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  1. i picked up a 2016 taurus sho non-sony audio and im running up empty on how to tap into the system to run an active loc. i dont want to cut any wires and every link i find on a build it t-harness is comimg up dead. can someone help out with sourcing what product would accomplish this task because i dont think this system has any factory amps so i dont need any pac audio product just the plug and play harness... i have the wire colors but i dont want to cut into them just need 4 channels out
  2. I am still dreaming of a little plug doo dad like this for my 2007 explorer ..... damn shit acts the same way and when It charges at 13.5 its killing my resting voltages.... 12.1vdc vs the day i left a float charger on it and it rested at 13.2vdc
  3. looks like the cooling fins are still clear so it should still perform as well as it looks..... powder coating an inter-cooler can have some bad results but it looks like your guy knows his sh1t...... the lexus is going to be jealous in a straight line ..... I can always count on you posting things I can only dream about doing!!!!!!!
  4. you know what you have to do then.... set it all up and make a youtube video and be the 1st! I know ill be waiting in line to see what the lvl 1's can do
  5. the bigger one looks like a level 2 M1 it has the newer cap from the recone but no vent holes in the motor and no molded DC audio on the rubber dust boot.... and level 3's never got a rubber dust boot.... I asked rusty about that in another thread because it states in the description on the lvl3 that is has the boot but mine does not...if you remove the boot you should see a double stacked magnet and the level 3 and up has a triple stacked magnet
  6. depending on how mechman sets up the alt they usually install a smaller pulley hence why they say a new belt... they cant say what size you will need because many different cars/trucks use the same alt... your mechanic will see this when he installs this alt and the belt tensioner is either at its outer limits or belt just slips like a bitch when the field is activated.... stock alts consume around 7hp these HO alts take more on the parasitic loss than a stocker you can run a HO alt on everything stock nothing is going to happen does not matter if its drawing on a 1300rms system or 5000rms the alt will not kill anything unless the voltage is too high and steve even did a video bumping up the charge to 15.2 and nothing bad happened.... you are just future proofing the electrical so when you go crazy one day you have it on tap
  7. in my experience and hearing capability's flac audio is pretty much wasted with out all the fancy gear and a highly trained ear.... my HU plays flac and everyone including my self when exposed to a blind test cant tell the difference and a couple friends think the flac audio sounded worse.... ive even done flac vs 128kb audio of the same song and sound quality was a non issue..... do full digital with a processor, correct staging and some $500 comp set fully active and you might have something worthy of lossless
  8. I cant stand knock tests....all they do is show you how anything that is on the shelf at lowes could do if applied to thin metal its more about how it sticks and how hard it is to remove so it does not fall off on its own I tried dynamat pro back in the late 90's and I still have 80% of the roll because It never stuck to anything, most over priced garbage I have ever bought I just did my front doors with a famous youtube version of sound deadening and the difference is amazing and Im sure your roofs is amazing also
  9. cnc and 3d printer.... lets see a build log called "pitching machine" that would be epic!
  10. if they make a matching 4 ch and 2 ch I would dance in the streets
  11. 2 places I would like to take a tour if i am ever in that area is DC and SHCA..... love both brands and have nothing but great experiences from both
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