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2 x-12s or 1 zv412 on 2200w rms ?

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I have 2 x-12's in a ported box in my 2013 maxima. The box was built inside the trunk and would have to be broken to remove it. plus there is no access to my spare tire. I have 2 Memphis mc1.1100 amps daisy chained at 2ohms providing a total of 2200wrms (maybe a little more birth sheets say almost 1200wrms each) to the subs. They sound good and I get some flex in the windshield and headliner.

Idon't want to buy a new amp because I don't have room to install an extra battery. (running mechman xp270a and 1 xs d3400 under hood 0awg wire + big 3 upgrade) 

WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS Would my system sound louder or better switching to 1 zv4 12" ?  

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