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  1. just took this short clip from my balcony,
  2. Markous

    Random Video Thread

    RIP Turd . . . i mean Burt
  3. I thought this was just a joke when i first heard of these about a month ago, but it's fucking real! ? cleaver marketing with a month and a half til it get legalized up here. Pretty good too i must add.
  4. You had yours changed that’s why i refered your name, that’s all. Did mean to ask you to do it for anyone if that’s how it came across.
  5. For those hard to reach crowds ?
  6. A sub doesn't care about enclosure shape as long it has the proper volume to do it's thing. Why would think that's false?
  7. Markous

    Random Video Thread

    Great interview if you've got a couple hours to kill
  8. Markous

    Volume of a 2' octogon box

    For an irregular shaped one like that i'd just use what would be the internal dimension of the square/rectangular shape and subtract the volume ot the corner being removed (x4)