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  1. Off to a great start! Tackling such issues I am sure can seem defeating at times, but when its all done its going to be well worth it being done right!!
  2. Pretty sound choice pun intended. Figure you might keep up the spending spree and maybe go for a focal Ap4340 budget wise, or just go balls out and get the FDP 600.4
  3. nice dude! Pretty good Christmas! I cant wait to see this build! You always do amazing work, a full review on equipment will be nice as well. Amp for Focals?
  4. I have used skar woofers for many years now. I have done builds with the VD, VVX, DDX, EVL, VXF, and ZVX. I have never had a problem with the subs. I think they are a very budget friendly company as a whole. What this boils down to is your overall budget and power abilities such as electrical and amp power. The Rp2000.1 is a solid amp and will power any of the subs up to the ZVX rather well. Keeping your voltage up is key so you don't clip the hell out of the woofer and reach mechanical failure.
  5. that amp is down right beautiful!
  6. your dedication is amazing dude! So you obviously had a goal in mind for 2-18s, current goal? Shooting for a 160?
  7. Straight crook man, this guy bought my Xp3000s all 6 of them at a dumb low price awesome to deal with, very honest and prompt payment. Sucks he sold all those PWX mids before I could grab some!
  8. WOW seems like some people either A didn't follow through as outlined in the rules or B failed to uphold their word of posting the build log etc. Either way seems as though sonic in general didn't give a fuck anyways as long as the sub got installed and promoted their name. That being said POST THOSE DAMN BUILDS
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