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  1. Update: Battery Isolator kind of worked. When the lithium needed charged it caused the voltage to be weird and the battery light came on. Took the stock battery out and just left the lithium and the vehicle wouldnt start for who the hell knows why, took the lithium out put xs D3400 back there problem solved...guess I will put the lithium in my 2012 and see what happens
  2. I have owned many Mercedes this one is the first to have this problem. So if you want a decent system dont get a Benz lmao! The previous glk350 the system came out of never had this problem. So here is the run down 2006 clk350 no problem with lithium 2013 glk350 no problem with lithium 2012 e350 coupe no problems yet with lithium 2014 glk350 nothing but problems with lithium. This being said, can I get a big enough agm to suffice in the glk? Doubt it. Main purpose was to limit weight and foot print. The audio shop it was installed at had zero help and said nothi
  3. Just ordered a battery isolator, so we shall see if that does the trick
  4. Well I was told it was no problem to mix the limitless with agm, so news to me much appreciated. Any battery isolator suggestions? I dont know that I'm comfortable with removing the stock battery altogether. Also I had a 2013 glk same system, but didn't have this problem?
  5. 2014 Mercedez GLK350 Stock Alt, Battery under the hood, stock hu audio control lc2 Skyhigh 1/0 OFC to the rear to a limitless 25Ah Skar vxf 15 taramps [email protected] Voltage never drops below 12.5 never clips. The problem I am having seems to be the computer sometimes when you start the car, change songs, driving The battery light will come on and say see users manual. The problem is when that happens it's like the power is limited or cut down significantly and the bass/output drops about to nothing
  6. What I said would work fine, probably could shrink the box a tad
  7. 2.5 cubes 32hz. Kind of depends on your music taste, and actual power to the sub as well, but that's the general idea for a box.
  8. Need update on scores and pics of amps installed you have had plenty of time to do so
  9. Looks sick dude! Need finished pics, vids, and updated score asap!!
  10. Hit a dealership man, that's what I did before buying my first explorer! Took my tape measure looked online at local car lots and went to the closest with the explorer and measured the usable area and put it in my phone
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