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  1. Appreciate the like Karkov! Not even an offer?
  2. Jordan's like new in box all prestine condition Jordan 10s Venom size 9 $120 Jordan 5s low Dunk from above size 9 $100 Jordan 4s Royalty size 9 $200 Jordan 12s Neoprene size 9 $160 Jordan 12s French blue size 9 $200
  3. As promised more items for sale: MSI G60 gaming laptop Intel I7 17inch $450 OBO
  4. Here are a few more pics from when I went to copart to get my system out!!
  5. Off to a great start! Tackling such issues I am sure can seem defeating at times, but when its all done its going to be well worth it being done right!!
  6. That simple upgrade added a lot more spice to the look of that escape!! Great job!
  7. Ever heard the Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO? When I get back on my feet this is the set I plan on getting! I would like to hear a distance test etc on yours, but I doubt video will do your build any justice!
  8. Long story short I'm having a hell of a time with bad events happening concurrently! Attached are a couple of photos of my Mercedes SUV that is now totalled, accident was beyond my control. My family and I are alright thank god! My heat went out, and my Dad is back in the Hospital So I'm pretty tapped for $ right now to keep a float I gotta sell some stuff ASAP!! TIME Bike $4000 OBO Time is a french bike company dedicated to hand woven carbon fiber products. The frame and handle bars to my bike listed are TIME frame alone new was $5000. This bike new pieced together was $8500 it has just shy of 500 miles on it. Its flawless no scratches, dings, never been downed absolutely LIKE NEW condition. I was stationed in Okinawa Japan and used this as a way to tour the Island. It's a waste of space now. 1 hell of a bike. Measures from ground to seat 40 inches. The bike is super light I can literally hold it up with just my index finger! I have a second seat that is white and red that will go with the bike. Feel free to look up parts individual to see the high prices. The rims alone where $1500 for the pair when I bought them. They go for $499 each used from what I found looking around a little, found some for $695 plus $49.99 shipping on a pair with no rubber. Handle Bars were $350 new. Found JUST the bike frame going for $2950 shipped, Frame, handle Bars, and Seat for $3,500. I am selling a complete ready for the road lightly used bike for $4000 OBO!!!! I will entertain respectful offers. I am located at 65305 and willing to travel up to 3hrs in any direction to make a deal. Stay tuned as I will be adding more stuff as I find it and take pics
  9. Long story short I'm having a hell of a time with bad events happening concurrently! Attached is a photo of my wife's Mercedes SUV that is now a total loss that I was driving, accident was beyond my control. My family and I are alright thank god! My heat went out in my house, and my Dad is back in the Hospital, but he is in remission of leukemia thank the lord for that! I am not asking for charity, not a gofundme, nothing more than some SMD Community Support in selling some stuff so I can get back on my feet in a very expedited timely manner! ! 2 prestine used for about 3hrs ran off a Taramps HD8000 Skar ZVX 18s dual 2 ohm $300 each SMD DD1 and CC1 with Pelican case $400 Like New Power Master XS 3400 $200 1 bnib Skar ZVX 18 dual 2 recone and 18in basket $300 2 blown Skar ZVX 12s were dual 1ohm $300 for the pair Keep checking back I will continue to add stuff as I find it and get pictures. I will have another listing in the non car audio section. All prices are obo I'm open to negotiating, but please be respectful and reasonable. I understand I'm at a loss, but I still have a family to take care of. I do have all positive refs, I have been a member since 2009, I have paypal and zelle. I live in Central Missouri zip code 65305. I am willing to drive 3hrs in any direction to save on shipping as well. I dont mind shipping the items, but I would prefer only having to ship the DD1-CC1 and/or the Recone/Basket. If anyone was interested I would be willing to sell everything as a bundle at a better price!!
  10. great work! The detail you always put into your builds is top notch.
  11. 1 hell of a start! Your work is always top notch, so I cant wait to see how this comes out!!
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