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  1. Any info on either of these amps or any other amps y'all would recommend will help me alot since I'm ready to buy an amp. Thanks!!
  2. Hey everyone and thanks for the help setting up my sundown amp! I actually sold it and I'm looking for a little bit more power and I've been looking at the skar RP 2000.1. Has anyone ran one of these amps? Does anyone know how if it will be alot stronger than the sundown SAE 1200? I've also been looking at the audiopipe 2000.1. I still have the sundown zv3 15 that is in 3.5ft³ @32hz in a reg cab Dodge ram, the box is where the console was.
  3. OK so I got in some play time with the sub and did some adjusting on my amp and it sounds better but what I have came to realize is that I simply do not have enough power for this 15" sub. The sundown sae1200 worked really good pushing the 4 sa v1.5 subs and I expected it to push the zv3 15 enough to equal or surpass the loudness of the 8's but it just isn't enough power. I did change the tune down to 30hz and it now has the bottom end lows that I was looking for and I think it had something to do with it being in such a small area of my reg cab Dodge ram. Thanks for everyone's help and this is a great site for information and technical support, thanks again
  4. OK so I adjusted the ssf and it helped some but I didn't play the sub enough to get it really warmed up to see if it will loosen up and play the lows better. The mid bass is very loud though. I'm sure if I had this same set up in a SUV it would be killing lows lol.
  5. Thanks man, I'm going to go do some adjustments and I will let y'all know. The sa8s sounded really good and hit lows real good, would flex doors and windows, so I didn't think about making any changes for the 15.
  6. Thanks man, I'm going to go do some adjustments and I will let y'all know. The sa8s sounded really good so I didn't think about making any changes for the 15.
  7. Since the box is tuned to 32.5 should I set around there to start with?
  8. The ssf is set at 50hz which is all the way up for some reason, where should I try and set it and the bass eq and the x over at?
  9. My ssf is set set at 50hz, my bass eq is set at 0db, my x over is at 50hz and gain is at 3/4. On head unit I have the sub set at 60hz and it goes down to 40hz.
  10. My box is 38" L x 14" H x 17.5" w = 4.22cubes Sub disp is .28 and port disp is .26 so total cubes is 3.72 and port is 6" x 15L= 32.5hz. Is that good for the sub and power I'm running? I made the box a little bit bigger since I'm only running the sae1200.
  11. It is still very stiff, I got it used from a guy that had it on 3500w, I don't know how long he had it but I don't think it was very long. I know it calls for 48" of Port area and with the 6" port I'm running it only has about 28", could that be the issue?
  12. When I play a song that has multiple bass tones it kinda tries to hit Lows but it slams on mid tones.
  13. 1/2 ohm. But ever with the power I have it dosnt get very low. I had.4- sa8s in the same type of box where my console was and it hit lows alot better that this 15 does.
  14. I really need help with a box design for a zv3 15" d1 that I just picked. I have it in a Dodge ram 1500 reg cab. I pulled out the center console and built a box between the seats. The first box I tried was 3ft after disp @34hz using 2-4" ports and running off a sundown sae1200. The sub was facing up and ports coming out the front towards the dash. It sounded OK but would not play Lowe's very well for a 15" sub. So I built another box that is 3.5ft after disp @ 31.5hz using a single 6inch port, same with sub facing up and port forward and it still does not pick up lows like I think it should. Is it the port size? Is it the single cab of my truck? Is it the way the sub and port are arranged???? Any help would be great, thanks!!
  15. Really need to know what size ports and how many to use if I go with round ports, and what sqft I should go with using the sae1200d. Sub facing up and ports firing forward. Thank you.