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So, I've never done any videos because, frankly, my shit has never been impressive.  I feel like I'm finally making a little bit of noise now tho so i figured fuck it.  Just got and installed a 270amp large case hairpin from Singer.  Still need to up my batteries and get around to doing my runs of gp ofc 2/0, but for only 2 amps rated around 2.8k total, it aint bad right now.  I used to see voltage drops to 10.9 when driving on the freeway.  the difference is quite audible now that even idling i barely drop below 13. oh yeah, subs are 2 AB xfl1244s in a custom 34hz box, run by a ph4000md, mids n highs are all ct sounds meso (5.25" component set up front, 5.25" coaxs in rear) and a ct sounds at200.4. so yeah without further ado...

I can actually make my hair move a little, so that's neat:


then a walk around of the car, with some baby flex thanks to good deadening, and my weak ass sunroof:


and sitting in the car showing voltage, the camera messed up when the bass first hit:



The big, beautiful Singer that makes me think I'm finally making progress:




also, take it easy on me, I'm not loud yet and i know that.

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