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  1. For those hard to reach crowds
  2. A sub doesn't care about enclosure shape as long it has the proper volume to do it's thing. Why would think that's false?
  3. Markous

    Random Video Thread

    Great interview if you've got a couple hours to kill
  4. Markous

    Volume of a 2' octogon box

    For an irregular shaped one like that i'd just use what would be the internal dimension of the square/rectangular shape and subtract the volume ot the corner being removed (x4)
  5. Markous

    Random Video Thread

    This looks like it's going to be fucking awesome!
  6. Markous


    I would just hook it back up at that point, then maybe start it up for a bit to get it fully topped off.
  7. Markous


    You can but your pretty close to your battery voltage so you might not see anything from the bulb.
  8. Markous


    What are you using for a resistor to charge it with? I use a light bulb (spare for my interior cab light) and just wait until it faded right out then hooked it up to the vehicles system.
  9. What was the sub reading before you switched amps?
  10. Markous


    i had a stinger 1F cap with a display 5-6 years ago and it would self discharge when disconnected, had to use a continuity checker to fully discharge it when i messed around with my system cause the low voltage buzzer alarm thing it had was annoying as fuck. You could just check it with a voltmeter, disconnect it from the battery up front and check the voltage with the + wire leading to the back before removing anything.
  11. Markous


    if it has a voltage display it may discharge. otherwise no it shouldn't