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  1. Yeah... how did you wire a duel 1 ohm sub to 1 ohm?
  2. Are the spokes supposed to face opposite ways? or are they on the wrong side?
  3. there is a request thread in the supporting members lounge, other than that I am not worthy lol
  4. yeah cant be hotter than were I am or dryer for that matter. i'd suggest getting a different brand sub and checking them daily for the first 12 months, any signs of damage or cracks ect, contact the shop you purchased them from and ask for a replacment
  5. ^^ that I have seen and understand... the other pic/sub looks nothing like this one. must be the heat or something in your car or direct sunlight ect
  6. Think you have some hungry rats or something in your trunk/boot eating that shit then. I've never seen this happen to a sub either. to me soon as it magically started ripping itself apart It would have sounded like total crap and you should have checked it out. you must be one unlucky bloke to have the same sub at 1000s of other people and have this happen.
  7. why is there parts of the torn surround missing? has it torn itself and thrown/spat some pieces of the surround off the subwoofer completely?
  8. check all your fuses and terminal/battery connections are tight and secure... connect the ground back to the original spot and see if it works, if it does then you no the issues is the new ground spot
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