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  1. RIP to your ride man You shouldn't need one (the matrix) but for the extra expense i'd probably get one of the DM's so you could sum and eq any potentially weird factory stuff. The new two way Bluetooth streaming/tuning adapter is on the way and i'm thinking of slimming down from my two AC analog pieces and getting into the single digital life. heh! just like my real one! LOL! If there was a combined EQS & Matrix+ i'd only need one meow! they need a EQS that has a remote level control and the ability to internal switch jumpers to link the rear and sub out's to the front ins!
  2. From a circuit board inside a guitar pedal
  3. When i grow up (40 goin' on 18) i want to build shit like Steve Meade does! 😆
  4. My "floating" sub box design i think is pretty cool, the bottom rear of box sit's on an 8 inch deep "shelf" 4-5 inches above the floor of the rear floor area in the cab of my truck. it is wedged in there by a structural support running across the rear of the cab of my truck. You can see it in this image how the rear top edge of the box once i put an angle on the edge wedges itself in the space. The box is also bolted into the cab by two fasteners going through the box and cab and fastened on the outside. In these shots from the previous build i had in the truck you can see how the box "floats" and the space i have to locate the amplifiers on the floor in the foot wells of the rear cab area. Kind of unconventional and innovative IMO, i'm sure it's been done before but i've never seen this type of setup.
  5. Maybe a possible solution, if there is a second layer of sheet metal between the roof and the liner with some gap maybe drilling a couple of holes in the metal and liner and using panel clips might work? it would also retain a somewhat stock look.
  6. Could you take a picture or video for a better idea of the issue? If you have two flat surfaces to apply something to i know those 3M command adhesive strips are pretty awesome, at least for the wall hooks they sell with them maybe one of those modified would help?
  7. FUCK FEDEX! FUCK FEDEX! FUCK FEDEX! I bought $197.USD of items from SHCA on 03/16/18, shipping was $38.28 USD to get it up here to Canada. Just got an invoice from these cunts today wanting another $70.74 Canadian for clearance entry fee's and taxes. IT'S BEEN OVER A MONTH, I HOPE THEIR DICK CAN TOUCH THEIR ASSHOLE CAUSE THEY CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!! Gotta remember to be remain calm and level headed when i'm on the phone with them tomorrow. Did i mention FUCK FEDEX?
  8. Markous

    Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    I would think the hacksaw should suffice, just don't try and get through it with a dozen strokes. Walled, it doesn't have to be his specifically just curious what it looks like and if the tin is even visible through a cross section.
  9. Markous

    Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    They look good dressed up with the shrinkwrap and techflex 😎👍 it's a sharp looking combo. Would you mind cutting one of the crimps in half just so we could see how the cold weld went? I've seen pictures before but i do not believe they involved any tinned wire or lugs.
  10. I'd watch it in a heartbeat!