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  1. LOL since when did DC audio become an "off brand"
  2. the tweeter and mid were designed to work together if the spec says 4ohm then its 4ohm.... think of them like a 4 way 6x9.... years ago I used to run multiple sets of speakers on a headunit channel 2 ohm and never had a failure but that was before I started putting amps on everything
  3. you never mentioned the type of vehicle or what side the gas cap was on
  4. the amp has dual inputs to make wiring options more simple but they are connected because its a mono amp..... wire it the way you said and you end with .5ohm
  5. I am still dreaming of a little plug doo dad like this for my 2007 explorer ..... damn shit acts the same way and when It charges at 13.5 its killing my resting voltages.... 12.1vdc vs the day i left a float charger on it and it rested at 13.2vdc
  6. looks like the cooling fins are still clear so it should still perform as well as it looks..... powder coating an inter-cooler can have some bad results but it looks like your guy knows his sh1t...... the lexus is going to be jealous in a straight line ..... I can always count on you posting things I can only dream about doing!!!!!!!
  7. you know what you have to do then.... set it all up and make a youtube video and be the 1st! I know ill be waiting in line to see what the lvl 1's can do
  8. how so.... there is thousands of threads covering this exact thing all over this forum.... would it work this way if someone else posted this comment because it does on all the other threads
  9. as always you fuse for the wire... if you want to fuse the amp you need another fuse closer to the amp
  10. these types of fuses blow at 20% over value so even using a 100 you should never blow the fuse but using a 150 puts you at more than the alt can output... yes you can shut off the engine to cut off the alt but in the case of a short and the engine is not cut off its best to fuse at both ends of a wire if power is on both sides of said wire.... alot of people do not fuse this wire because its common practice that if you add 1 fuse you have to add 2 just like when you add a second bank of batterys .... that said I always choose to not fuse a stock alt with a big 3
  11. cnc and 3d printer.... lets see a build log called "pitching machine" that would be epic!
  12. if they make a matching 4 ch and 2 ch I would dance in the streets
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