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  1. I've got a few. I just drive 20 minutes down the freeway and go straight to them. I love having adire basically in my backyard
  2. My favorite subs are audiomobile for small sealed or acoustic elegance for infinate baffle setups. If you want to get a little rowdy you go with adire brahma or tumult
  3. Both of those are single layer. But nothing audible.
  4. No idea but its not anything to care about
  5. Resonant frequency will change once you stick the speaker in a door or anything. Meh. Don't worry about it
  6. The only trucl he has multiple Batts in right now that I know of is the tahoe. And the tahoe I dont think is 05. Ita older. Which didn't have the nattery currect sensor
  7. 05 and up gm have a battery burden sensor. If there is a ground that is connected to something that is connected to the main battery it will cause a funky charge. How he has it drawn in his sketch is exactly how I've had all mine. Ground the amps to the frame. Using the 1 (you can fit 2 in the sensor) ground to the extra battery
  8. I'm not knocking anyone's preference. You just don't pay attention. Saying "sounds like shit" is to vague. Most people don't know what good sound actually sounds like and yes I hate saying that but its true
  9. This is also 1 of those things. People that say "sound like crap" and thats all they say have no idea what they're talking about. Explain what crap sounds like to you. Is there anything else you could have done? Sounds like crap is a vague statement that means nothing
  10. Ha. I used cdt for years. Any speakers crap if you can't tune.
  11. 350 amps yes but at what length? Because that matters
  12. Tha Barbara Ann can be had for about 250. Also when set right he won't overpower. I have an arc audio x2 (150×6) on speakers that are 20 watts rms. But I agree. I went from a 2500 dollar modified class ab to an arc x2 which is class d. He's just looking on YouTube to much
  13. I think the US acoustics barbara ann but why do you want a/b?
  14. None. Its a sound bar. Get some decent coax and have fun
  15. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a quality class d. Hell I swappee out 4 grand worth of modified tru technology class ab amps for 2 arc audio x2 class d amps
  16. I don't really have a budget level but Arc audio x2. Roughly 800 Zapco lx roughly 1200 Try technology tungsten grande. Roughly 2k Those are just all an opinion. Take it or leave it
  17. I'm on the schedule at simplicity in sound. Ext thing is just pay will to have the sub box wrapped and then go to town
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