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  1. Magic blue smoke and the AD-1?

    Like the title says, Through no fault of the AD-1 i’m curious if any quality (or ever poorly made) amp has met it’s doom on the amp dyno? @meade916 @BigDWiz has it ever happened to you guys in any of your tests? Off hand i don’t recall any but i’m no doubt wrong. There are what, 30+ AD-1’s out there now if anyone knows of a test gone wrong share it here, better yet if possible link a video to show the magic blue smoke appearance.
  2. Sealed box need subs

    Stereo Integrity HST-12mkII
  3. I bet they’re both drinking tonight, her team is the first women’s Canadian curling team to fail making a medal final since curling became an olympic event in ‘98
  4. Awesome! Brandon is a braver man than i 😆 Is socket sunday gonna be a thing now? 😜
  5. ** RCA's **

    That was about 4 years ago i bought them direct from Tony IIRC, when did you buy yours?
  6. That’s the only reason Jackie Chan is still alive, Chuck Norris likes Chris Tucker movies. Love a good Chuck Norris joke 😆
  7. ** RCA's **

    You know you’re getting some good shit with SMD/D’Amore RCA’s when they are individually tested
  8. how does a person switch from the mobile version of SMD to the web version on a phone?

    1. 06RTCharger


      “Theme” at the bottom maybe? Im not sure u can change much, if ur on a mobile device i think it just knows and does it on its own. If ur already using the “mobile friendly” theme then maybe it’ll look different going to a normal theme. I think thats all u can do from mobile. I use the “SMD dark” theme and i like that one most. 

    2. Markous


      Boom! you nailed it! thank you!

      I was looking for a mobile/web option.

      Don’t think i would have ever looked at theme as an option 

  9. AudioControl EQS

    Just speaking for myself, not everyone has a deck for a source 😉
  10. AudioControl EQS

    I would start with getting a RTA app for your phone if you can. I’m assuming you’re using pink noise to tune, right?
  11. $25 support level is well worth it! 30% off gear at WCCarAudio and i just got this swag package in the mail! Thanks a bunch Steve 😎👍🏻
  12. That’s a unsecured load ticket waiting to happen. Doesn’t happen up here often but you hear about it 1-2 times every winter.
  13. New amp break in and tuning question.

    Would that be the amp itself "breaking in" or the speakers "loosening up" after being driven by the amp that would make the sound better?