: 3 DC5K [email protected] on 6 ascendant audio mayhem 12s d1.4s fully loaded

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thanks guys now check out this Porsche were doing

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