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New to forum...sub upgrade question

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Alright, stick with me here as Ive been out of the car audio world for quite a few years and my oldest is just getting into it. his current set up is as follows. Kenwood HU, kicker 6.5 components in 4 doors, kicker tweets in dash (all run off factory infinity amp..jeep grand cherokee). as for bass, this is where it gets silly almost. sub amp is a hifonics zeus zrx2400.1D, it has been run to 4, 12" mtx terminator subs (weak I know) but it would flat hammer (popped the windshield seal). however I have come to the conclusion no matter what, its going to fry these subs. he currently has 3 that are stuck and simply wont budge anymore so I'm going to see if MTX will warranty them, then unload em, and upgrade. amp is wired with 0g, big 3, and double batteries. I have been searching for a couple days now looking for a pair of 15's instead of the 4 12's...simply to save money..and who doesnt like 15's with a lot of power? with all that said, does anyone have any experience running 2 level 3 dc 15's on approx 2400 watts at 1 ohm? will that eat these speakers alive as well? also, what kind of volume could a person expect from a set up like that...ported in a grand cherokee? these 2 subs will max out his budget, so other alternatives in a higher price range just aint in the cards.

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If gains are set right, enclosure is built right, those subs will be fine. Keep in mind, in a vehicle, on music, even the best amps don't put out rated power continuously. Clean power is key. How does the voltage do as of now in the Jeep?

Oh, and welcome to the Forum by the way. It's awesome to see father and son projects :good:

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