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  1. It's a real pain in the ass trying to put big amps in a small area. Damn, I thought the civic was tough!! This sucks!!!

    1. boom50cal


      for as big as that truck is, it's really small lol

    2. magillaru


      Six 15s and three 11.5" x 39" amps.....then mids/highs amps all in the cab of a supercrew.....I know the feeling.

  2. Well sub enclosure is done, and it makes noise!! Have a lot of playing around with it to do, but it's making noise. Happy and tired! Goodnight!

  3. Yeah they're nice and young and full in this one! I remember them being disproportionate in that one. I hear you on the difficulty levels, but some of us don't want to have our asses handed to us when trying to play the game. I play for the enjoyment of finding things and shooting people, and if I couldn't get passed the first damn level because it was so difficult, then I'd never play it. My kids too. My kids enjoy it and easy mode for them, 9 and 11 years old, is just hard enough to keep them on the verge of frustrated and enjoyable.
  4. I was just reading on that, but the comments I'm seeing based off of the article that was just posted are saying that it's very laggy and slow. Of course I'm sure a lot of those are skewed, I mean all reviews are in a certain way. You have the hardcore guys who notice a minute pixel glitch that no one in their proper mind would ever see, EVER, unless youre bugged out from playing for 12 hours at a time. But then you have the people who are just happy to be able to play it, who say it works great. So I'm sure it's somewhere in between. I'll look into it. I like the thought of being able to re download. And I agree that a lot of the games I've seen in the $70+ range are ones that come with shit. But even still, Uncharted 4, Doom, and a few others are going for Pre-Sale at $59. That's still a chunk of change. Does the Network give you any break on that? Because if I was spending $60 on a game, I'd want it in my hands, not just have it out in space somewhere. Does that make sense? I'm going to have to play on the network a little bit. See what's up. THanks!
  5. Well, that's interesting. I think it's smart on their part, since it would cost them a ton of money to make it doable, backwards compatible, especially since it literally takes money out of their hands by being able to play games that customers already have. But, on the other hand, I think it would make them much more popular since new games are always coming out, and to be able to play any game from any previous platform would satisfy a very wide range of people. Myself included. But, it is what it is I guess. Sounds like it would be cheaper and better to just go out and buy a PS3 and those games I'd want to play. LOL. Thanks for the link.
  6. First things first, I have a PS4 that "santa" brought our family for christmas. Anyway, I've been playing some first person shooter games, went through the Uncharted Trilogy and waiting for 4, just finished Tomb Raider Definitive Edition last night. Otherwise I have The Show 2015 and my kids have different games too. My questions have to do with my OCD as a person, and games and old games, and stuff like that. I know there have been some of these games going on for what seems like ever. Tomb Raider has been around for decades. But I see things like Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Farcry 4, and more and more. I noticed in Tomb Raider it seemed to have it's own story line, being that Laura Croft was a young, albeit hot as FAWK, explorer etc. So it really wasn't totally related to the game before. But what about these other games. Being it's in a number sequence, it's hard to leave the fact that I'm missing what happened before with the current games. So how can I play these previous chapters of these games? Is it even possible in a PS4 to play PS3 games? Is it done through the network? I have no CLUE, what I'm doing and am just barely scratching the surface. Other things. I've been playing these games on basic or easy modes. I'm not a gamer, haven't been one anyway, so I wanted to make sure it was at least fun for myself to stay interested in it. However, do you guys play lower levels, or modes like easy, and then work your way up when you beat them? What are the differences, or does it vary greatly between games? The Cost. I know we can spend hours and hours on these games. It took me probably a total of 48 hours to beat Tomb Raider, and I probably died about 50 times throughout. Damn I wish I could reincarnate like that in real life. I'd probably take more chances! LOL But think about the cost of some of these games. Tomb Raider was I think about $25 previously owned at Game Stop. So it was worth it. But when these games get to be upwards of $50, $60, $70. It's just hard to wrap my head around that. Are you guys buying these games, or are you renting them from places like GameFly.com, or what? Maybe I'm just a cheap ass I don't know. Just wondering what you guys are doing out there. Any other tips you guys have? I know games can be downloaded off of the Sony PS Network or whatever, for PlayStation obviously. Is it worth it to do that? Can you save it to something other than the console, like a separate flash drive or hard drive? I'd like to know these things too. I like to have the disc, or buy a game, but wouldn't be a must if I had a decent way of having it. My understanding is that the more games you download on the console the slower it gets, much like a computer I guess. Anyway, just some of the gaming things I've been thinking about. Thanks guys.
  7. I appreciated him trying to help me but he wasn't offering any insight as to WHY these subs perform better in smaller enclosures. Sorry to come across as a dick. It was one of those days, my bad. Actually he was asking a very legit question. Because if you're just asking about a 1.25cu ft enclosure for that sub, then someone could say oh yeah I have done one but it sounded like shit. But what he didn't say was that he was vastly under ported or over ported. You're posing your question wrong if that's what you're trying to find out. What would be maybe better said is, I have "X" vehicle, I'm planning on "X" amount of watts, and I'm looking for experience with an enclosure of 1.25cu ft per spec. DC Audio's suggests 34hz tuning, what port sizes are you guys running and how close to spec are they tuned to? Not just, who has done an enclosure at 1.25cu ft. for level 3 12's. Regardless, the point has already been raised, but I'll repeat. Someone's 2 level 3 12's ported to 35 hz running off of a dc 2.0k in a 2006 honda civic sedan with an audison bit one and a pioneer head unit is going to sound different than your 2 level 3 12's ported to 35 hz running off of a dc 2.0k in a 2006 honda civic sedan with an audison bit one and a pioneer head unit. Every platform is different. The only way you're going to find out, and I've been told this myself so I'm just passing it along, is if you build it and test it. If you think it doesn't sound right, come back with the problems you feel are present, and then it can be addressed from there. I'll leave it there. Good luck.
  8. DC Subs all like smaller enclosures. I ran 2 12" XL's on about 1.35 cubes, and they sounded great. I'm not exactly sure why you would ask a question, where the answer is on the manufacturers website, get responses trying to help, and then complain about the help they were trying to give you. Seems like doing a little reading would've been a better bet. Or better yet, test enclosures. You say you're good with ports, so go build a couple of test enclosures and figure it out. I know keep it on topic, my bad. Let us know what you find out though after your test enclosures.
  9. Well it's taking it's toll, but remember I do have to live here too. I don't really want to get into a war with a business. But if I have to I will. Just not sure how yet.
  10. CROSSFIT BRUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is a residential area so close to an industrial one? Anyways, yeah Dude, 9pm seems late. I'd file noise complaints like crazy to force some action. Or.........you could just join crossfit so then you're in the noise itself and it won't seem so bad. Actually it's interesting. We're right on the edge of the neighborhood. When we moved in it was a party rental place, and a spa repair place. That's it. Then the party rental place outgrew the facility and it sat vacant for a bit. Another fitness place came in, but it didn't work out, no pun intended. Then this place came in, and it's been downhill ever since. I joined another club, trying to get my fat ass in shape again. I went there a couple of times when it opened up, but I didn't like the atmosphere there. Sucks cause it is right behind us, and I could really just say, hey i know that's too loud turn it down. But I didn't want to go back. They've CLEARLY outgrown the place. They really need to move. But I can't make them move. Actually I can do shit about it. I just looked up the ordinances and there are certain rules about being near residential areas for businesses. My town has pretty strict noise laws. I printed it out and I'll be contacting the city and the pd about it. It also has sections in there about your situation, which is a construction situation. They have to get permits and obide by certain ordinances and db levels etc. but it's only within certain hours. Every town is different, but like they're restricted in ours to a 7am to 7pm limit. They add additional db levels to the ordinance, which is where the permit comes in, and it's based on how close the nearest resident is. I have written out an email to the company, and I will try one last time to do something about it between them and myself. If that doesn't work, I'll take additional steps. I don't want to go to war with a business, but I will if it means getting my peace and quiet back, and my kids being able to sleep when they go to bed at night. I can't even sleep with my windows open when the weather is nice because of the noise, not necessarily at night because we wait until they close to do it, but it's more in the mornings like on the weekends when we want to sleep in and can't.
  11. I thought about that too, but the truck won't be up and running for a while. Plus, I'm sure they'd just enjoy it and work out to it. So it wouldn't really do me any good. Now, if I followed the owner home, and did it in front of his house all night, that might work. Yeah, I'm going to start looking into other things like that. Get the PD on speed dial. So sick of it.
  12. The crossfit gym behind my house. Ok begin rant! I'm so sick of their shit I don't know what to do. They play music loud until about 9pm, and when I say loud, I mean last night i was in my bedroom watching tv, which is about 10 feet from me, and couldn't hear it over their music, with my doors and windows closed. The building is easily about 150 feet max from the back of my house. It's a big steel industrial building. SO everything they do, music, slamming weights down, get's magnified. I won't ever understand that shit either. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SLAM THE WEIGHTS DOWN!!?? Stop being a pussy and complete the set by setting the weights down. You don't see that shit going on in places like 24 hour, or crunch or family fitness. Or at least I don't. Anyway, I've talked to them several times about these issues, as well as, in the spring and summer months, they have meets in their little ass building. So the entire neighborhood is overrun with their cars parked all over our neighborhood. I have to literally plan it out if I'm going to leave and there's a meet. I have to move one of my trucks down on the street, the other is on the street already, so I can block my house from being parked in front of. If I have to leave to run an errand, and my wife is still home, I have to put her car where my truck parks so I know I'll have a spot when I come home. I've talked to them about that. Nothing. I've even written an email and filled out a form for the city, and nothing has been done. I don't know what else to do. Short of moving, which isn't really a possibility right now, the only other option is to start calling the PD nightly. I mean, I could walk in there with a baseball bat and smash the fucking stereo, but that won't really solve anything and i'll end up being the one in trouble. We were there before this place started up. So it's not one of those, you should've known before you moved in things. I just want to come home after work, and relax and not have to hear the bullshit. Ok end rant!
  13. Damn Daniel! That shit pisses me off and if anyone ever comes up to me and says it to me, I'm knocking them the EFF OUT!
  14. So nice when you can gain the two steps you went backwards back. Last week, took a nice step forward, and then two steps backwards. Today, Two steps forward, no steps backwards!! Very happy today!

    1. PaCiFiKbAllA


      Well at least your one step ahead now lol

    2. scooter99


      Yes, for sure. I can't wait to get back on it.

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