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  1. Sweet as, I wouldn't bother with 4inch mid-range drivers if you already have 6.5inch mid-range driver covering the same freq
  2. Is it coming out of both front speakers or just one side? swap the rca's at the amp and see if the noise changes sides or stops
  3. check all your connections at fuses and distro blocks
  4. No your wiring from the amp and distro block and what size fuses
  5. How have you wired everything? got a diagram of the wiring config?
  6. you are doing something wrong, make sure the crossovers are away from pwr cables ect, and all the cables to the tweeters and mids, arnt damaged/pinched between metel ect. if the speakers are whining when you have no rca's going into the amp then the speakers are getting some sort of interferance
  7. Are the spokes supposed to face opposite ways? or are they on the wrong side?
  8. there is a request thread in the supporting members lounge, other than that I am not worthy lol
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