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  1. Do you have specs for yours? The ebay like is pricey! $120 per set and I would need 3 for 3 64ah banks! Better off trying to make my own. I have a drill press! If you don't mind further discussion shoot me a pm and again thank you for the info!
  2. I agree that's why I been searching! I can just get the ones you shared
  3. I ran 11k and had mo issues. If your windshield moves to much you will know pretty much immediately. Take some Vids when you get it going.
  4. I had a limitless 45ah in a previous install that blew up fire department deemed it the fault of the limitless battery. I will take some pictures tonight. Limitless and Skyhigh whom I bought it through denied fault so I was stuff with the cells, metal buss, and blow up case. My question is if the cells are still functional can they be reused? I would sell them super cheap if so. They aren't yinlong or headway though not sure of the technology or anything on them
  5. All good just curious. So you just set it forget it and anything further you do via bt?
  6. I literally just bought the green plates by jag35 fml
  7. Honestly it's going to be more trial an error. Some people glue wood to the roof to help might be am option since you don't want the pole support.
  8. Just keep in mind some people swear you need to delete your battery and just go lithium and others will say you can run agm with headway cells, but not yinglong which is a given as the voltage is vastly different. I can tell you first hand running limitless lithium with stock batt SUCKS! ESPECIALLY in a newer car where it constantly sees 2 different voltages and sends a voltage warning. Headway battery is cheaper, but the alt is probably more beneficial
  9. Good info. Do you by chance have pics of your helix installed? I have questions and reservations on a dsp in general. I learn best visually, but I would have follow up questions as well.
  10. Huge factor is going to be what kind of freq your going to play often? I ran 2 12in Audioque HD12s at the time now it's soundqubed. On a pair of RD5750s I believe RD audio is no more, in a Chrysler Sebring 2 door coupe with no issues for 14months. It looked like the windshield was breathing, but never had the seal leak or anything and I didn't deaden the roof just used spectrum spay on the trunk.
  11. Really depends on which route you go Brazilian or Korean. Brazilian then smart 5k or Bass 8k. American bass VFL Comp 4k, soundqubed q1-6000, Deaf Bonce Apocalypse AAB-4900.1
  12. Yes we could go a tad higher if needed the width and depth not really the width between the wheels is 45 and on depth I am leaving myself a little space for batteries and amp. You let me know what needs to happen and I will build it! I think it's like 24in to the top of the seat don't quote me on that, but if 24in is how tall it needs to be I'm good with that.
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