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  1. jmanjr82

    Xs power

  2. jmanjr82

    Noobs truck box build, dual 15s, midConsole

    Nice start man!
  3. Pretty sound choice pun intended. Figure you might keep up the spending spree and maybe go for a focal Ap4340 budget wise, or just go balls out and get the FDP 600.4
  4. nobody around here has the same era F150 and used a kit that makes their unit look good in the dash. I will snap a pic and try to host it along with everything else, clearly this thread fucking sucks with no pics lmao. I just cant seem to find a site that lets you host pics these days.
  5. How does it sound? Did you mount the box to that platform?
  6. nice dude! Pretty good Christmas! I cant wait to see this build! You always do amazing work, a full review on equipment will be nice as well. Amp for Focals?
  7. Your attention to detail is impeccable! I wish I could find someone like you to do the build in my F150!
  8. Ok so I got the head unit it this weekend lmao. Still need help on the doors, but it looks like I can fit them in stock locations. Wont know until I take the door panels off. The trim kit I used (metra) sucks dick and the trim piece wont stay and it makes the unit look off center. Any F150 guys have the same issue or can provide some help? I have a 2004 F150 Lariat.
  9. jmanjr82

    Orion HCCA 5k OR 8k for this Sub-woofer.

    Go with the 8k to ensure you have plenty of CLEAN power and leave yourself room for expansion.
  10. jmanjr82

    Sub up or back in a forester?

    The biggest ability for using the aero port is when you go bigger you typically need less length. Using all the free things to your disposal try different sizes ports at the same tuning and see what your options are example if you need 30inches in length for a 4in see what a 6, 8, and 10 call for. Its probably not what your wanting to hear, but testing is the true way to find out. If your not chasing numbers then the TL testing doesn't matter and you can base it off your own ear. I personally liked best the way a 6inch aero sounded on a single 12.
  11. not bad for your first time! I think painting the whole pillar would look better. In the pics it looks off just having that section painted.