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hey guys slammin 4 soldiers 2016 is being put together right now being presented in partnership of xplicit audio and team quiet with show date planned for august 20, 2016 in dayton ohio. sponsors are being found and details worked out. its going to be a MECA 1x event and a ISPLL 3x event. we have a few sponsors committed to the show so far but the more the merrier. if you or some one you know wants to help at the show or sponsor it let me know we need sponsors to give products or services to be used as raffle prizes to raise more money. all sponsors git the free advertising and shout outs the show can bring on social medias and honorable mentions. [email protected] or on facebook. there is also a go-fund-me page set up for people who cant make it to the show who want to donate to it. all the $ we come up with is going to be donated to the gary sinise foundation

the go fund me page below


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some show news. xplicit audio is now partnering with team quiet (937) to put this show on form now on. wer trying to grow this as big as possible. some other news is sims audio solutions SAS is now a sponsor and donating a nice big booty sub to the show. you guys know you want a chance to win this sucker



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