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2012 Malibu system upgrades: wiring & prep.

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Still working on prepping the wiring.  Ran out of materials with just a  couple runs left to loom.





working on wiring in the car.






Soldering station. Ha ha 





Done for now.






Driver side mid bass wiring done and labeled.  The red wiring is for the interior LED's, i ran out of loom.  Ordered more and it will be here at the end of the week so i can finish all wiring prep.






Back up camera harness on the left.





Plus these.  I am really glad i took the time to do this should make the next step faster.


Boring stuff but progress none the less.






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Organizing wire to start running power on driver side and signal on passenger side.










I hope to get everything ran to the back seat today.  I will have to install the frame for the back seat to make sure wires are clear.  And figure out which way to go after the frame.  Still pretty boring stuff but one step closer to the interior going back in, plus i have the loom showing up at the end of the week to finish electrical runs.

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Yesterdays progress wasn't much, still planning wire routing.





I put the trunk panel in to see what my options are.






With the back seat frame in place i could see the route better. Panel and frame not set in this pic.





I felt like i had to put it together to come up with a final idea how to run the wiring.





Sub will be in front of this panel firing in the cab.





This panel will need a final trimming before getting carpet to be complete.






I think this will be my solution, I have a couple inches on both sides of the enclosure to run wiring so i think i will drill 2 holes the same size at the corner to allow wires to pass into the trunk.  





Secured back up camera wiring and left these ran wild on driver side. Hopefully my wire loom comes in today or tomorrow so i can finish wire prep to have everything run by the end of the week.  Wiring, stock trunk panels in and then enclosure to make good progress starting next week. I got pretty excited getting one panel in yesterday after being out this long.

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Cleared dash off yesterday.  Been awhile since it looked like this,  temp HU and x-over set up been there a year or so.  It was great to be able to test the install and hear improvements as i progressed.  I was listening to the mids and highs for the last couple of days but i missed any midbass so it was to clean up.





I put these in a safe place in my room until they are ready for install.






poor car,  getting dirty and needs a bath. Along with finished.





this to...






First off there is no real good spot to fabricate these so i thought something simple yet affective.  I will take a piece of abs to make a mounting bracket in the corner of the glove box so when i am demoing i can open it up and watch the volts & temps.  The vm will be right off the T1500 amp.  Remember i have a Sparks innovations dual VM for front and rear battery's.





RCA's ran to kick panel for now.  TM-1 heat sensor cable ready to run and i extended the TM and VM wiring for soldering in the door jam area. 




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Last few days of progress...





Haven't moved far in the last couple days,  Trying to get this all figured out.






Here is the mounting bracket i made for the SMD VM & TM-1. I think it will work good until i get time later to make something better.





I needed access to power and grounds up front so i came up with this idea.  This is a hush panel panel under the glove box with floor vents for heat. i had these distribution blocks i knew would come in handy.  They have protective covers but i wanted something that would protect and hide anything out of site.





So i made the abs panel that is about the stock one.





I like this, turned out good imo.





need to get back to running wires... more to come.





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The hush panel gets mounted under the glove box and with the led strip like this it will give a nice ambient glow under the dash.





Where this single led bulb will highlight the 6.5" in the door and the floor board nicely. The two together should give a nice affect.





Busted out the label maker to mark the cables in a few spots going down the channel.






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Led strips for under the dash. Loom, heat shrink and more heat shrink.






Putting connection plus on the hush panels under the dash for servicing.






labeled and taped.






Replaced the mounting hardware. I had Philips screws in before i tapped the holes and switch out for Allan   head  screws.  Much cleaner look.












Prepped panel with rubbing alcohol for a good bond with the adhesion the LEDs came with.  The used masking tap to keep on tight while it bonds.  Bored out hole the wire is going into.  I will run the relay wiring thru there alone with any other wires.






It will look plenty bright in the car for ambient lighting in the foot wells. 

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Relay wiring harness(Not Done)







Driver side LED plug.  Got the wiring and lights on the driver hush panel.





I know i am just slapping lights on and not doing anything real custom. I have a vision and it really helps to power them up when fabrication is going on. 






LED wiring on the back.  I will foam this piece before re-installing it.






Here i cut the foam to tuck the wires into it.  1, to protect them.  2, its cool.






Tesa tapped the cut line to help keep the wires in.  Seams to have worked as long as you leave it like this. Ha Ha






Relay wired up and labeled.  I have plenty of remote turn on make it to the HU and i will have to have another run of remote turn on heading back to the Sparks Innovations relay to run everything in the rear.






Once all positive & negative runs are on, these covers go on. Then 4 or 8 awg wire will be run to the distribution blocks.

I have no idea how i can up with this. I want a set up that will accommodate future needs and changes.  I do think i spent more time on it than it was worth.  I had a spaghetti mess of wiring that was really fucking with my ocd.  I had to stop and think about how i wanted to stack the wires up in the channel, longer on the bottom with shortest run on top.

I really have tried  to make it look cool and be functional. I knew this was going to be slow but i am just getting in my own way now by over thinking every step but thats who i am.

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I found out 2 days before Christmas the wife rented another apartment, signed a 6 month lease.  I was so hoping she would stay.  Anyway had the best holidays possible and now diving back into the build.  Last couple of days i have been able to get a lot of the electrical run. I think i could be close to wrapping it up by New Years Eve.




Passenger side channel with wiring. Two long cables go to the JL and RF remote knobs in center console.





Driver side mess getting cleaned up. Routing wires where they need to go.





Routed to center console with LED wires.





Passenger side mids & highs speakers runs. Looks like the plug-ins will be in this cubby hole.





Low voltage wire on the right.





High voltage on the left.  Vacuumed car clean in this pic.





Added 4 awg run for under glove box distribution.






SHCA fuse block, didn't have a SMD but might have to get one down the road so it all matches.





4 awg run to under glove box, still need to put loom on it and finish it up.



More pics tomorrow with electrical being finished up.

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Temp mounted for 4 awg run lengths.






Led on.






Pos & neg runs on during mock up










I think i will get the sub in tomorrow to keep mocking up for wrie lengths & location.

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