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Sundown zv3 15 d1. Need help with box

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Hey everyone and thanks for the help setting up my sundown amp! I actually sold it and I'm looking for a little bit more power and I've been looking at the skar RP 2000.1. Has anyone ran one of these amps? Does anyone know how if it will be alot stronger than the sundown SAE 1200? I've also been looking at the audiopipe 2000.1. I still have the sundown zv3 15 that is in 3.5ft³ @32hz in a reg cab Dodge ram, the box is where the console was. 

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Any info on either of these amps or any other amps y'all would recommend will help me alot since I'm ready to buy an amp. Thanks!!


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    • By Joshua Learn
      Looking for anybody to comment back, Hey Guys! Not new to car audio, but never dealt with Sundown or Skar before. Long question short, Would the Skar Audio RP-800.1D Match well with a Sundown EV3 10 or 12 D4 with VCs in parallel? 600wrms rated at 2 ohms on the amp, Subs both rated for 500wrms? Looking to put in the deck shelf of a 1978 Grand Marquis, ported box tuned to 28-30hz is the goal. Not looking to shake everyone around me, just add some nice low end to accompany my Pioneer D series components and 6x9s on a Pioneer 8604. Thanks in advance!
      Finally finished the enclosure. 2 Sundown X 15s on a sundown SAZ-3000d. Running at 1 ohm. Box is tuned to 32 hz. Running 4 neo pro 6.5 in the doors and 4 sundown super tweeters. Sounds awesome!

    • By Agent SCV
      Quick question, I've been running two SCV 3000ds strapped at 1 ohm or .5ohm per amp on my NSV3 15" for the last 6 months, recently fried an amp through my own error. I have an opportunity to swap and get a new scv 6000d for cheap and was wondering switch setup would be louder and better overall. I've got a singer 330 and 2 D3400 and 1 D3100. The setup was loud as hell, now 1 3000d is just not loud at all. Also I have been considering getting a Orion HCCA 8000.1 because they do rated 12.6v and obv I'd have shit tons of headroom. I need opinions thanks.
    • By Joe f
      I just picked up a sundown zv3 15" and I need help with a box to go where my center console was in my reg cab Dodge ram. I will be running it off a sundown SAE 1200. I listen to mostly rab and I like lows. The area I have to fit the box is 37" L  x 17.5"w x 14" H. Thanks for any help!!!
    • By Spanka
      Hey guys, first off I'd like to say great forum!! I have learned so much here and acquired so much inspiration from reading others post that I took on the challenge of trying to unsuck my Ram factory Alpine system. I'm hoping to find someone here that has some experience with this truck to help me in my quest. I'm deep into trying to make this "upgraded" Alpine system sound good. I wont bore you with what I've tried because that list is of great length.. I'll just start with what I have now and where I'd like to go, if that is okay.
      Hertz 3.5 in the dash (all 3), Hertz 6x9 3 way front and rear doors and Hertz 1" tweeters in the front door panels to add a little extra touch (the front doors are crossed over at midbass only.. should have went with a mid driver was unaware of crossover points at time of purchase). Two sundown SA 10s on a SCV 2000D in a Fox acoustics box, Fosgate 1/0 amp kit, LC2I LOC, 220 amp alt, dual batteries.
      The doors and dash speakers are running off the factory amp and crossover points. It sounds amazing compared to the Alpine factory crap that was in there.. The LC2I is hooked into the factory sub channels 
      The subs is where I keep having issues, I am not sure what frequency the factory sub channel operates and can not find any information. I'm assuming its low as I have unloaded a sub or two to the point of mechanical failure thinking the factory sub was protected by some kind of factory crossover point.. The Box is 1.35cf of airspace per side tuned to 35hz the subs displacement is .1 and calls for 1.0 to 1.25 of air space and sundown recommends 35hz port, so this box is built for the subs. The amp is more than enough to push these things so what is going on??? Seems like the bass rolls off on the SSF way to fast low pass is set to 95ish.. I need to get this thing meter set to make sure my crossovers are set correctly but having a hard time finding a competent shop here in the 4th largest city in America.. Oh and I have the SA D4s wired to 1ohm. The SCV remote comes with a clipping light and seems very accurate. I set the gain using a multimeter using the watts x ohms square roots system, calculated for box rise so 750 x 2 = 1500 x 2 = 3000 square root = 54.77 volts. I then pay close attention to the clipping light. 
      1st question, since these subs are beast mode can i just leave the SSF set at 10? 
      2nd question, should I set the low pass higher to something around 110 to 120? 
      3rd question, how can I figure out the frequency coming to the amp?  
      I have tried the LC7I to sum all channels but it seems like it wont get low at all using this method.  
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