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Black Beauty Project Build - 06 Ford F-250 Super Duty **1/27/18 - New pics starting on page 41**

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Ok I guess it's time to start one of these. I'm working on it slowly and I think I have my plans set.

I had a plan originally, and I was working on that plan, but I got sidetracked and my plan got flipped upside down. So now I'm doing what I was going to do in the end, in the beginning.

My original intentions were to sink all my money into audio, and then performance and mods after that. It hasn't worked out that way.

So let's get started.

2006 Ford F250 Crew Cab Lariat with a 6.0L Powerstroke.

Black Exterior

Grey Interior

When I bought it from my brother and sister in-law it had 107xxx miles on it. I thought it was pretty well maintained, but I guess not.

First week I had it, I had to deal with a hard starting issue. Turned into a $1500 service. Oil change, fuel filters, turbo inlet and outlet tubes, and more. Got that all done and back, and then had a hard cold start issue. Found out I had a low pressure build up on the injectors (oil pressure). New stand pipes and dummy plugs. Also found out the batteries were dying on me. So I bought 2 XS Power D6500's. SO before I even got through the first month, I was in over $2500. Thanks family! But I did my research I knew and know the trouble areas and night mares and I'm learning to relax on it a little bit. Lots still to do to make her great, but she's running fantastic right now.

Things I've done to it:

Turbo inlet and outlet tube replacements

Stand Pipes

Dummy Plugs

2 XS Power D6500's

370 Amp Singer High Output Alternator
Big 3 with 1/0ga (when audio is done, this will be swapped out to 2/0ga)

6" Fabtech Lift Kit

Fox 2.0 Performance Series Reservoir Shocks

Firestone Ride Rite Air Bags

20 x 10 Fuel Maverick Black wheels with Machined outlines

37 x 12.5 x 20 Nitto Trail Grappler Tires

Pro Comp Dual Steering Stabilizer Bracket

2 Fox 2.0 Factory Series Stabilizer Shocks

AFE Momentum HD Stage 2 Cold Air Intake

MagnaFlow Dual Black Tip 5" Exhaust, put the Magnaflow Muffler on (no cat)

SCT Performance iTSX For Android Tuner (works as a flash and is controlled by my tablet)

Custom Tunes

Bed Shell (removed for now)

Blue Spring Upgrade

New Brakes

New Carrier Bearing

New Drive Shaft U-Joints

New PMF Suspension Drag Link

New Moog Heavy Duty Drag Link End to Tie Rod End

New Moog Heavy Duty Drag Link End to Pitman Arm

New Moog Tie Rod Ends

New PMF Suspension Track Bar

New Motorcraft Track Bar Ball Joint

New PMF Suspension 6" Lift Blocks with Air Bag Perch

New Degas Bottle - Coolant Reservoir

Needs to be installed:

6" Lift Suspension Springs (removing all blocks)

Edge Insight CTS2 Monitoring System

Edge EAS System

New Glow Plugs and Glow Plug harness

So, let's talk audio! I have most of my wires and things of that nature from the civic build. The rest, most of it, has been sold off for a new direction here. For reasons I won't get into, I decided to bounce my Crescendo gear, and I decided to jump on board the AA-Train!! Really it's all Kyle's fault, but that's ok it's not a bad thing!

I had a list up but because everything is constantly evolving, I decided to eliminate the list and I'll just make a new one as I go along.

So there's the list of everything. I'll start posting pics today and tonight. I have quite a few. I may leave out the stuff that I'm not going to use now as far as audio.

This will progress slowly, so don't get too antsy on me. But I have a plan in place and I am about ready to start moving on it.

I didn't get any pics of it when I bought it i don't think. So here's a pic after I got it, when I picked up my shell.


Ok let's have some fun!

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Ok let's start with some equipment!

Singer 370a Alt, dressed up!! Even sent me an orange logo for my truck!








Ampere Audio AA3800.1 - sort of!


Wait, the insides are missing wtf? Hehehehe :peepwall:


Still the same sexy on top!


Forgot to add up top, I'll be utilizing a Rockford Fosgate BLD also. I may not need it now thought since I'm cutting down dramatically on RCA outputs. But we'll see. This should give you an idea on the project coming up.


It's a perfect fit!



Plenty of space over it too, if I need to raise it up or anything like that.


Not my pictures, but here's the AA-6.5c's



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Ampere Audio AA-2000.1 (one of 3 now)


Gotta have that Ampere Logo Love!


It has the old chrome strip in it, as does the 3800, but the new amps will have the black. We'll fix that issue with some customization!




So Purrrrrrdy!!


Ampere Audio AA-150.4


More swag! Yes I said swag!


A shot of the footprint size. So small, I love it!




Lastly I have some quick sketch ups for the enclosure. I'll have to do the specs later. I don't have them with me.




I did buy this piece too, for temporary use until I can build the tablet mount with a new dash piece I bought.

Kenwood DPX303




Sorry those pics went full retard on the last ones there. Not sure what's up with that.

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Damn, I'm slippin today. That was not it.

DC Aduio M38's D4 pair 1 of 3




That ass!! I wish I could show those off somehow!



XL 15's and M38's together.



I have baskets and recones as well to switch up my XL12's I currently have that came from the civic.




Ok that's it I'm pretty sure on the audio stuff. I'll get the actual work pics started a bit later.

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Financially and because it's just what I planned. 2 more (already have 1) 2000.1's, and 2 more pair of M38's will cost me about the same, maybe a touch more, than 2 3800.1's. I'd be paying a bunch more if I get 2 3800's and then also have to get the 8's on top of that.

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I hope it works out too. The only mixed feelings I have about it, is whether to go with the ported or the 4th order. I keep wavering back and forth. But when the time comes to start building, I'll make my decision.

Yeah starkey, they're pretty stout little woofers. Heavy little effers too!!

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Ok let's move onto the change of the old girl. When I got this thing it was bone stock, with exception of the Nitto Trail Grapplers, which badly needed replacing. Also needed shocks as well. It rode pretty hard.

SO I decided to kill two birds with one stone.





I was a bit concerned with how she would tow with the 6" lift and big tires, so we brought our trailer home to get it ready for the first camping trip ever. WE just bought this thing in March. 32' bumper tow travel trailer. Not the greatest pic due to lighting, but she's squatting big time in the rear. I have the new drop neck set at the same height it was at stock.


So, I decided some air bags were needed to take care of that problem.





After that was done, I put the trailer back on with about 45lbs and it was better. Ended up about 55lbs when all was said and done, but it drove good.


Next, I decided some something more to bring this old 6.0L Powerstroke to life! So, in comes the SCT Tuning iTSX for Android with custom tunes.


That's it. It plugs into the OBD II port, and then communicates with the tablet via bluetooth so you can see what you're doing and choose different selections etc. There are also gauges that I can get on the tablet, but I'm not overly thrilled with those at the moment. I'll still have to add in some other gauges for sure. But I have a plan for that.


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