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  1. Those look great! Cant wait to see the final product.
  2. 1 hell of a start! Your work is always top notch, so I cant wait to see how this comes out!!
  3. Whats your address so I can send my doors ? lol nice start though TUNED IN!
  4. Pretty sound choice pun intended. Figure you might keep up the spending spree and maybe go for a focal Ap4340 budget wise, or just go balls out and get the FDP 600.4
  5. nobody around here has the same era F150 and used a kit that makes their unit look good in the dash. I will snap a pic and try to host it along with everything else, clearly this thread fucking sucks with no pics lmao. I just cant seem to find a site that lets you host pics these days.
  6. nice dude! Pretty good Christmas! I cant wait to see this build! You always do amazing work, a full review on equipment will be nice as well. Amp for Focals?
  7. Your attention to detail is impeccable! I wish I could find someone like you to do the build in my F150!
  8. Ok so I got the head unit it this weekend lmao. Still need help on the doors, but it looks like I can fit them in stock locations. Wont know until I take the door panels off. The trim kit I used (metra) sucks dick and the trim piece wont stay and it makes the unit look off center. Any F150 guys have the same issue or can provide some help? I have a 2004 F150 Lariat.
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