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  1. thanks man, its hard juggling between the house/motorcycle/truck but im trying to get little stuff done here and there
  2. No one rides with me, I do not use my back seat at all.. i had these 15s laying around so for under 200 bucks i got a decently loud setup
  3. one sub is hurt, so i can only play it up to volume 22 but i know they have more to go if they wasnt 10 year old subs. lol got my audiopipe 1500.1 mini on it for now, when i upgrade to new subs ill put my stetsom 7k on it
  4. So I decided what I'm doing for subs, it'll be the level 3s from dc. The amp for that will be a Stetsom 3k https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142267498039 I'm thinking this for mids and highs https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F232402491722 Thinking these for the front stage https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/speakers/products/meso-6-5-comp And these for the rear https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/meso-series-speakers/products/meso-6-5-coax My thing is I'm not sure for the front if I should or can use the passive crossover or go active, it took me 4 hours to set the Integra mids and highs to my liking and I'm not about that life again lol. I'm not even sure on the sub amp but if it does it's job it'll be better than the audiopipe 1500 I got I figure.
  5. Decided to add a second battery today. Going to run my reverse camera wiring later tonight got it wired up and working
  6. you have to use their ODB module they have, I have a generic one and it doesnt work at all.. Eventually I will do something to the front stage but as it sits its pretty damn loud, its atleast 2x as loud as the stock head unit which is crazy to me
  7. So most people dont know but I had to give up my infiniti and my other truck I had because I was out of work for 4 months with mental health issues, I am GOOD NOW but those 2 builds are over now and I got another vehicle to replace the 2 that I had to give back. Its a 2008 Chevy silverado LTZ crew cab flex fuel with all the niceness it can come with outside of the heated steeringwheel which i will be adding this fall. I have already picked up a head unit and replaced the factory one it had in it and its amazing compared to the stock one, and it was only $300 bucks shipped brand new. Look up the item number on ebay and they have them for so much cheaper here is the link Xtrons Android Radio I plan on 2 DC audio level 3 10s in a under the seat box the box im going with is This box here thanks to Jeff Smith for recommending it to me, he said it was one of the best hes heard as a prefab. I will end up with a DC 2k or equivalent eventually but I will be running it on an audiopipe 1500 for the time being. I have 1 XS battery im tossing in the vehicle under the hood on the other side of the engine, keeping the stock battery. Will upgrade all the necessary wiring under the hood with Knukonceptz 1/0 OFC.
  8. a lot of people are having issues with presenting facts... They are just going solely off emotion on the forum.. maybe they are having their periods or something. I know when ive asked for facts or presented facts its either been completely ignored or Ive been told that they wont give me the info i asked for lol...
  9. im not a republican or democrat. I actually wish the 2 party system would just dissolve and disappear. But I would rather not go into another huge war for no damn reason... But if you are willing I would buy you a 1 way ticket to russia so you can start....
  10. so not wanting to go to war with a world superpower is the dumb thing to do from what im understanding by your last comment.. Id rather have a president not willing to toss us into another HUGE FUCKING WASTE OF A WAR that will be backed by 2 of the 3 world super powers... we being the other of course... I love my country and even enlisted and did 6 years in the army but I can see going to war with russia who is backed by china will end with us being nuked to all hell.... Trump didnt want to go to war with russia and would rather be allies and fight the terrorist organizations such as ISIS together. Hillary wanted to go to war with russia and openly stated it quite a few times. I dont like russia but would rather have them as an ally than a enemy thats attacking us.....
  11. what exactly did russia do? from what I understand Julian Assange is the one who released all the DNC emails that showed how corrupt the democratic party was. they not once hacked the actual election.. they didnt hack the electoral college vote... No one cared when Julian outed bush and showed him for what he was... but now that the democrats didnt win all of a sudden hes working with russia... LOL ok can you provide actual evidence to fight against anything ive said? if so I will change my opinion.
  12. im paying 75 for that speed, and its on wifi about 20 feet from the router in another room lol... I cant complain for that price, and I never will lol
  13. Nice. is it cable or fiber? its cable, from wide open west, aka wow in ohio.. lol
  14. new internet speed... 10$ cheaper than my old 50 mb connection from the same company... also this is on wifi about 20 feet away from the router lol
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