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Hey bass heads.

looking for some advice. I'm working with a 2005 Audi S4. I'm trying to figure out the best way to arrange the box design for output and efficiency. Being that it is a trunk car, there is an arm wrest that folds down and can be used to port through the rear seat. I'd rather not port through the package tray unless its determined this is absolutely the most efficient way to do it. I have planned on building a "wall" on the back of the rear seat mounts, to seal off that the box can slide against which should seal the box, and port into the cab of the vehicle. If there is a better way to do this, I'm all ears.


Equipment used:

2x DC lvl 4 m2 12s. D2ohm

2x DB drive 2000.1 amps

3x Deka 3400 batteries. 150AH

Knu concepts 1/0 (2 power, 2 ground runs)

Stock (200a) Alt for now. Hard to get anything for this car, or find room to add a second one.


I'm reading that around 3 cubes net is where I should be, my question is around port. how much port area do I need? I'm looking to tune around 33hrtz.

I appreciate all the help in advance,


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Box all the way to the back of the trunk, subs and port firing forward, sealed off with trim panels (the "wall" you were talking about) will give great results. Give you the flexibility of putting back seats down for when you want to turn up, or up when you have passengers.

If you are running 4k watts to these subs in a 3 cube net box, then minimum port area (according to Triticum's port calculator, which is pretty on par with WINISD for keeping port velocity below 32m/s) the min. port area required for a slot port is 60 inches squared, and for an aero port is 51 inches squared. Optimal port area is 81 square inches for slot and aero ports. If you shoot for over the minimum, the box should perform well.

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I appreciate the response. I'm looking at being right around 72'' of port area. I've designed the enclosure and should start on it this weekend. I'm also doing valve cover gaskets, polly urethane engine and transmission mounts, sway bars and bushings, plus running the 1/0 wire and hopefully installing the batteries. It will be a long few days of working after hours but should pay off. I'll post some pics in the members rides section. 



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