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  1. I hear ya. Its all about what YOU want. Why not refurbished Xv.2 12's? $329 each and you'll get both of what you want. IDK
  2. Performance wise I would bet that they are a nice upgrade. You plan on inverting them or something? Or you just want the look of the basket?
  3. SubbinNCali

    Bigger amp less load ?

    If it's pulling the same power, I think it would depend on if the newer amp was more efficient or not. And if or how much you're clipping.
  4. Nice shout out! How many songs have you been mentioned in?
  5. SubbinNCali

    Sub died, looking for options

    I would go with one of the Refurbished Sundown subs. Could get some SA 8v.3's for like $260 shipped. Or maybe a X 12v.2.for a little more. Lots of options.
  6. BS. He can be our President.
  7. Nope! At least I don't think so. Cone area. You would need more power.
  8. SubbinNCali

    I need more power

    A battery or two and a bank of caps if no luck with a HO.
  9. SubbinNCali

    Fi Alpha V2 15

    I got a pair of 15" SP4 v.2's around Black Friday. Couldn't pass up the deal! HUGE THANKS TO FI as well! Beautiful pieces of work imo. Will be run off a Sundown 6k at 1/2.
  10. Man, I'm excited for him to hear his beat! I have buddy's that aren't into systems but love being in my cars because I am. Every now and then, they want me to put something simple in their cars. The looks on their faces are priceless, and they can't believe it's their car sounding the way it does. Even better to have them tell me they find any reason or excuse to drive somewhere so they can listen to it more. He's gonna hear sounds and details in songs he didn't know existed! Can't wait until the next vid!
  11. I saw the dyno and was completely shocked! I'm actually in the market to up the power in my wife's car and this just made the list. I don't hear about them randomly blowing much either, unless I've missed something. Thanks for sharing!
  12. SubbinNCali

    line output converter for kicker 15

    Wait, where are you getting your signal from? You need both sets for left and right.
  13. SubbinNCali

    line output converter for kicker 15

    Humm, splitters from the LOC and then run two sets or RCA's.
  14. SubbinNCali

    line output converter for kicker 15

    I think it may, but check your manual. On 4 channels, the output is full-range. Are you using all the channels on your LOC, or just one set?
  15. The AmpLab. I purchased my Sundown 6k from them refurbished and its been great! No issues at all. At some point they were authorized to repair Sundown amps. I'm pretty sure thats the case now. Someone can chime in if that's still the case.