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  1. Maybe have a poll? I wouldn't say the layout colors are bad, but dated yes. Let's just change the red to orange and see what happens
  2. Most would recommend you ditch the underhood battery and just run the headway. I have run mine with an xs power under the hood no problems.
  3. I may be confused. I meant upgrade to 1/0 for the Batts and if your already running 1/0 then might as well carry that over to the amp and use reducers to get the wire into the amp. You stated 2 grounds correct? What 2 grounds? Do you have matching power wires for those grounds?
  4. Agree. Go 1/0 power and ground and if needed use 4ga to 1/0 reducers from skyhigh or similar.
  5. +1 on big 3 and tuning. Also on alt I would ask Mike Singer as he has the power edge alts that do their big amperage at idle.
  6. Looks good brother. I was going to ask about the force of that motor after seeing its condition. Might be worth getting it magnetized
  7. Sweet, looking good already. What kind of paint did you use? Never heard of a BL with a 4in coil so very interesting!
  8. Off to a great start! Tackling such issues I am sure can seem defeating at times, but when its all done its going to be well worth it being done right!!
  9. I have used skar woofers for many years now. I have done builds with the VD, VVX, DDX, EVL, VXF, and ZVX. I have never had a problem with the subs. I think they are a very budget friendly company as a whole. What this boils down to is your overall budget and power abilities such as electrical and amp power. The Rp2000.1 is a solid amp and will power any of the subs up to the ZVX rather well. Keeping your voltage up is key so you don't clip the hell out of the woofer and reach mechanical failure.
  10. that amp is down right beautiful!
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